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Community Level 1philmufc123


nokia N97 Review

Advantages32gb memory, camera, design, slide out keyboard, internet

Disadvantageschromes casing comes off, battery life isn't the best

"...included in the box== * the nokia N97 itself * Battery * USB cable * Charger * Earphones and remote hands free * Ovi suite installer CD * Manuals and warranty * Screen Cloth * Stylus Pen ==look and feel== in my opinion the phone looks very stylish and has a certain executive look about it, the phone weighs 150g and is quite chunky so you can definitely tell youve got it in your pocket, so from my point of view it is a bit to big and heavy. The ..." Read review

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Community Level 1misfitted


Nokia N97 - 'The new iPhone'

Advantages32gb Internal Memory, Nice Looking, Full QWERTY Keyboard, 5 MP Camera

DisadvantagesA Little Bulky, Price, Small Processer Makes The Phone Slow

"...in mind, the Apple iPhone, Nokia N97, Nokia 5800 Xpress Music and the HTC Touch Pro, in the end I chose to buy the new Nokia N-Series phone. It was a clear choice over the iPhone because of the price, also you do not have to buy the phone AND pay a monthly contract fee with the N97. == Buying The Phone == After choosing the phone I decided that I wanted to switch to contract instead of pay as you go. At the time the phone was only available on the ..." Read review

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Nokia N97 goes to heaven

AdvantagesEasy to use, robust

DisadvantagesIt crashes and loses everything!

"Firstly I should make it clear that this was not my choice of phone and so as I think that a phone is a very personal thing to choose I suppose I have a negative view of it to begin with but will be honest with you and hopefully point out its good points too. The Look The N97 is now a couple of years old and so isn't the sleek image of a phone that tends to be on the market currently. It is however, easy to hold and slightly ..." Read review

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Community Level 4Claire_DC


Nokia N97 - Made Me Want To 'Nok' My Head Against A Brick Wall

AdvantagesPretty, Some good features

DisadvantagesExpensive, Wasted oppoptunities, Bugs, Errors, Ill thought out.

"...been a bit of a Nokia girl where phones are concerned, but for a while they had lagged behind a bit in the touch screen mobile market, continuing to release hard button devices. It is no bad thing to continue to release non touch screen phones but I believe it's good to have the choice between the two as one size does not fit all where mobile telephones are concerned. I was pleased to see the N97 get released, as I had failed to find a decent phone ..." Read review

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Community Level 2pedrodelar...


A Beauty gone to Waste

AdvantagesSexy looks, and QWERTY keypad

DisadvantagesSymbian & Resistive screen. And the 1L engine on a BMW 7 Series.

"The flagship of Nokia since June 2009, although now replaced by N900 and N8, I must say N97 is the most beautiful phone I've ever owned. Well, very narrowly followed by Nokia 8800 Sirocco. So I sold my Nokia N82 and LG Viewty Smart to purchase this, Nokia N97, White version. At the time of purchase (November 2009), this was one of the best handsets you could own. Now, not even close. But this is what I can say about this misled beauty. Why N97 ..." Read review

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Community Level 1Baneli


To many facepalm moments


DisadvantagesShort battery life, riddled with bugs.

"...it. I have had many Nokia phones over my time right back to the classics of the 3210. I had slightly gone of Nokia with the lack of touch screen capabilities so as soon as I saw the N97 hit the market I was instantly interested. I shopped around and found Vodafone to have the best deals and took out the usual all signing all dancing contract and away I went to explore the phone. That's where it all went wrong; the phone was a big let down ..." Read review

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Community Level 1Luc2oo9


Review - The Nokia N97 vs The iPhone 3GS

AdvantagesGood Looking, Durable, Huge Memory, Very Very Good QWERTY keyboard

DisadvantagesTiny processor leading to lag and application crashes

"== The Nokia N97 == Nokia have announced the follow up to their 5800 XpressMusic touchscreen phone. The Nokia N97, which utilises a 3.5 inch touchscreen and slide out QUERTY keyboard. == Appearance == The overall design of the N97 is not at all unique, looking like the lovechild of a Google G1 and Apple iPhone, comparisons have also been drawn to the AT&T Tilt, and rightly so. Despite Nokia's lack of imagination the N97 is a nice looking ..." Read review

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A good alternative to the iphone

AdvantagesA good phone, easy to use with a large range of applications

DisadvantagesQuite bulky and heavy and can be slow at times

"...and eventually settled on the Nokia N97. It was available in two different colours – black and white. I wanted to be different so I chose the white one General Appearance The phone is quite bulky and heavy and even though it is a slimmer width that the iphone it is a lot fatter. The touch screen is fairly large and there is one button on the bottom of the phone that brings up the main menu. There are then two touch operated green and red buttons ..." Read review

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Community Level 1peltonboy123


Nokias most recent attack on i-phone succes or failure



"...owner and user of the nokia n97 i can say i am overall very happy with the improvements that nokia have made on previous models i.e N96 and N95. Lets face it all of us who went from owning an N95 to what nokia seem to believe was a better model (N96) were extremely dissapointed as although looking good on paper the N96 failed to meet the standards of its pre- deccesor but i am glad to say nokia have redeemed themselves on the launch of the N97. There ..." Read review

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Community Level 2climberdave


great phone, hopefully better than n96

Advantagesgreat screen, camera, storage


"...player. comes standard with all the nokia qwerks, such as n-series games etc, which also gives you the choice of getting one free full version :) BATTERY not incredible, but for a phone with this much goin on, its pretty darn good. we're talking about 5 hours talktime, and about 200 hours standby. again, not going to win awards, but it is fairly good for a touchscreen with all these features. EASE OF USE as with all nokia, its fool-proof. ..." Read review

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Community Level 1solomon028



Advantagesgood function, qwerty keyboard, high storage capacity (32Gb)

Disadvantagesthe sceen can breaks easily if handle carelessly

"...i am talking about is NOKIA N97, which nokia corporation introduced into the market. This phone has bridge the gap between computer and mobile by adjusting to the world around us. The design of N97 was based on the combination of 2G and 3G network, weigh 100g as gross weight. The Tft resistive touchscreen of N97 give this phone a unique display. The presence of sensors for auto turn-off and auto-rotate, qwerty keyboard make it to be different from ..." Read review

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Community Level 1chittercha...


The WORST phone i have ever had! Nokia N97

AdvantagesLoads of memory, rather strong.

DisadvantagesLots of known faults.

"...going to be reviwing the Nokia N97 mobile phone in which i have personally had for about six months now may i also say this is my second N97 due to faults with the first one. I am about to tell you a set pattern of 'faults' with this phone that will happen when you buy one of these. I didnt even believe it when i was told by a friend that in a month the slider would break in 3 months the charger would be lose in 4 months it would not charge. Then ..." Read review

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Community Level 1jayuk022002


N97 very good as a phone for the techies out there!

AdvantagesSlide out keyboard. If you have a lot to type then this is a big bonus

DisadvantagesSoftware feels a little dated compared with devices like the iphones slickness

"The Nokia N97 is targeted towards the techies out there. Just the design and qwerty keyboard make it look more like a micro laptop than a phone. The unit itself has a very good feel in the hand almost like a comfortable brick! That however it does feel like it will last. I owned an n97 for 3 weeks and here is my experience with the device . Usability and software - The phone itself is a little tricky to use if you are not used to nokia symbian ..." Read review

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Community Level 1Ninger_gir...


Big phone

AdvantagesEasy to ajust to. Life saver for busy lives.


"Ok i am a very busy mum so i decided to buy this phone. It is a bit pricey, but worth it. The keys are a bit small if you have big fingers like moi, but you get used to them. I Got mine on ebay so it was cheaper than the retail price, of which i am not sure of, but i got mine for about £130. It is easy to navigate your way through the toolbar. It has alot of applications. The camera is good quality, but you have to be rather still to take it so it ..." Read review

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Community Level 1ronnoc377


Fragile technology

AdvantagesFeatures, 32gb of storage

DisadvantagesVery expensive, fragile, poor touch screen, big and bulky

"...ahead of the times as nokia often seemed to be. The phone is bursting with technology and i particularly enjoyed how you could flip up the screen to reveal a qwerty keyboard, a factor which i now look for on all phone upgrades, perhaps why i am now loyal to blackberry! I also double my phone as a portable music player which is easily done thanks to the huge 32gb of internal storage but when playing music the phone would become very slow and laggy. Then ..." Read review

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