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Community Level 3jonathanw3


I'm gunna wash that sore right out of my mouth Review with images

AdvantagesGets rid of your ulcers

DisadvantagesCost and aftertaste

"...try anything so bought some Oraldene Icemint from Asda. (Was recommended by the chemist but I'm not paying their prices). Oraldene icemint mouthwash contains 200ml of a blue liquid (looks more like a chemical from science), this is quite enough and should last you a while. You can buy a 500ml bottle but this would not be worth buying unless you have mouth ulcers practically everyday. It has a number of uses; it can be used for Gingivitis, (bleeding ..." Read review

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A big one that really hurt

Advantagesinstant numbing

Disadvantagestaste the tooth doctor

"Oraldene mouthwash I don't usually suffer from mouth ulcers but for the past few days have not only suffered from a very large one that really hurts, but now have a sore throat to keep it company. After using Bonjela for a few days, constantly brushing my mouth and using my usually mouth wash the redness and pain was still the same. Every movement in my mouth hurt from swallowing and eating to talking, which in my job is not good. The family ..." Read review

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Gargle for your gums

AdvantagesIt works on sore gums

DisadvantagesBit of a nasty after taste

"...Nicorette, Calpol. I have also seen Oraldene in the original "flavour" which is red, but haven't actually tried the other type. ~~What I think of it~~ Great stuff! The mouthwash is easy to use and has now become part of my cleaning of teeth routine. Obviously, I will use another product when this runs out because I don't want it not to work next time I have a sore throat. My sore throat and gum certainly got better, although whether ..." Read review

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Community Level 6Tickly



AdvantagesEffective and fast working

DisadvantagesMakes my mouth numb

"...chose the more user friendly Oraldene for their name! When you take this out of the box it looks like something you might obtain from your dentist. The bottle is glass and contains 200ml of mouthwash. The label on the bottle is the same design as the box with it's swooshing arrow and grey and blue background. Inside your bottle is a bright red liquid - it has the same consistency as a regular mouthwash. When you twist open the bottle top it has ..." Read review

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Sore Throats Watch out!

AdvantagesBetter than most mouthwashes

DisadvantagesVery expensive

"...nothing more than freshen breath. Oraldene excels in this respect because it not only freshens breath, but also provides medicated relief for mouth and throat infections. Its antibacterial agent helps relieve a range of complaints, including sore/bleeding gums (gingivitis), sore throats, mouth ulcers and bad breath (halitosis). The mouthwash itself is a clear red solution containing the active ingredient Hexetidine, an antibacterial/antifungal agent. ..." Read review

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Great for treating minor problems

AdvantagesIt works

DisadvantagesIt coats your tongue

"Last week I noticed my gums on one side of my mouth were getting very sore. A few days later a small lump appeared which I think was probably a boil. This of course appeared on Saturday when the dentists was closed. I didnt actually want to go to the dentists as a) I dont like it and b) He more often than not tells me to go away and see how it goes! Therefore I started whinging to friends about how sore my mouth was and one suggested I tried Oraldene. ..." Read review

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Stopped my reliance on painkillers!

AdvantagesHelps with different problems in the mouth area, quick action, easy to use

DisadvantagesTaste could be off putting

"...On the front the ' Oraldene ' logo is at the top. Beneath that it tells you what the product can do. On the side it gives you an ingredients list and on the opposite side directions of use. The bottle came in a cardboard box which had a lot more detailed information on it: what its for, who its suitable for and not, dosage amounts and directions. The box carries the same colouring as the label on the bottle-mostly silver. ==Ingredients== The ..." Read review

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Community Level 4ayanayuk


Not convinced by Oraldene

AdvantagesMaybe works good for ulcers

DisadvantagesMade mouth feel gunky and tongue numb, expensive, aniseed taste (yuck!)

"Oraldene is a mouthwash the is recommended mainly for mouth ulcers, halitosis (bad breath), oral thrush and gingivitis and following an illness a few weeks ago which left me with oral thrush and gingivitis I decided to give this a shot. The main reason for this was when I'd had dental surgery in the past I'd use Chlorohexadene (one of the active ingredients) and it had seemed to help. I was less than impressed with oraldene I must say. It's a strange ..." Read review

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Plaque Attack

AdvantagesHelps combat, bad breathe, sore throats and gum disease

DisadvantagesThe amount you have to use in one go is too much of a mouthful

"...ulcers and she bought back Oraldene Icemint. Within two days my ulcers were gone. ***Packaging*** It comes in an upright rectangle card box that is half silver and half ice blue. On quick examination of the box you can see quite clearly that the product is Oraldene and that it is Ice mint and clearly shows what purpose it is used for with clear concise instructions printed on it. ***The Product*** The product comes in a clear 200ml bottle ..." Read review

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Community Level 1lubyloo74


Oraldene keeps your teeth clean

Advantagesgreat for sore throats and infections


"I first started using oraldene when I had major problems with my wisdom teeth many years ago. What it is ------------ Oraldene is a medicated mouthwash containing Hexetidine which is anti-bacterial and anti-fungal it works by fighting infections particularly of the mouth. It is produced by McNeil a division of Johnson and Johnson. The original flavour is pink in colour and comes in a bottle with a little cup for tipping a specified amount into, ..." Read review

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Community Level 3bottles


Oraldene .... cleans and heals

AdvantagesGets rid of infections quickly and leaves your mouth feeling fresh

DisadvantagesNot the best taste in the world

"Oraldene was recommended to me by a friend, when I was suffering from Mouth ulcers, she said it was really good for clearing them up and so I gave it a go. I didn't have any trouble finding it as my local supermarket stocks it. I believe a lot of chemists keep it too. The first thing I noticed when I went to buy it was the price, it was quite a bit more expensive than any other mouthwash I had previously bought, but I bought it any way, and I'm ..." Read review

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Oraldene mouthwash-good for mouth ulcer

Advantageseffective product


"...is a dentist. She recommended Oraldene mouthwash to me. Well, I never thought of using a mouthwash before. I usually use bonjela gel. Oraldene has both antibacterial and antifungal action which relieves mouth and throat infections such as mouth ulcers, sore or bleeding gums,sore throats and bad breath. It costs 2.93 for 200ml, slightly more expensive than ordinary mouthwash but I have to say it's worth every penny. What comes with the bottle ..." Read review

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Community Level 2samantha21


I'll keep away!


DisadvantagesMade my infection worse.

"...'numbing' toothpastes. Discovered Oraldene about 4 months ago and I had a crop of ulcers at the time. The first time I used this product, my mouth felt very numb and I did get relief from the pain for a short while. But to my horror, the next morning, I had 3 more ulcers and the product wasn't even numbing the inside of my mouth any longer. I preservered with the product, only to obtain more and more ulcers. After consulting my doctor, he advised ..." Read review

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Community Level 1Dean2007


Good investment on your health

AdvantagesWorks Fast against Mouth and Throat infections


"...working in your mouth. The Oraldene Icemint has a soothing antibacterial and antifungal action which relies your mouth/throuat infectioin. I bought mine from the supermarket for £3.49 for a 200 ml bottle. Its definately a good investment, especially if your a very vein person or just health conscious. ..." Read review

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Community Level 2Mogette999


Superb at getting rid of mouth ulcers

Advantagesreduced amount of throat infection

Disadvantagesnone of note

"...infection. I now use the oraldene instead and after a few days the throat infections resolve themselves. I also try and use the mouth wash as soon as I recognise the symptoms starting and I do find that the number of infections has decresead significantly. I find the product reasonable priced compared to other products on the markets and would certainly recommend it to friends and family. ..." Read review

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Oraldene Mouthwash 100ml

Oraldene Mouthwash 100ml

Ingredients The solution contains: Hexetidine 0.1g/100ml. Other ingredients: Polysorbate ... more

60 citric acid saccharin sodium peppermint flavour
anise oil methyl salicylate levomenthol clove oil
eucalyptus oil ethanol 96% azorubin (E122) and
purified water. Sodium content: 0.002g/100ml Oral
care Oral Hygiene Hexetidine 0.1% w/vi n original
or Ice-mint flavour

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Oraldene Mouthwash Icemint 200ml

Oraldene Mouthwash Icemint 200ml

Recommended for: * Sore Throat * Sore Gums * Mouth Ulcers * Gingivitis Also available in ... more

200 ml size Oraldene has a soothing antibacterial
and antifungal action which relieves mouth and
throat infections, including * Mouth Ulcers * Sore
or Bleeding Gums * Symptoms of sore throats * Bad
Breath Oraldene can also be used before and after
dental surgery Warnings: If symptoms persist,
consult your doctor Keep out of the reach of
children Do not use if bottle seal is broken when
purchased Store in a cool dry place in a
temperature not exceeding 25ºC Store away from
direct light

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Oraldene Antibacterial Mouthwash 200ml - Best Price Around

Oraldene Antibacterial Mouthwash 200ml - Best Price Around

oraldene antibacterial mouthwash 200 ml hexetidine medicated relief for mouth throat ... more

infections antibacterial mouthwash to relieve
gingivitis mouth ulcers sore gums sore throat bad
breath oraldene has a soothing antibacterial and
antifungal action which relieves mouth and throat
infections and can also be used before and after
dental surgery contents hexetidine 0 1 g 100 ml
polysorbate 60 citric acid saccharin sodium
peppermint flavour anise oil methyl salicylate
levomenthol clove oil eucalyptus

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