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Community Level 1kstracey


Probably the Best Place to Study in England

Advantagestransport links, surroundings, teaching, facilities

Disadvantagesfood in halls, no TV connection

"...wanted to go to Birmingham University and has Nottingham as my back-up. I didn't have a huge amount of choice, as there are few places in the country that do my course (French, German and Russian). I never visited Nottingham before I came here, as I live in Bournemouth and it is a very long drive. I have found the teaching to be superb, and they are always most happy to help you if you have any problems. The modern language office is also very ..." Read review

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Serious, academic students will not fit in at Nottingham

AdvantagesBeautiful campus, wide range of clubs and societies available

DisadvantagesOversubscribed uni so teaching is shoddy, serious students don't fit in, horrible and unsafe city

"...undoubtedly a very popular, beautiful university which many will find appealing. However, it definitely has its downsides (oversubscribed courses and a University that runs itself like a business rather than an academic institution, an antiintellectual culture on campus, and an often dangerous city that is impossible to avoid after first year), which are not immediately obvious on an open day or before applying. I spent almost one and a half years ..." Read review

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Community Level 5jonathanco...


Robin Hood studied here

Advantagessee review

Disadvantagessee review

"...in Leicester to go to university in Nottingham. I had considered Sheffield, Leeds, Durham and Manchester, but in the end opted for somewhere nearer to home. I was able to make an informed decision about which university to choose as I had attended open days at all the universities I had applied for. This also meant I got to miss double Maths on Wednesdays while I was at the open days, which was a bonus. In this review I hope to outline some of ..." Read review

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Community Level 2kavita


Medicine and the interview.

AdvantagesApplying for Medicine in Nottingham is very respectable as it combines clinical knowledge with basic lectures.

DisadvantagesWork for 2 degrees in 5 years whereas most of the other unis have 6 yrs to do it in.

"When I first decided that i wanted to apply to Nottingham for a place in the Med School, I was strongly advised against it as my school claimed that they were biased against Northern Students and also students who had applied to Oxbrige. I hadn't however, but I was still a Northern lass. Anyway, I thought I would apply as I didn't have anything to lose. Despite having sent a decent UCAS statement off, I couldn't help but become haunted by what ..." Read review

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Community Level 3lizzie_hay...


Nottingham University lives up to reputation...

AdvantagesBeautiful Campus, Good Reputation, Good Student lifestyle

DisadvantagesCampus far from town, Student bar not great...

"...14 halls if you're on University park. The standard of accommodation is really very good. If you want en-suite, you can probably get it. Halls also all have their own bars and some are very attractive buidings as well. (IE Cripps, the old bit of Hu-stu and Lenton House). The downside is that all halls are fully catered and the food isnt great. Although its all part of the experience. If you want self-catering you can live in University owned Broadgate ..." Read review

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Community Level 2DavidBell2...


A students opinion...

AdvantagesGReat repuation, great campuses, and a great way of life.

DisadvantagesYears in Industry aren't compulsary, and for the less self motivating, the fredom can come as a shock.

"While the University of Nottingham is highly regarded, it manages to avoid the stigma and social stunting associated with the Oxford Cambridge experience. I am a third year student completing my final year of a BSC in Computer Science. I spent my first year on the main campus, in Rutland Hall. The second year I spent in a rented house in Radford. I took the third year off, and took up a placement with IBM. This year I have returned to complete ..." Read review

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Community Level 1CookieMons...


The most fun 3 years!

AdvantagesBeautiful campus, great nightlife

DisadvantagesOverpriced off-campus student accommodation

"...could ever imagine at the University of Nottingham, and I could probably write a full-blown dissertation about the place, but I will try and be as succinct as I can! Freshers' week Or Week One as it is known. A great start to the uni experience, with organised parties every night, both on and off campus. Registration also takes place during this week, along with making friends (and drunken mistakes!). A little short compare to some uni's, but ..." Read review

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Community Level 3j22o2


Thanks Nottingham!

AdvantagesExcellent campus, good rep and generally awesome

Disadvantagescampus is massive

"...ended up transferring to the University of Nottingham. Having visited Nottingham quite a bit I knew the city itself was pretty ok, contrary to popular belief you can actually go out into the city and not fall victim to any random acts of violence. Campus - University Park So I started out in Nottingham as a second year in September and have been enjoying it ever since. I'm based at University Park which is the focal point of the university ..." Read review

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Community Level 2moophead


Forget trying to get to Oxbridge - Nottingham's way much more fun

AdvantagesThe campus, people, bars, clubs, reputation...


"Nottingham University is the most oversubscribed University in the country and having spent 2 years there so far, it's not hard to understand why. Nottingham is mixes campus university life with being close to the city centre very well and there's so much to experience when you're there. You might be nervous about starting at University but after fresher's week where you'll probably drink more alcohol than you ever have before you'll be wondering ..." Read review

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Community Level 1kesstrell


An international point of view

Advantagesbeautiful campus, great facilities, good accommodation, good academic reputation

Disadvantageslarge student population, some old halls of residence not refurbished, some stringent rules

"...as well, in fact this university is very popular for medical and law courses; rated among the best in the UK. International students form a large portion of the student population, though not the majority. There are students from all over the world here, with the biggest international student population being from Malaysia! I've really enjoyed my stay here so far..and have not regreted leaving home for the UK. ..." Read review

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Community Level 1bwilliams16


The worst time of my life....

AdvantagesIt is central.

DisadvantagesThe place, the people, the course.

"...spent five months at this university and I have to say, emphatically, it was the worst time in my entire life. I can think of more or less nothing good to say about my time at this there. Firstly, I will begin with the university itself. It is a few miles out of Nottingham and can feel very isolated. Unless you want to get a bus into town, you are pretty much stuck on campus. I would have welcomed the chance to nip into the city to get away but this ..." Read review

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Community Level 1Colas


Having a great time

AdvantagesGreat city, good university with great facilities

DisadvantagesJubilee campus accomodation a bit expensive

"...to get to the main University Campus every 15 minutes. The main campus is huge, and has everything you could possibly want. Shops, banks, a huge sports centre, a swimming pool and a great deal more!! My course is also quite enjoyable, as I only have 8 hours of lectures a week, which is less than anyone I know, so if you want to come here, think about doing this course!! The nightlife in Nottingham is brilliant. With the centre being a quick ..." Read review

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Community Level 2Alex1226


Nottingham University - a graduate review

AdvantagesFantastic campus, strong academic reputation

DisadvantagesExpense of NTL in the first year - suggest a contract mobile phone instead

"I graduated from the university of Nottingham in June 2000 after studying for three years for a BA in Economics and Philosophy, and I hope to offer my experience to anyone thinking of either taking a similar course, or indeed intending to apply to the university itself. I decided on Nottingham because of its academic reputation, and the beautifully serene campus upon which most of the faculties and halls lie, and I decided on the two antithetical ..." Read review

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Community Level 5Zoe


Fresher's survival tips

AdvantagesNottingham rocks my world

DisadvantagesLectures don't

"This time last year I was beginning to get nervous...what if I don't get my grades....what if I don't get in??? Then after I got the grades for my offer I chilled out a bit, relaxed. Until about 2 weeks before fresher's week when nerves began to kick in big style. What would have set my mind at ease would have been a few sage words of advice from someone who'd done it before me, so.... 1. Hugh stu is the cheapest bar, triples £1.50, pints a quid 2. ..." Read review

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Community Level 1davependle...


Nottingham Uni.

AdvantagesGood reputaion, lovely city

Disadvantagespublic school boy/girl idiots

"Nottingham was just ranked 5th IN Britian by the independent newspaper, not a bad place. Acceptance is fairly strict to get into the uni, 20-24 points avergae and be warned the exams are hard. Doing engineering myself, the step from a l;evels was a very large and sometime tricky one. The examination procedure is harsh, fail any exams sub 30 compulsory resit sub 40 at the discretion of the School. Then a resit, if that is faile dthen bye bye. No ..." Read review

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