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Community Level 2razzda


n97 mini - the good and the bad

Advantageslook and feel, conectivity, maps, the music player

Disadvantagestouch resistive screen, lack of stylus, crammes QWERTY keyboard

"...is the stylus (a decision Nokia designers took for size matters). so, if you have large thumbs, you might want to reconsider - although I believe that, with practice, things get better. I for instance am able now to use handwriting quite nicely with my fingers, but it took my a while. QWERTY keyboard the good part is that it's there. it allows you to type memos or SMSs faster than with conventional keyboard or touch keys. it's also very versatile. ..." Read review

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The Overreach of the Humble Phone

AdvantagesMakes calls and sends texts

DisadvantagesEven that can be hard sometimes

"...of my monthly deal! ==The Good== The Nokia N97 mini is a sleek device which looks impressive. The face is mostly screen which then flips up to reveal the qwerty keyboard. This function works well and is pretty useful. It helps to type out emails without having to use predictive text. It has a built in camera and video, which is okay. I wouldn't use it for holiday snaps and you never get more than a you-tube quality grainy image, but it can be quite ..." Read review

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Excellent in part, flawed in others

AdvantagesStylist, Excellent facebook integration

DisadvantagesFull charge can easily be run down in a day, Weak email client

"...included Ovi Suite software. Frustratingly Nokia have not at the time of writing delivered an iSync plugin. The current plugin for the N97 does not work for the mini. Nokia have not provided any information about when to expect this, although I have to suspect that it couldn't require much change to the existing N97 plugin. For this now, I'm using a free 3rd party solution called double twist to allow me to move music from iTunes to the phone and ..." Read review

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Community Level 2phia2000


The not-so-mini N97 with so many functions and apps

AdvantagesHas everything you need in a phone + more

DisadvantagesCan be awkward using the touchscreen. Needs concentration

"...first. The dimensions of the Nokia N97 mini - as I'm sure you are all dying to know are 113 x 52.5 x 14.2mm and it weighs 138g. It has a 3.2" screen, stand by time of up to 320 hours and talk time of up to 430 minutes (now THAT'S a lot of talking!) It also comes with 8 GB of built in memory and a memory card slot if you want to add more. The phone itself is actually quite big in comparison to an average phone these days. Being the 'mini' I can ..." Read review

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Great features, lots of problems!

AdvantagesOutstanding camera, great variety of features

Disadvantagesa fair lot of problems

"...are some aspects of the Nokia N97 mini that I certainly do not miss one bit. The reason I chose to purchase this model at the time was purely because of the qwerty keypad and the fact that it was one of the only models available on my budgeted contract with a sliding screen and a qwerty. I could go on and on about this phone because there is so much to talk about but I'll try keeping to the most important. PRICE When I had this phone I was on contract ..." Read review

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Community Level 1Dancpc84


Nokia N97 Mini - Good Little Try

AdvantagesQwerty Keyboard, Easy to use and Nice look

DisadvantagesApps, Camera Light and Battery Life

"The Nokia N97 Mini is an improvement on the N97. == The Keyboard == The qwerty keyboard is easy to use and navigate for the capitals and grammar functions. Although users with larger hands and fingers may find it difficult to use as the keys are quite small and a few buttons could be pressed at once. You can also use an onscreen keyboard which is easy to use but requires you to press the same key a few times for certain letters or symbols. == ..." Read review

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Community Level 1mejgreen


Is the Nokia N97 mini for you?

AdvantagesLooks great, Easy to use, Great range of features and apps

DisadvantagesMalfunctioning widgets, occasional freezing online

"I have recently bought the Nokia N97 mini on contract and I have rather mixed feelings about the phone. It is the first N-series phone to use touch-screen which works absolutely brilliantly as this was one of my concerns. It is fairly easy to navigate your way around the phone and the symbols are of a decent size so that you don't end up mashing 3 programmes at the same time and confusing the phone. It has great multimedia capabilities, in particular ..." Read review

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Community Level 1SonicSyncr...


Nokia N97 Mini Mobile Phone

AdvantagesVersatility, Camera Quality, Social Networking

DisadvantagesAverage Battery life

"The N97 Mini is a neatly compact phone, packed full of features and applications that target everyone across a wide range. Email, 5mp Camera, Social Networking, Sat Nav, WiFi, Music & Video, Online media sharing... the list goes on. As a phone, I found that this has decent battery life, great signal reception, very clear audio quality Camera-wise the 5mp carl zeis set-up gives brilliantly clear focussing in the right lights, and a great depth of ..." Read review

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Community Level 1claire_2812


Wow! What a phone!

AdvantagesSize and durability!


"It is simply a great phone!!!! For some people it might take a little getting used, but given the range of features that is hardly surprising!! It's jam packed!! The QWERTY keyboard is allowing me to type text in a fraction of the time it used to take me , this also makes internet usage so much easier! The music sound quality is good and very easy to use! The internet function is amazing!!! Touch screen is so responsive compared to other phones on ..." Read review

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Community Level 1lulabelle28


Top-notch mobile

AdvantagesAbility to switch between touch screen and qwerty keyboard.

DisadvantagesBattery life and freezing issues.

"What a phone! After reading some rather disheartening reviews i was a bit worried as I had already pre-ordered it as a free upgrade on my contract but I have to say all these reviews in my mind did not do this piece of equipment justice. Its very light and is a perfect size for fitting in your bag or pocket. The ability to switch between the touch screen and qwerty keyboard is a brilliant feature. Being a bit rough with my equipment I have dropped ..." Read review

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Community Level 1imr99901


nokia n97 mini-worth your money or not?

Advantagesgood design,cool qwerty keypad,large on board memory

Disadvantagesuseless touch,speakers less effective,very delicate,no value for money,symbian OS not good

"i have been using this phone for about 6 months.The worst part was that the phone started showing problems just 2 months into use.The touch completely went useless and i had to get it replaced for about one fourth the price i bought the phone. Moreover, the phone comes with a symbian operating system which lacks good quality applications. There a range of good android cell phones in the market right now which provide an amazing user experience. A ..." Read review

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Community Level 1cleosmummy


Dont even waste your money

Advantagesgood looking

Disadvantagesshort battery life, screen freezes, side lock breaks, qwerty keypad small, i could go on all day

"I was so excited to get this phone however, after owning it for about 5 days the touchscreen completely froze, preventing me to do anything at all with it. I took it back to the store where it was fixed. 2 days after being fixed i had the same problem again. So Once again i took it back and had it returned good as new. It worked fine for about 3 weeks then constantly switched itself off. The touch screen would not function at all i couldnt get to ..." Read review

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Community Level 1s_antoniou


Nokia N97 Mini

Advantageskeyboard, touchscreen, many apps, looks amazing, sounds brilliant, cameras also good.

Disadvantagesbigger screen would be nicer (e7-00 has a bigger screen)

"The nokia n97 mini is an aazing little device. Nokia hit fashion on the head with its looks and personally, couldnt of done too much to alter it. I have owned one ever since it was released and have cherished and loved it till this very day. Although its older brother the 32GB n97 had many faults, the n97 mini has not had none of these faults. The only time i have ever experianced a problem was when it once turned off by its self and turned back on. ..." Read review

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Community Level 1carpediem123


very strong and reliable phone


Disadvantagesslow touch screen

"The phone looks very solid and robust. The battery life is good and charge very quickly.The qwerty keyboard is very easy and comfortable to use.The 5megapixle camera is excellent and very high quality.The videos are very high quality . The sound is little bit disappointing. The phone is very easy to use and the features are very clear. The phone's memory is exceptionaly high and you can store how many songs you want. You can personalize every contact ..." Read review

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Community Level 1wakoasad


Mini Gem

Advantagesso many to write them all here >>>> read the review and you'll find some

DisadvantagesPouch and SDHC cards are not included

"I just bought the N97 mini this week and it has a lots more features than my previous N95. I am also currently using HTC Tytn II and Blackberry Bold. It is more of fun phone for me. What I like about it is that the Garmin GPS acquire the satellite signals almost as fast as my GPS device. It boots up faster than the Tytn II (but is slower than the Blackberry). It is kind of cute and fits nicely in my hand. The OVI allows direct updating of latest software ..." Read review

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