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Community Level 4Bounceback...


Have nails to envy!

AdvantagesHave amazing long, strong nails!

DisadvantagesOther people might want to borrow this strengthener!

"...Avoplex cuticle oil, and 2 OPI polishes. I paid £30 for this set which I consider to be good value, as O.P.I Nail Envy is £15.25 on it's own (there were 2 of them), cuticle oil is £14.25 and the polishes retail at around £8.00 each. I had previously tried many products (including Sally Hanson) but nothing seemed to work, so I decided to ask for it for Christmas. I haven't looked back since. I'll even go as far as saying this is the best £15.00 ..." Read review

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No more envy for me!

Advantagesstrengthening, dries fast, easy to use

Disadvantagespricey! not a miracle cure

"I have always thought that nails are quite an important part of your appearance, obviously for women we like our nails to be long or neatly trimmed and pretty colours, but for men as well, I personally think that grubby, chewed down nails are a right turn off! I had acrylics for about two years, after wearing nails I glued on myself, and whilst I loved how they looked, I knew they were wearing my own nails down underneath. This became evident when ..." Read review

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Opi Nail envy - great, but turned my nails yellow!

Advantagesdoes what it promices!

Disadvantagesturned my nails yellow, expensive

"...=== I have been using OPI for about a year now, I own 3 gel polishes, 2 different nail aids (nail envy and Chip Skip) and about 10-15 assorted colours, my favourite being 'im not really a waitress'. I have never been disappointed by the quality or results promised by their products (e.g. chip skip) and I have high expectations for their products. === The product: Bottle: === The product itself comes in the standard opi rounded-style bottle and is ..." Read review

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Community Level 2louwill23


No more splits or breaks!

AdvantagesA variety of different formulas for different nail types

DisadvantagesQuite expensive

"...the exclusive UK distributers of OPI and DermaNew. Lena White Ltd. was founded in 1983 by Lena White herself and has grown to be a respected organisation in the beauty industry. OPI is sold in over 74 countries worldwide and sells over 35,000,000 bottles of nail lacquer a year. What is OPI Nail Envy? OPI Nail Envy is a group of 5 natural nail strengtheners. The 5 nail strengthers are as follows: Original Nail Envy: Maximum strength formula ..." Read review

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Community Level 2sharon1983


o.p.i nail envy

Advantagesusing the product only takes a matter of days before noticing an improvement on natural nails

Disadvantageswill have to use product a few months to see maximum results on ridged or peeling nails which have to grow out

"...mention to you the brand opi then you know youre getting quality products for your money. nail envy is one of the best natural nail hardeners on the market as it hardens the nails without making them brittle giving them a tendency to shatter off. there a about five different types of nail envy. ORIGINAL-good if you have a multitude of problems with your nails or are not quite sure which one to use. MATTE-same ingredients as the original ..." Read review

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Community Level 1ljohn43699


OPI for Nail Biters, it works!

AdvantagesStrengthens & nourishs nails.

DisadvantagesCould do with a wider brush

"...bought first of all the OPI cuticle oil & nail replenisher, just put a few drops on each nail and massage in. I did this every time i would normally bite my nails, and hey presto my nails started to look healthy with less ridges, my cuticles were healthy and not ragged. As i had been biting my nails for so long they were very soft and brittle, so i then went for the OPI nail envy product. Just apply 2 coats on the first day and one coat on every ..." Read review

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Community Level 1faith12


best nail polish ever

Advantagesstrong nails


"this nail polish has saved my nails. they were extremely weak, flaking and always broke. this was until i found nail envy. i put it on my nails every day, even if i do not have colour on them. they are now very strong and hardly ever break. they never flake and hardly ever chip. i know this product is expensive, but does last a long time as long as you keep it in the box. if it is kept out of the box, then the polish goes thick and does not dry properly. ..." Read review

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OPI origional nail envy - does what it says on the bottle

Advantagesstrengthens nails in just one week!

Disadvantagesquite expensive

"This Nail Envy formula really does do what it says on the bottle - the amount of people who nowdays compliment me on my nails is amazing! People truly will be jealous of your long and strong nails if you use this product! I used to be a nail-biter. Then I bought a bottle of Origional Nail Envy, (green box), and applied one coat every day. After just one week, i could already notice the strength growing in my nails, and i began to stop nibbling. ..." Read review

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Community Level 1nicolaverr...


OPI Nail Envy - will power in a bottle!

AdvantagesFantastic results - does exactly what it says on the bottle!

DisadvantagesTends to go "gloopy" before you finish the bottle

"...and start again. The difference with OPI to other types of nail strengthener is that it really does work. The results are great and your nails seem to grow really quick. For impatient people like me that is a real plus. It is qut expensive when you compare it to other strengtheners on the market but I would not even consider trying any others. You can get some great deals from on-line stores which makes the price a bit lower. The only down ..." Read review

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Community Level 1fluffysbits


This really works!

AdvantagesStrengthens and hardens natural nail

DisadvantagesHaving to remember to apply every other day for best results

"...No, I dont work for OPI ! Try it for yourself - its gotta be worth a tenner! (Ebay price) ..." Read review

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Community Level 2tasha_92


Have strong, brilliant nails!

AdvantagesWorks miracles


"...my favourite nail company called OPI they do other wonderful stuff but one thing that sells out mostly every time on QVC is Nail envy. Why did I get it? I got it because my nails are really weak they break easy so my nails will be horrible and short. So my mum got me this stuff from QVC What is it? Nail envy is a miracle to people with weak nails. This product strengthens nails so that it helps them to grow. How to reconise it? It comes in a ..." Read review

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Community Level 4mrswombat


Recipe for long, strong nails

Advantagesexcellent results

Disadvantagesprice and (lack of) availability

"This is a truly fantastic product which could prove a major boon to anyone who despairs of ever having good nails. I've been using it on and off for a few years now - and if you could see my nails you'd immediately know why I don't mind paying the price for this (about 18 pounds from salons, slightly cheaper on qvcuk). It can be applied under and over nailvarnish to protect and strengthen nails. In essence it just works. It also stimulates growth ..." Read review

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Community Level 1chaney999



AdvantagesClear nail varnish for everyday use

DisadvantagesTop can get stuck if you dont replace the cap securely

"...also advisable to purchase the OPI avoplex wich is an oil you rub into your cuticles. This will just add to the strength. You can buty these products from QVC or I have recently noticed AMAZON are much cheaper priced at £8.99. This sounds a lot, however it does go a long way, it should last you at least 8 months if you treat your nails about twice a week. The avoplex will last you considerably longer. Although I say it myself my nails look great. ..." Read review

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Community Level 2yvonnedavies


This really does make a difference


DisadvantagesCost - but it's worth it in this case

"OPI Nail envy is a Nail Strengthener that is used in Many Salons. It can be bought in the salons or slightly cheaper on QVC, expecially when bought with the avoplex (you can caurrently get both from there for just over £30) I used to consider myself with problem nails, in that they tended to break as soon as they started to look good. I had tried many nail strengheners but still found my nails broke. However I had this produce from a family member ..." Read review

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Community Level 1Wheatie


The one I always come back to

AdvantagesNails that always get comments!

DisadvantagesContents of bottle tend to thicken with use

"...but I tend to buy OPI products from a shopping channel, and in packs with other items, such as lacquer, Avoplex etc. ..." Read review

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Opi Mani Tool Kit - Expert - Nail Envy Strenghener , Rapid Dry , Remover + More

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OPI Nail Envy Matte Strength 15 ml

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peeling, cracking & splitting. Same strengthening
benefits of Original Nail Envy with a
natural-looking matte finish.

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OPI Original Nail Envy Nail Strengthener 15ml

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