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Community Level 3leafy81


Distance Learning at Northumbria

AdvantagesGood communication, helpful staff, comprehensive materials


"I'm currently doing a distance learning course in Mental Heath Policy and Practice over two years and started in February 2007. Essentially this means home study without ever having to go to the university itself, which is helpful since I live in Hertfordshire. You are supposed to attend study days, held on Saturdays, for every module but whilst attendance is helpful, it's not compulsory. Obviously i can only comment from my experience as a distance ..." Read review

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Community Level 4moonbailey





"...time at The University of Northumbria at Newcastle. Just the name alone should be a warning - you try writing that out in capitals every time you fill out a form! I think the reason I had such a bad experience, was that I chose Newcastle purely on the relevance of the course to my skills and ambitions rather than what the town and social scene had to offer. Think very carefully before sending your children there or choosing it for yourself ..." Read review

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GO Northumbria Uni !!!

Advantagesit's developing new building right now! friendly people, cheap, nice to live there

Disadvantagesboring lectures, not enough books in library, student's don't attend.

"...I am currently studying at Northumbria University at Newcastle, Computing Studies and I am on my 2nd year. My parents didn't really want me to come up here, as I have family south, in London and if I needed something I would got someone that I knew. Anywayz, at the end I decided to come North. My dad came with me to help me out with the flat & room, buy all the things I needed and sort everything out. He really liked it! I like it! I was so surpriced ..." Read review

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Community Level 2amonet


I enjoyed it


Disadvantagesag students at Newcastle Uni drinking all our beer

"I studied Modern Languages and International Finance at Northumbria, in Newcastle-upon-Tyne. To be honest, I loved my time there. The course was perfect for me. I wanted to study languages but not the usual literature as at most other Uni's. I also wanted a degree that would reward my studies for both languages equally but I didn't want the distinction between the 2 of a joint degree. I wanted a vocational course, that was uptodate at a city University. ..." Read review

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Community Level 2lawrensons


A Good Place

AdvantagesNewcastle & stotties


"i spent two years at northumbria on a music BA course. I have to admit - it was a very poor start - within the first semester the head of departemnt was sacked becasue he kept coming in drunk - the other full timers went part time - thus we were left with little or no tution. but hey - that was alright with me! Until it lagged on inot the second semester and we exams to sit and things to pass! I'm glad to say that they sorted their act out fot ..." Read review

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Community Level 2mleeng





"...I wanted to be in Northumbria I mean evryone said, every knew, everyone talked about how student life there, would be great and not only is the student night life and social life excellent, the teachers nd lectureres and rated excellent, thats the reason why a work by lovely ass off to gwt in to the BA business studies course. Anyway I just started Uni a well a week and a bit ago, if you include freshers, and hey, it's not that bad, I already made ..." Read review

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Community Level 2georgie


A good experience so far

Advantagesnice city, nice university, helpful lecturers


"...When I first joined Northumbria I was a little apprehensive. This was mainly due to that fact I had never left my home city. However before joining I was constantly on the phone to the university, checking things were in order and phoning if I had any problems, they could not have been more helpful, and this situation has not changed since I moved down here. I have worked very hard and the lecturers have always been there to help. The students ..." Read review

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Community Level 1protocoluk


think VERY carefully

AdvantagesNewcastle, Nightlife

DisadvantagesEverything else......

"Northumbria University's motto: Great Learning, Great Experience, Great Future What a load of b0ll0cks! I am currently a student at Northumbria University but thankfully I won't here for much longer. Northumbria University is only good for one thing if you live in the North East, and that is its location. The courses are very badly run, teaching standards are way below par and the expectations are too high. I you struggle with any module then ..." Read review

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Community Level 2TonyRavioli


Great times to be had

AdvantagesNightlife, Cost

DisadvantagesLong way home if your from down south

"I am not going to on about the various courses etc. on offer as no doubt if anyone is thinking of going there, they will have done that already. Lets concentrate on the nightlife! Being set in Newcastle city centre, which was after all voted 8th best party city in the WORLD, you are not spoilt for choice. From your usual student bars dotted around the City to the outrageous Bigg Market area and the upclass Quayside, there is something for everyone. ..." Read review

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Community Level 1sunweohn


Northumbria Uni Services Review

Advantagesreasonable tuition fees and students from different cultures and background

Disadvantagescommunication with staff in case of requesting info and poor management of finance dept

"It's a reputable modernised university as well as the university's ranking is acceptable. The university is multi-cultural and it has lots of international students. It offers different courses with reasonal tuition fees. It offers student loans for UK resident students and student discounts for international students. The library facilites is quite useful and it is available 24/7 so it is very convenient for students. Most of the staff are friendly ..." Read review

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Community Level 1angiebabae



Advantagesgreat night life, good facilities, great degree, great future!!

Disadvantageslibrary doesn't have a very wide range

"...times of my life at Northumbria and recommend it to anyone. The students union is superb with great nights on most nights of the week, were they also have top bands playing. The night life in Newcastle is meant to be the best in the country (even above London), and I can guarantee, you'll have a wild time!! The university is situated right in the centre of town, so easy access to pubs, shops etc. University accommodation is good and if not on campus ..." Read review

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Community Level 1philltam


University of life!!

AdvantagesGood name in Business School!

DisadvantagesWeak IT facitities!

"Having studied at Northumbria for about 2 years now, I have to say that I'm pretty glad that I did choose to study there! One, the people are friendly and helpful! The lecturers' are also helpful, although you do get a handful that are useless at teaching. The may know the stuff, but they have no idea how to teach! But I'm sure this is the case with many universities! Two, the night life is great and the city is a cool city! However, comparing ..." Read review

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Community Level 1CLChandler



AdvantagesNice people, excellent IT/library

Disadvantageslecturers, safety, weather

"Joined Northumbria University to study PGCE Primary. I was warned before I joined the course it was tough, but nothing prepares you for exactly how tough it is. I graduated from uni with a 2.2 and had been a T.A at various schools for 2 years but the work load here was unbelievable. You were at university from 8.45 until 5 everyday except for one session a week. One fundamental flaw whilst on teaching practice, was that you had to write essays ..." Read review

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Community Level 2sdc123456


Studying at Northumbria University

AdvantagesExcellent nightlife/won an award

Disadvantagesgets overshadowed by "redbrick" uni Newcastle

"...MSc Computing at University of Northumbria at Newcastle. I found that the teaching was adequate on my particular degree course although overall the university has been rated as the Best New University of the year. The main point to take note is that Newcastle is the 7th best party city in the world behind Rio! The nightlife is excellent and accomodation is quite reasonable. Northumbria is about half way up the league table for universities and ..." Read review

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Community Level 1paulhodson


northumbria university

Advantagesgood people, quality of teaching

Disadvantagessplit sites

"I studied information and library management at northumbria, and then worked for a year as pastoral student worker with City Church, Newcastle. The university is well run, and the course was very well organised. It has since improved to provide an IT route, wher'as before everyone had to study librarianship. The Students Union is ok, although being a new University, the number and quality of societies is not so good as Newcastle University; probably ..." Read review

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