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Community Level 1bwilliams16


The worst time of my life....

AdvantagesIt is central.

DisadvantagesThe place, the people, the course.

"...spent five months at this university and I have to say, emphatically, it was the worst time in my entire life. I can think of more or less nothing good to say about my time at this there. Firstly, I will begin with the university itself. It is a few miles out of Nottingham and can feel very isolated. Unless you want to get a bus into town, you are pretty much stuck on campus. I would have welcomed the chance to nip into the city to get away but this ..." Read review

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Community Level 1Colas


Having a great time

AdvantagesGreat city, good university with great facilities

DisadvantagesJubilee campus accomodation a bit expensive

"...to get to the main University Campus every 15 minutes. The main campus is huge, and has everything you could possibly want. Shops, banks, a huge sports centre, a swimming pool and a great deal more!! My course is also quite enjoyable, as I only have 8 hours of lectures a week, which is less than anyone I know, so if you want to come here, think about doing this course!! The nightlife in Nottingham is brilliant. With the centre being a quick ..." Read review

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Community Level 2Alex1226


Nottingham University - a graduate review

AdvantagesFantastic campus, strong academic reputation

DisadvantagesExpense of NTL in the first year - suggest a contract mobile phone instead

"I graduated from the university of Nottingham in June 2000 after studying for three years for a BA in Economics and Philosophy, and I hope to offer my experience to anyone thinking of either taking a similar course, or indeed intending to apply to the university itself. I decided on Nottingham because of its academic reputation, and the beautifully serene campus upon which most of the faculties and halls lie, and I decided on the two antithetical ..." Read review

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Community Level 5Zoe


Fresher's survival tips

AdvantagesNottingham rocks my world

DisadvantagesLectures don't

"This time last year I was beginning to get nervous...what if I don't get my grades....what if I don't get in??? Then after I got the grades for my offer I chilled out a bit, relaxed. Until about 2 weeks before fresher's week when nerves began to kick in big style. What would have set my mind at ease would have been a few sage words of advice from someone who'd done it before me, so.... 1. Hugh stu is the cheapest bar, triples £1.50, pints a quid 2. ..." Read review

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Community Level 1davependle...


Nottingham Uni.

AdvantagesGood reputaion, lovely city

Disadvantagespublic school boy/girl idiots

"Nottingham was just ranked 5th IN Britian by the independent newspaper, not a bad place. Acceptance is fairly strict to get into the uni, 20-24 points avergae and be warned the exams are hard. Doing engineering myself, the step from a l;evels was a very large and sometime tricky one. The examination procedure is harsh, fail any exams sub 30 compulsory resit sub 40 at the discretion of the School. Then a resit, if that is faile dthen bye bye. No ..." Read review

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Community Level 1susiebeth


Campus Accomodation

AdvantagesCheap bars and a pretty campus

DisadvantagesI have to go to work now :(

"...my three years at this university and I loved the vast majority of the minutes I spent there. What I would say to anyone who has decided to come here is be careful of the accomodation you chose because it has a big effect on your participation and enjoyment of university life. In my first year I chose to live in Broadgate Park, the university's self-catering flats. I was placed in a top-floor flat with 5 other girls where the rooms were all very ..." Read review

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Community Level 2Tyrian


Good place to live and study

AdvantagesBrilliant campus, lots of facilities, lots of shops around

DisadvantagesToo many rugger buggers and ice queens

"...my best memories. The University is perfectly positioned - there are residential areas all around. There are typical student areas (Lenton) and there are quieter places (like Beeston). You can easily walk to Campus if you live in these areas. If you live in the wrong part of Lenton, life can be very hazardous (stay away the area around Sainsburys - my house was robbed there). Life in Halls can be very public schooly - lots of rugger buggers and ice ..." Read review

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Community Level 2suecowsill


this is a top university destination

Advantagesgreat campus, good accommodation, location-friendly people, good teaching

Disadvantageshigh entry requirements, oversubscribed

"...have an affection for the university and both want to go there when they finish A-levels in a few years. So if you're in doubt as to whether to pick Nottingham, I'd say go for it. The teaching is good, by the way. ..." Read review

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Community Level 1Miskin


Nottingham University

Advantagesbeautiful campus, amazing nightlife, great halls

Disadvantagesa lot of ra's

"...a current student at Nottingham University (having just finished first year) and it has been everything I expected and more. A big selling point of the University is of course the huge beautiful green campus, which has won various awards. Its focal point is the lake next to the trent & portland buildings which is really pretty, especially at night when the trent and portland buildings are lit up. Life in first year revolves around campus, which ..." Read review

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Community Level 1bettybee


Fair City. Fair Girls. Fair University

AdvantagesExcellent Campus

DisadvantagesYou may not be good enough to get in

"...centre of Nottingham stands the University of Nottingham. The University stands in extensive grounds with good views across the city available here. You need never leave the campus is you do not wish to as there are plenty of facilities here. Sports are well catered for with fair and foul weather pitches. There is a swimming pool and gym facilities. There are places to go for walk. The university park is well used by those who live locally with ..." Read review

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Fun, frolics and fees

AdvantagesGood courses, great social life, cool city

DisadvantagesMiddle-class, middle-brow, Middle-England, NTL's phone monopoly will cost you a fortune!

"...best shopping outside the metropolis. The University itself has a gorgeous campus, over three hundred student societies ranging from kebab to kung fu and theatre to coc-soc. If you want to give something back to the local community, you can get involved in the largest student rag in the country. The accommodation is sufficient but hardly palatial, but beware the fire alarms should you be in the university-owned self-catering flats - 13 in two ..." Read review

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Community Level 4ashmead


Notts Uni had it all.

AdvantagesCity; countryside; academia all in one.

Disadvantageschoose your course carefully too.

"...you're into. Being a campus University if offers all the benefits of student life together on a beautiful green campus including old builings and lake! It is also very close to the city of Nottingham, thus providing all the benefits of great shopping, sports facilities and night life too. Public transport between campus and city is regular and not too pricey........... what more could you ask for. As to the education side of things: good library ..." Read review

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Community Level 1pmytcmdc


Applying to Nottingham

AdvantagesAn amazing place to be a student

DisadvantagesOxbridge candidates may feel that they are being harshly treated

"Anybody applying to Nottingham and Oxbridge should not be put off by Nottingham refusing to pursue any application until they know what offer is going to come from Oxbridge. It is fair to say that if you receive an offer from Oxbridge then the chance of obtaining an offer from Nottingham is very small. Also it is true that if you get rejected from Oxbridge then your application is not prejudiced in any way. Nottingham has very high entry requirements ..." Read review

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Community Level 1MnemmK


Nottingham University-Perfect For Everybody

AdvantagesBeautiful Surroundings, Excellent Teaching, Fantastic Nightlife, Fabulous Fun People

DisadvantagesVery Windy,

"...language student here at Nottingham University I have a lot to say for the quality of life as a student here. To sum it up in a word it's fantastic. I could never have envisaged the amount of fun I would have in a single year of my life but it's true, every day something different is going on. The nightlife is never ending and I think that even if I went out every night for my four years here I'd never run out of new places to go. There is something ..." Read review

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Community Level 2cebrey


Nottingham Universitys approach to students

AdvantagesWell it's still a nice campus and you do have lots of fun

DisadvantagesPolitics suck

"...I first came to Nottingham University it was known as one of the best in the country. The campus is tranquil and has a gravity of calm. The halls of residence weren't too bad, and since then have been renovated. However, whilst the fabric of the university is lovely, there is a rather dark, evil ooze (much like in Ghostbusters II in fact) that lies beneath its inviting exterior. Nottingham is indeed one of the best universities in the country, so ..." Read review

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