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Community Level 2DeusXM


DO look back in anger at the urine supernova

AdvantagesIt's Oasis, dammit!

DisadvantagesSuitable for football hooligans only

"...(tragic, eh?), and so when Oasis announced their Finsbury shows, I thought I'd try and snap up a ticket. Of course I was too late, so I resigned myself to doing my A-levels and a summer of doing bugger all. Then a mate of mine rang me and said he had tickets for the friday show, and did I want to come? Is the Pope a guy in a wierd hat who lives in Rome? So, anyway, 8 o'clock on Friday morning saw us waiting for a coach, and by 1.30, we were ..." Read review

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Community Level 5Maddi69


Piddling in the Park

AdvantagesTop notch music

DisadvantagesToo much urine

"...Black rebel Motorcycle Club and Oasis play, I did not go to wallow in urine from beered up lads supporting a naff Liam haircut. Moan over. It was a fantastic gig. I paid £30.00 for the ticket and it was well worth it. I would have gone for BRMC alone and they were damn good. The venue was nasty but at least they had screens to show you what those teeny dots of men were really doing with their instruments. It did beggar a question though - isn't ..." Read review

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Community Level 2Nicola_G


Oasis Rock !!! Throwing bottles doesn't !!!

AdvantagesSeeing the best rock band in the word

DisadvantagesWondering what was in those bottles !!!

"I am a huge Oasis fan so when they announced their Exist tour, i tried to go to as many gigs as i could. I got tickets for 8 gigs and Finsbury park was without doubt the worst Oasis gig i've ever been at in my life. I went on the saturday night and arrived quite early to see Proud Mary, The Charlatans etc. Even before oasis came on, there was a really iffy atmosphere in the crowd, it seemed as if everything was going to kick off. Everyone knows ..." Read review

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Community Level 3LollyG2004


next time- make it indoors

Advantagesgreat music

Disadvantagesgetting crushed

"...but they were ok. When Oasis first came onto the stage i remember my boyfriend and i just being pushed forward as if we had no contol over our legs! It was abit scary!!! The Music was pumping and its a shame because there were people throwing bottles everywhere, men pissing where they stood ( how attractive ) and alot of people having to be pulled out of the crowd through fear of being crushed or bottled. The concert was quite short lived as well ..." Read review

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