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Community Level 5browndoll


Nokia N70 Music Edition Review with images

AdvantagesWith great features

DisadvantagesPhone loads slower when many files are stored

"...I liked the design of Nokia N70 when I first held it so I thought I would be buying Nokia N70 too. Then I found out that Nokia N70 Music Edition was a little better and upgraded without compromising the look of the mobile phone that I liked and comes with 1 gigabyte memory card. ===The Body=== Nokia N70 Music Edition comes in a black color and keypad which weighs 126 grams and measures 108.8 mm in length, 53 mm in width and 21.8 mm in thickness. ..." Read review

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Nokia N70: not bad, but not as a comms. device

AdvantagesHmmm ... errr, large colour screen?

DisadvantagesToo many to list -- read my review (if you have a spare hour)

"...phone, but I really think Nokia have conceived and constructed a dud with this model. Facts first: * I don't actually 'own' this mobile -- it was the one that got doled out to all employees when the company changed network providers. * This was a replacement to the diminuative Nokia 6230 tied to the Orange network. * I am reviewing this phone mostly from a business-use perspective and not a recreational/personal ownership one The Story: When ..." Read review

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Community Level 3Kazzay


A look into the future with Nokia's N70

AdvantagesIts fab, stylish, looks and feels great

DisadvantagesCan be slow to open applications, scratches easily

"...decided to go for a Nokia N70 in January this year, for reasons of versatility over my existing Nokia 6230, stylish looks, more megapixels for the camera (2 mp), it was actually really difficult to get hold of. It's quite hard choosing a phone just from seeing a dummy one or reading the specs but this time I read a few reviews as well. At first they made me more confused - so is my review going to help anyone I ask myself?! I think they helped ..." Read review

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Community Level 1B_Dan9


An optimal smartphone!

AdvantagesO.S. Symbian s60, 1 gb mmc included, design


"...nearly has unavoidablly fallen on Nokia N70, the best one under multiple points of view, from the relationship quality/price to that functionality/design without to absolutely outside forget the reliability argument about the brand. Brought in the center TIM to us of our city before what that has hit our look, before still to cross the threshold of the store, has been a splendid black N70 in exposure in display window, decidedly more elegant and ..." Read review

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Nokia N70 is all you need

Advantages2 Mega Pixel Camera, Video streaming/calling and Visual Radio.

DisadvantagesCrashes far too often, needs re-booting a lot

"...get with the phone. 1 x Nokia N70 1 x Battery 1 x Charging unit 1 x 64Mb RS-MMC Card 1 X U SER mANUAL 1 X Data CD 1 x USB Cable 1 x Ear phones. Spec Details.Size 108.8 x53 24mm Weight 126g Display 262,000 Colours Resolution 1176 x 208 Pixels 2 Mega Pixels Video recording and Playback Audi Playback - MP3, AAC Connectivity - Bluetooth and USB Internal Memory - 30 Mb Memory Card Slot - Multi - media card Games - Carddeck, Snowboard ..." Read review

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Community Level 3basboy138


Multimedia machine

AdvantagesEasy to use, does everything you'll ever need

DisadvantagesBattery length and size of keys

"NOKIA N70 --- Every year, I receive a free phone upgrade through Orange, and this year I went into the shop not having a clue of what I wanted. I looked around at all the models available, and decided I would go for something that was more than just a phone, that could organise my life for me, and do much more. I ended up taking home the Nokia N70. IN THE BOX --- Inside the box of the Nokia N70, you will find the phone itself, and a few ..." Read review

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Community Level 1Stevengw


Nokia N70 Review by Stevengw

AdvantagesEverything from the camera right through to the mp3

DisadvantagesThe amount of people who under-estimate it (not the phones fault)

"...handy to have 2 extra nokia phones) And you can get a better battery, though you probably cant use the back cover with it (e.g. the N-Gage QD's battery) 4. Not Enough Memory: Just buy another memory card lol - or you can get either "Stacker" or "Space Doubler" - Which are automated compressors, which compress your programs 5. Difficult To Navigate: This is generally a big problem to people who have just entered into the technology world. All ..." Read review

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Community Level 1princess_a...


Slide and Shoot!!

AdvantagesSo many features!

DisadvantagesTeeny tiny buttons. Plus the phone is quite bulky and heavy

"...before the pin request). The Nokia logo comes up, and then onto your main display screen. Along the top is your signal strength, the clock, your network provider, and your battery strength. Then underneath there is like a 'mini menu', it provides shortcuts to your preferred features in the phone. You can, of course, change these shortcuts, or get rid of the menu completely (for examole, if you have a fancy wallpaper! The menu really gets in the way!),but ..." Read review

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Nokia's N70 is an all-round mobile masterpiece

AdvantagesAmazing imaging suite, 2 megapixel camera, full range of features.

DisadvantagesBattery talk time average.

"...smartphone to date. Put simply, Nokia has extended its Series 60 range with a really superb mobile. The manufacturer has paid attention to maintaining the highest quality in every aspect of this handset, from the display, to the simple operating system and the variety of communication channels this phone can handle. One of the first things you will notice when you prise your gleaming new N70 from its box is that its charger socket is much smaller ..." Read review

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I have died and gone to Nokia heaven

AdvantagesCompact, powerful and god dam sexy

DisadvantagesUSB connection does not work with Apple Macs

"...and go logic as all nokia phones. On first contact my only slight dissapointment was the feel of the back sliding case. Whilst the front of the phone feels expensive and sturdy, the camera cover has a real plastic/cheap feeling about it. I was a little nervous about sliding the cover because with a little too much force it looks like it could come away from the phone. The cover again is a little bit of a distraction when opening up the phone to ..." Read review

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Community Level 2taylora-2006


Nokia N70 Old But Still Great!

AdvantagesGood Range Of Features. Changeable Covers

DisadvantagesLooks a little outdated now

"Last Tuesday my Nokia N95 just broke. Literally it just broke, I woke up went to pick up my phone and it was dead, not what you'd expect from a £500 phone. But, it's gone in for repair and I've gone back to my N70. Frankly I'm beginning to wonder why I ever wanted to change my N70. It's always been reliable and I've never had a single problem or fault with it. The N70 is a bit of a "brick", but when I bought this phone I was working on building ..." Read review

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Community Level 4abbichicken


Yay for free upgrades!

AdvantagesLarge screen, lots of features, good software packages

DisadvantagesDifficult to navigate, small memory capacity, slightly oversized

"...I'd still have my old Nokia 3210 out of sheer reluctance to shell out for technology that changes as fast as that of the mobile phone. However, in the need to sort out my O2 contract to a cheaper one, I rang up their nice people and said, oi, change it, s'il vous plait, and they did and then they said, so, what handset would you like with that? And I went, ooo, hadn't thought of that, because last time I changed contract it was through some ..." Read review

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Community Level 2bigbullyboy


Smooth, oh so smooth

AdvantagesEasy to use, packed with features, great digital camera, good call quality

DisadvantagesCan be a bit slow when the memory card fills up

"...to get hold of a Nokia N70 free of charge. This did two things, made me breathe a huge sigh of relief that I wouldn't have to wander around with the ugly Sendo phone I have previously reviewed and secondly I could return to a Nokia handset. The phone is labelled as the ultimate in mobile phone technology and not only looks stylish it has an amazing array of features packed within the relatively small shell which comes in a lovely silver colour ..." Read review

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Community Level 1dragonpala...


Nokia N70 Review ~ By DragonPaladin

AdvantagesSemi-Slim Body, Two Cameras, Video Call Enabled, Powerful Processor, High Internal Memory

DisadvantagesSlow Image Viewer, Weak Front Camera, Easy Scratch Body

"~DragonPaladin Reviews Nokia N70~ Wow, such an amazing phone, I don't know where to start, overall, this phone has a almost perfect build, a very powerful processor, and a very spacious internal memory(Not to mention the fact that it, unlike many Motorola phones, takes external memory cards). The first thing you probably notice is it has two cameras, don't be fooled, this is cool and all, but the front camera is really weak, really weak indeed, ..." Read review

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Community Level 3craig911gt2


Very Smart Phone

AdvantagesGreat looks, great functions

DisadvantagesFlimsy back cover

"...days with average use. Extras/Support Being a Nokia compatability and extras are not normally a problem, as is the case with the N70. The charge point on the N70 is smaller than usuall but an adapter is supplied to allow you to use your existing Nokia charger / car charger. As I have said the memory cards are a standard card readily available from most electrical outlets. Nokia have a very good website listing all available extras and any ..." Read review

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Bluetrade Ultraclear Screen Protector for Nokia N70

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Bluetrade Privacy Screen Protector for Nokia N70

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Only you are the one in front of the iphone can
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Carcomm Active Mobile Phone Cradle for Nokia N70

Carcomm Active Mobile Phone Cradle for Nokia N70

The main function of the Mobile Phone Cradle is to power and charge your phone while you ... more

are on the move, and hold it securely in position.
  Perfect fit The Mobile Phone Cradle is custom
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charge Integrated inside the holder is a high
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with 12V and 24V. The Mobile Phone Cradle has a
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radiation on the vehicle electronics.    As
standard this kit comes with an extra fuse cable
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