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Community Level 7Elffriend


Koontz masters the art of Odd.

AdvantagesA glimpe inside the world of Koontz.

DisadvantagesPoor reviews.

"...look inside the mind of Odd Thomas, one of Mr Koontz’s most unusual characters to date. The Plot. ^^^^^^^^^ Odd Thomas introduces the reader to himself by the means of writing a book on the unusual happenings in the small town of Pico Mundo where he works as a short-order cook. His mentor and friend, P. Oswald Boone has coerced him into writing his narrative by the means which will unfold as the story gathers pace. In this way the reader gets ..." Read review

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Community Level 7stuleg


BEWARE THE BODACHS ! Review with images

AdvantagesA Very Readable Book

DisadvantagesNone of Note

"...is evil." Odd by name and odd by nature seems to be the opinion of many in Pico Mundo when faced with twenty year old Odd Thomas the grill chef extraordinaire. Many feel that he has some sort of gift in a psychic vein but those same people are slightly scared of Odd and those that associate with him, they don’t know the half of it. Odd Thomas sees dead people, but then by god, he does something about it, the dead come to Odd to seek retribution ..." Read review

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An "Odd" But Brilliant Read

AdvantagesDifferent and unsual thriller


"...start of the book. Odd is a loveable 21 year old who is keen make us aware that "Odd" is not a nickname and is in fact the name with which he was christened. Odd is a fry cook in the local Grill. Gradually throughout the book we learn about Odd and his best friend and soul mate Stormy LLewllyn, with whom he has a wonderful and loving relationship, so much so that they begin to plan their wedding. He has a few close friends within the town of Pico ..." Read review

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Thomas is a little odd.

AdvantagesQuick read and not too taxing

Disadvantagesplot holes

"...the memoirs of the narrator, Odd Thomas. He gives a couple of explanations as how he comes by his peculiar name which are never really substantiated. According to his mother he was intended to be called Todd and the birth certificate was never corrected. Another time she tells him, it should have been Dobb, after a Czechoslovakian uncle. He tells us his father always intended him to be called Odd, and he never had a Czechoslovakian uncle. From ..." Read review

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Community Level 2KissMyDonkey


Odd Thomas. Freaky Thomas. Thomas is tanked. Review with images

Advantages Yep it's odd

Disadvantages Not one of his best

"...medium length. So to the story. Odd Thomas is a weirdo. Oh yes he is and nothing wrong with that as I seemed to be loved by quite a few. He sees dead people just like the little dude in 'The sixth sense' and they seem to gravitate to him for help in eerie silence and possibly very bad make-up (it doesn't mention this but it really should). One of his regular visitors is actually Elvis and I found that Koontzy actually scored points with this addition ..." Read review

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i see dead people

AdvantagesThe best book Koontz has ever written

Disadvantagesit's a shame that Koontz couldn't leave this as a one-off novel

"ODD THOMAS is no ordinary fry cook; Odd Thomas can see dead people. They cannot speak to him but still their spirits insist on visiting him anyway in the hope that he can help bring those responsible for their deaths to justice. He is also haunted by the ghost of Elvis and is able to see mysterious shaded entities he calls "Bodachs" which seem to gather whenever something bad is going to happen which will result in a lot of death, pain and general ..." Read review

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Community Level 2JcMullaney


Odd Thomas, Oddly Good

AdvantagesStory, Characters ect.

DisadvantagesSligtly unrealistic but you don't really care.

"Odd Thomas is the first installment of the 'Odd' series, which is followed by Forever Odd and Brother Odd. I'm a Dean Koontz fan, but by far this or Life Expectancy have to be the best of his books, so I'm not biased. The book is set in Pico Mundo a small town in the desert, with the main character Odd Thomas actually narrating the book. The main characters are: Odd Thomas - The main character sees the dead and the shadows (bodachs) Stormy ..." Read review

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Community Level 1becz_the_s...


Quite different...

AdvantagesVery gripping...hard to put down.

DisadvantagesSeemed quite short.

"This book really was a "can't-put-it-down" read. Dean Koontz's more recent books seem to be getting more and more different and obscure, yet he still manages to grip the reader with his mixture of suspense and action. There didn't seem to be any of the slow going moments that so many books seem to have, with every page giving essential twists and turns in the story. "Odd Thomas" did seem to be quite a short story compared to some by the author ..." Read review

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Community Level 4loopymum65


odd thomas

Advantagesyou know dean koontz will deliver a good story

Disadvantagesbit slow to start

"...town where a lot of odd things happen.He knows when bad things are going to happen and feels honour bound to prevent them.This book tells about his struggle to prevent those whome he cares about from being victims and reminds us about the strangeness of the human experience. I only finished reading this yesterday but it's going to be one of those books that linger in my mind. The main character in the book had so many believable human experinces ..." Read review

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Community Level 1embojet500


Amazing Odd Thomas

Advantagesgreat plot and characters


"...a book. The main character Odd Thomas is depicted so vivedly, and his relationship with Stormy Llywen is described so perfectly. What I didn't expect with a book like this was for it to make me cry, but I must admit, I had a few tears before the end. This was due to the amazing characters, and Koontz's description of them. The chapters are the perfect length, not that I stopped much between them! The plot is completely gripping, and it's ..." Read review

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Community Level 1lickle


Odd Thomas

Advantagesa good all round read

Disadvantagesnone I could see!

"...say something for his writting. Odd Thomas is truly a lovely guy who's been dealt a bad hand of cards from his freaky Mother, the one thing that keeps him going is his lovely girfriend and few close friends.... soon everything he loves is threatened and he's not going down without a fight! Odd is definately someone to have on your side when the baddies come to town, he can even see the invisable ones Can't wait for the sequel, out this year. ..." Read review

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Community Level 1jarvis554


A Fantastically Odd story I couldn't put down.

AdvantagesA story you can read again

DisadvantagesMay cause you to laugh out loud and cry so maybe not good for a train journey.

"This is my favourite book by far! It was recommended to me by my mother (who also loved it). From the page one of the book I was hooked and read the whole thing in 2 days. The characters were all fantastic and I felt as though I had met them by the end of the story. I'm not normally a Dean Koontz fan but i was told me a little about it and as I had nothing else to read I gave it a go. So glad I did! I have since read all four books in the series so ..." Read review

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Community Level 1colleen82


Odd Thomas

AdvantagesCompelling! I couldn't put it down, it has to be read in one sitting!

DisadvantagesDon't expect to see anyone for 24 hours while you read it!!

"...the book. The character Odd Thomas is fantastic - I loved his nuiances and his personality - it made the book. The conclusion to the story is brilliant - I wont ruin the story for anyone else though, can't stand that. I will be making sure that I read more of his books from now on. I would recommend this book to anyone who is a fan of the genre - Dean Koontz cover the whole range of mystery, thriller and fantasy in one go. This book is a must for ..." Read review

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