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Olbas to the rescue Review with images

AdvantagesMade from natural ingredients

DisadvantagesMay not suit all needs

"...to keep a bottle of Olbas Oil on standby for those moments when I am in need of the soothing and airway opening abilities Olbas offers me, as I never know when I might need it. I find that this product seems to have a long expiry date too, as when I need to use my Olbas oil it smells as strong and fresh as it did when newly opened for many months after its first use. As time goes on the oil does tend to lose a little of its strength, although I find ..." Read review

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The Onus is On Olbas For Clearing the Cold Virus! Review with images

AdvantagesWorks as it promises, long lasting, quick for relief for blocked sinuses, good carrier oil too.

DisadvantagesNo use if you don't like the smell, not for use internally.

"...catarrh, colds and sinuses. Non-greasy. Olbas Oil is a mixture of essential pure plant oils for relief of bronchial and nasal congestion and hay fever by inhalation, and for symptomatic relief of muscular pain by application to the skin…” ==General Impressions & Design== Designed to be used as a non-internal oil product, the best way I can describe “Olbas Oil,” is to brand it as the “par excellence aromatherapy,” oil because largely, this is ..." Read review

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Clear that stuffy nose with Olbas Review with images

AdvantagesExtremely effective for providing relief to a stuffy nose and can be used for aches and pains

DisadvantagesMakes my eyes water

"...I am discussing today is Olbas Oil, an inhalant decongestant, which can always be found in our bathroom cabinet. == APPEARANCE OF THE PRODUCT == Olbas Oil is fairly easy to locate on the supermarket or pharmacy shelf due to its' vibrant cardboard packaging of bright green and orange. The familiar Olbas logo can be found on the upper section and we are advised that the oil will provide immediate relief for catarrh, colds and sinuses. We are provided ..." Read review

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A nice relief.

AdvantagesFew drops work well and cheap price.

DisadvantagesNone for me.

" Just before the Christmas holidays I had a bit of an irritating cough and one which was quite annoying and it did wake me up a couple of times during the night. One night after I had been coughing and kept my hubby awake I remembered what a nurse had told me a while ago to do to relieve a cough like mine happened to be, being a dry, tickly cough. She told me to inhale using a steamer and to place a few drops of this oil into the water and breathe ..." Read review

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Great way to clear stuffy noses

AdvantagesClears stuffy noses

DisadvantagesNot everyone likes the smell

"...am a huge fan of Olbas oil. As a child I was always secretly jealous of those children who when had a cold that had handkerchiefs smelling of eucalyptus whereas my handkerchief never did. I always wondered how their mums got vicks vapour rub on their handkerchiefs and didn't realise it was Olbas oil till I was an adult. Olbas Oil has a very distinctive smell, it is a special mixture of pure plant oils, with ingredients including clove oil, eucalyptus, ..." Read review

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Helping to de-block my nose!

Advantagesgreat decongestant, little is needed for big difference, lasts ages, inexpensive

Disadvantagescant think if a single thing to fault this product

"...trick to do with some olbas oil to help unblock my nose and I am so glad I got it! Olbas oil is a mixture of essential pure plant oils and is an inhalant decongestant - to put it simply, one sniff and it helps unblock your nose. Sounds like a miracle to me! The product comes in a little green box with a picture of a green leaf on it. The bottle inside is a dark brown colour, but you are able to see inside the bottle at how much liquid is left. The ..." Read review

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Olbas Oil

Advantagesclears nose, smells nice

Disadvantagesnot a great rub

"...time when I came across Olbas Oil, I decided to buy it because it seems to be quite a natural substance and I had heard good things about it from a few work colleagues who were having the same problems. What Is Olbas Oil For You can use Olbas oil for blocked noses, colds, blocked sinuses or catarrh. Olbas oil is not recommended for use for children under 3 months or if you are breastfeeding. How Can You Use It As an Inhalant: Aged 3 months-2 years- ..." Read review

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Keeping a clear head

Advantagessee review

Disadvantagessee review

"...pain. I have been using Olbas oil for as long as I can remember and always have a bottle handy. Olbas oil is made from natural plant oils and is sold as a decongestant. It is suitable for both adults and children including babies from 3 months old. It can be used to help relief the symptoms of colds, sinus problems and hay fever. The bottle comes in a small green and orange box. Inside is a small brown opaque bottle with white screw top. The bottle ..." Read review

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A Product for all noses

AdvantagesIt does unblock your nose

DisadvantagesHurts when you get it in your eye

"Olbas Oil is another essential in our household, for as long as I can remember my mum would give me Olbas Oil either on a tissue or on my pillow when I had a cold or was simply bunged up, so when I moved into my own house Olbas Oil was a must have. I suffer with hayfever from time to time but whether it is used for that or just a common cold, Olbas Oil is the best product to clear bunged up noses. The Packaging Olbas Oil come in a small brown ..." Read review

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My number 1 for stuffy noses (Olbas Oil)

AdvantagesEasy to get hold of, natural, works well

DisadvantagesLarger bottles can be harder to find

"...quite hard and that's where Olbas oil comes in incredibly handy. Unlike most decongestants you don't poke it up your nose to inhale it, you don't squirt it up there either, or take it in tablet form or anything. In fact, you don't get it anywhere closer to you than on a bit of tissue near the bed. For me, the snuffles are generally something that just happens when I have a cold, and it's normally then when I bring out the Olbas oil. However, although ..." Read review

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Community Level 2jonall


CIAO is not worth the effort - Donn't waste your time writing rev

Advantagesnice size for carrying bottle. Only requires a few drops

Disadvantagesstrong when first applied, but fades quite quickly

"CIAO is not worth the effort - Don't waste your time writing reviews I suffer quite often from blocked sinuses and use various methods to help clear and ease breathing when things are bad. Sprays are fine for short term relief, tablets of any kind i only take when i really have to I have used Menthol Crystals in water but lately have found really difficult to find and buy So found this product one day , I have found two ways to apply and use ..." Read review

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