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Community Level 7Groovee


It's not just playing with Children

AdvantagesA job which you can truly love if you want to

DisadvantagesLots of Hard work which often is not appreciated

"...place on the course for nursery Nursing. They had changed the name to Childcare and Education at that time. They said that they usually had around 500 applications for about 80-100 places. The first year was spent doing subjects like Child Development, care and feeding of babies, play, introduction to child protection, introduction to special needs, food and nutrition just to name a few. There were 12 subjects in all. For the first year at ..." Read review

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A very rewarding job

Advantagesvery rewarding

Disadvantagescan be stressful, paperwork too much

"== Nursery nurse == Since I was a child I have always wanted to be a teacher. If anyone asked me what I wanted to be I would say a teacher. As a child I used to sit my toy teddies down and read them stories. The perfect opportunity came when one of my GCSE options was childcare I thought great what a nice introduction. I got a D for childcare but I was doing the higher paper so I did my best. After school I didnít do A levels but went straight ..." Read review

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Community Level 2ranson


An employer's point of view

AdvantagesStimulating and enjoyable work.

DisadvantagesUnderpaid and usually long hours

"...of a day nursery, a nursery inspector and an ex lecturer on both NNEB and BTEC nursery nursing courses I have seen many nursery nurses working their socks off. A recent survey found that the average salary of a nursery nurse is currently £7,700. That's correct, £7,700 per year. That's because so many of them are under the age when you have to pay the minimum wage. The average age of the nursery nursing population at present is only 24. In my experience ..." Read review

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Community Level 3Paula_23_uk


A very rewarding job but....

AdvantagesA rewarding job can be gained from this qualification.

DisadvantagesThe course is hard work and requires a lot of determination.

"...a typical day in a nursery full of mummys' and daddys' little darlings. However, it's not all bad, I have worked with kids from being sixteen and I do love my job! It all started when I went as a YTS student, in a private day nursery with an age range of children from six weeks old to four/five years old. Most private day nurseries have this age range and also provide services for after school care too. After a year on my YTS, I decided to attend ..." Read review

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Community Level 3dogscoff


The unsung heroes.

AdvantagesJob satisfaction if you like working with children.

DisadvantagesLousy pay and conditions. Utterly unrepresented and exposed to all sorts of professional risks.

"...inspired me to talk about nursery nursing. It's what my girlfriend does for a "living" and it's about time someone said something. Teachers, doctors and nurses _are_ undervalued but at least they have good unions fighting for better conditions. Nursery nurses (Or "early years practitioners", as they are now known) are ignored, written off as unskilled non-professionals with cushy part- time jobs. That is utterly untrue. Consider the following: -A ..." Read review

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Community Level 2gem412


Nursery nursing as a career...

AdvantagesGreat if you love kids...

Disadvantagescould be a nightmare if you don't!

"...in a very well run nursery which takes newborn babies to children who are school aged. The staff were well qualified, and good at their jobs, which made my experience of this a better one. Nursery nursing is so appealing because of all those special moments you get with the children. When they do things for the first time, or when a little one runs up to you arms stretched out for a cuddle. It's so rewarding when you are able to teach the children ..." Read review

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