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She works hard for the money Review with images

AdvantagesCute, great suction

Disadvantageshard to store

"===A moment of silence, please, for my previous hoover....=== Some time ago, I wrote a rather uncomplimentary review about my Pet Lover vacuum cleaner, which at the time was performing rather badly. Since writing the review, I am sad to report that the cleaner "died" on me completely, less than a year after buying it. In theory, I could have claimed a new one on the guarantee, but I disliked the cleaner so intensely, I decided to cut my losses ..." Read review

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a pink hoover

Advantagesgreat hoover

Disadvantagesa little girly

"There are a wide range of Hoovers on the market today and there are so many designed with different tasks in mind. I was looking for an all round Hoover that was reasonably priced after having a Dyson that I had to repair on a number of occasions, I decided it was about time I changed and tried another brand . I searched around and this is when I came across Hetty a bagged cylinder vacuum cleaner, at work we have used Henry and have never had a ..." Read review

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One Het of a good cleaner

AdvantagesA really great vacuum cleaner

DisadvantagesA bit heavy and can be hard to lug around

"== Wanted - a good cleaner == My last vacuum cleaner was pretty special. It had an amazing knack of depositing more dirt than it actually picked up. Although this was an amazing feat - it seemed to blow out rather than suck up - I decided this really wasn't what I was after in a vacuum cleaner and decided to take the plunge and buy a brand shiny new one. I had heard some good things about the Henry vacuum cleaner so after a bit of research, and ..." Read review

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The fab sock eating Hetty Hoover!

AdvantagesReaches all of the small spaces, 2 settings available, cheap

Disadvantagesbulky and a little heavy and eats clothing!

"...are now using the Hetty Numatic hover! It's the best we've had so far. The Hetty Hoover just doesn't sound the same when you call it a 'Hetty vacuum cleaner'. Design; .... The Hetty design is pink and black, rather than the red and black for the Henry. It really does give a womanly touch! However this isn't to say men shouldn't hoover up! The hoover is upright with wheels making it easy to pull around the house when you are changing rooms. ..." Read review

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Powerful hoover



"When we recently moved into a new office I was given my own classroom floor and one of my new responsibilities was to clean it. The first item I therefore needed was a good quality hoover and seeing as the decoration was black carpets, black couches and black chairs a good quality hoover was essential to make sure the place looked as new. I paid £99.99 for this Hetty hoover as I needed something powerful and portable as it was to be used on large ..." Read review

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MY BEST FRIEND HETTY!!........Numatic Hetty Vacuum Cleaner

AdvantagesEverthing; quiet, powerful, glides around with ease, long hose, large bag, ect


"...steep so I shall send Numatic an email seeing if I can get one directly from them. These are Hetty's specifications: ~~~Motor Power Hi200/Lo600 W W ~~~ ~~~Cleaning Range 26.8m ~~~ ~~~Weight 6.6kg ~~~ ~~~Power 230V AC 50/60Hz~~~ ~~~Airflow 45L/sec~~~ ~~~Suction Hi2600/Lo1750 mm mm~~~ ~~~Size 340x340x370mm~~~ ~~~Capacity 9lt~~~ She also has; ~~~ Giant twinflo'~~~ ~~~ Long life~~~ ~~~ 2-stage motors~~~ ~~~ AutoSave ~~~ ~~~ Energy Conservation~~~ ~~~ ..." Read review

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My love affair with Hetty...

AdvantagesSmooth start up, excellent suction, Numatic build quality

DisadvantagesEco Hi-Lo switch

"...cheap generic paper bags or Numatic "Hepaflo" bags), off which the hose exits as a nose, on top of that is the "bowler hat" which has a 1200W motor inside but on the Lo power setting only runs at 600W. To operate the machine is another piece of simplicity! You have a green ON/OFF rocker switch and for the power settings you have a rather annoying (in my opinion) spring loaded rocker switch. Let me explain: On start up Hetty will automatically ..." Read review

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Keeps cleaning time after time Review with images

AdvantagesKeeps cleaning - never looses suction.

DisadvantagesQuite big to store.

"=== Why this Hoover over any other? === As a mum at home one of the most important things to have is a good hoover. I have tried a Dyson and it was fantastic for all of a month then just sucked up nothing. I cleaned it numerous times and had it apart on the floor and had it repaired numerous times, so I decided it was time to change it for something else. I was recommended the Henry by a friend and when I saw the pink girl version - Hetty I just ..." Read review

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Hetty's just a hassle

AdvantagesEasy to store power cord

DisadvantagesPoor suction, Bulky, difficult to store

"Well this is typically the female version of the Henry hoover named Hetty (Henry's sister) and comes in a vibrant pink colour. Personally pink is not my favourite colour. I think this is quite possibly the worst hoover I have ever had the misfortune to use. My mum replaced her Dyson with one of these and it was the worst decision she ever made. The suction on it is awful and it's just far too clumsy to use. It's bulky and difficult to store with ..." Read review

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Community Level 2tangoman1984


Hetty hoover - the smile tells you all

AdvantagesEnergy saving mode, low noise, very powerful suction, easy to use and move, well designed


"Recently picked up our Hetty hoover as the bagless upright hoover we had was too heavy for my wife meaning that the hoovering was only done once a week due to my working hours. Upon purchasing the hoover we opened up the box and got everything setup so we were ready to go and took a quick read to see if anything we needed to know and were impressed with what we read - made in the UK, energy saving set as standard usage for this vacuum but we realised ..." Read review

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Community Level 1larissa742...


Perfect in every way!



"I was first recommended to use her by a friend a few years ago who had owned hers without any problems for 15 years. I went for a cheap hoover - powerbase xtreme - instead and learnt that it was a bad idea! I was recommened by a seperate friend later on, who had owned hers for just over 10 years. I went out to buy her, and never looked back! She has a energy saving low power option which I use all the time - there is no need to use high ..." Read review

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Prettier than Henry and an all round excellent vacuum!

AdvantagesPowerful, quiet.


"I bought this item about 18 months ago after having bad luck with a couple of other Vacuums. I was recommended a Henry by the cleaner at work and I thought 'That must be a man who knows his hoovers' so I went and to my local Argos but they were sold out of Henrys. However, Hetty was still available and, let's face it, she's miles prettier than Henry anyway so I bought it instead! The vacuum power is excellent and it is vastly superior to all other ..." Read review

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Community Level 1phibo


Excellent Girl...

AdvantagesSolid Build, Powerful and Long Lead

DisadvantagesUmm, It's pink.......but I knew that when i bought it

"...before having to unplug it! Numatic claim the cleaning range is 31.8m and I'd say that's pretty accurate! The hose is 2.4 metres long. It has a pretty powerful 1200w motor. It's not hugely noisy either. It holds a fair bit of muck too between empties with a 9-litre capacity. And comes with the manufacturer's 2-year warranty. Overall, to date it's the best vacuum I've owned ..." Read review

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Community Level 1josywosy

Quick review of Numatic Hetty

"I received this hoover as a gift and think it is incredibly cute! Something different from your every day hoover. I find that this hoover has very good suction and I find it really easy to empty and change the bags. I find that most of the attachments are good in theory but I have a really hard time getting some of the to stay together and get suction. They start to come apart as I hoover.

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Hooray for Hetty !!!

AdvantagesFantastic pick up on it :-)

DisadvantagesA bit on the heavy side

"Well what can I say about this little mean machine ! It is by far the best hoover I have ever purchased with a suction on it like no other ;-) It comes with a variety of tools which can all be stored on board your Hetty :-) It is a nifty little design although I would suggest buying the hoover bags that can be reused (zipped ones) as a cheaper long term option. It pulls around with ease on its little wheels but when it comes to transporting upstairs ..." Read review

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Paladone Desktop Hetty Vacuum Cleaner

Paladone Desktop Hetty Vacuum Cleaner

Ooh Hetty. The cat's done a whoopsie on the floor. That's not us speaking, clearly, but ... more

the voice of a 70s telly impersonator doing the
voice of Frank Spencer. But with Hetty (not Betty)
around, one need never fear whoopsies, whatsits
and thingummies o...

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Fun Gadgets Hetty Desk Vac Gift Boxed Hetty The Hoover Desk Vac BNIB

Fun Gadgets Hetty Desk Vac Gift Boxed Hetty The Hoover Desk Vac BNIB

Hetty The Hoover,Desk Vac,Working desk vac to clean up that dusty desk,requires 2 x AA ... more

batteries (not included), ,Supplied in a gift box
depicting picture of, Henry The Hoover,

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Numatic HET200A 1200w Hetty Vacuum Cleaner Pink

Numatic HET200A 1200w Hetty Vacuum Cleaner Pink

Numatic HET200A 1200w Hetty Vacuum Cleaner This Hetty Vacuum features a Full TwinFlo ... more

two-stage professional motor giving exceptional
performance; with AutoSave - Energy Conservation -
50% Energy saving - 30% Improved Air Quality and
20% Lower Noise Lev...

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Numatic HET200 Hetty Bagged Cylinder Vacuum Cleaner,Turboflo, 1200W
Postage & PackagingFree!
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