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Community Level 6welshwicke...


A Noriday a Day Keeps the Midwife Away


Disadvantagesweight gain, everyday tablet no breaks.

"...it. What Is Noriday? -------------------------------- Noriday is a brand of contraceptive pill that comes under the Mini-Pill section. They are produced by a company called Pharmacia Limited. Unlike the combined pill, Noriday uses Norethisterone, a type of Progestogen only rather than both Progestogen and Oestrogen as the combined pill does. Noriday. ------------------- Unlike the combined pill that you take on a three-week cycle with ..." Read review

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The best one I've tried

AdvantagesLess migraines, no PMT

DisadvantagesHaving to take one every day with no break

"...decided to move me to Noriday as I suffer from migraines, and there's less risk of having them on Noriday. I also have my blood pressure monitored regularly, as it was quite high a few years ago, and this pill seems to have kept it down. Its a progesteron-only pill, as opposed to the combined (mini) pill that I was on before. This means that I don't have periods. I take one pill every day at the same time (within 3 hours of the normal time of taking ..." Read review

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Community Level 1Michelllle



Advantagesstops you getting pregnant


"So far I have no noticeable changes in mood, each week that goes by I am noticing I'm suffering terribly spotty skin it's getting worse and worse, especially around the cheeks forehead and jawline (my skin is normally clear) these are big under the skin sore spots, they are also on my back and chest, this is upsetting me. I have tried a load of other mini pills (as i suffer migraines) cerazette was the most awful pill going it made me feel constantly ..." Read review

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Community Level 1greylove31


Noriday mini-pill - pretty good!

AdvantagesIncreased bust size! Effective contraception if taken properly, skin improved

DisadvantagesHave to take pill at same time each day. A bit of weight gain.

"Noriday is my first experience with the mini-pill (a contraceptive pill that contains only one hormone, unlike the more usually prescribed 'combined pill'). My GP would not prescribe me a combined pill because I am over the age of 35 and smoke - but it seems that mini-pill is less dangerous for older women who smoke. The mini-pill has to be taken at more or less the same times each and every day (within a 3 hour window) to be effective as a contraceptive. ..." Read review

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Community Level 2lisaleahjack


Whats the rush? Gotta take a pill?

AdvantagesNo migraines

Disadvantagescauses spots at first

"...2 children later, decided on Noriday (Norethisterone). Because this is whats known as the mini pill or POP (progesterone only pill) you take one tablet every day at almost exactly the same time. It can cause skin outbreaks at first but I was told these settle down within time. I didn't believe this but true to the Docs word it did (and I'm prone to the odd spot or ten!) I didn't experience any migraines as I had with all the other pills and injections ..." Read review

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Community Level 1kiara5162


Noriday - why didn't anyone tell me before?

AdvantagesNormal periods, no problematic side effects, doens't cause death by stroke to migraine sufferers

DisadvantagesAs with most POP pills, must be taken every day within a 3 hour window.

"...my period. As long as Noriday continues to be produced, I do not see myself changing contraceptives in the future. There is a lesson in this story. Go to a doctor you trust and who you believe to take you seriously. Ask lots of questions. And there's always a different pill if this one doesn't work for you. ..." Read review

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Worst BC experience of my life

AdvantagesNot pregnant

DisadvantagesBleeding so much I should be walking around with an IV blood transfusion stuck in my arm

"...on my third pack of Noriday and while I expected some spotting in the first couple months like I had experience when I first started taking the combined pill a couple years ago, I was surprised to find that not only did I have very inconsistent spotting (one day on, one day off) but I was also having a period every two weeks. Then after I started into my second packet of the pills, I began having periods every other week. My normal periods would be ..." Read review

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Community Level 1hinchs1


Noriday has caused me to have awful spotty skin.

AdvantagesNo weight Gain

DisadvantagesCauses really bad spotty skin, no period, only a 3 hour window.

"I have been using Noriday for 3 months now. My skin has become really spotty all over my cheeks, jaw line, neck, back and chest and its making me really unhappy. Looking at other peoples reviews people have mentioned the spots eventually clear up but mine just seem to be getting worse,. Before using Noriday I was on a pill called Femodene for years and it was great however my GP took me off these due to me having high blood pressure over the last ..." Read review

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Community Level 4lozloz


No good to me

Advantages Stops you falling pregnant if taken every day

Disadvantagescan have some bad side effects

"I started using Noriday at the recomendationof my doctor as it is a progesterone only contraceptive, because i suffer migraines. About Noriday ****************** Noriday is a progesterone only contraceptive pill which needs to be taken the same time everyday without any breaks. It comes in a blister pack containing enough pills for 4 weeks (28 pills) which are labled Monday to Sunday to help you keep track of taking them. It's main ingredient ..." Read review

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Community Level 1Doolallygirl

Quick review of Noriday Contraceptive Pill

"Well at least I'm not pregnant yet so it can't be that bad right?? WRONG! I now have three periods a month, full blown bleeding, with cramps and headaches every time. I have horrible skin now and after taking this for 3 months I expected some of the effects to die down a little but they haven't.

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Community Level 1barbera1963



Advantagesno bleeding no headches

Disadvantagespimples at 1st now its settled down

"...this pill, i'd read about noriday & asked for this, the bleeding stopped the next day of taking noriday and havent had any bleeding since fri 24th aug, noriday worked for me, cezarette didn't it was hell ..." Read review

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Community Level 1Starcoaster


Good for feeling like your body isstill your own!

AdvantagesI found little to no side effects.

DisadvantagesOnly three hours leeway for a missed pill.

"...after the first month on Noriday (When I had a little breakthrough bleeding) Everything was quite honestly brilliant with no side effects and lighter periods. Also I have always suffered from evil migraines, and can say (having had gaps of a couple of years where I did not use this, or any pill) that Noriday did not increase or exacerbate them, so in my opinion it is a good pill for anyone who gets, or is concerned about migraines. I have been taking ..." Read review

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