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Twit Twoo

AdvantagesReassuring for small children, beautifully written


"Owl Babies is a children’s book that I’ve known well for quite a few years now, as it was the book that I used whilst on teaching practice as the basis for a large, whole-class art project. I’m predisposed to like Martin Waddell because he’s from the same place as me, but even if he weren’t his books would still be immensely successful and appealing to children. He has exactly the right knack of writing short but lyrical sentences and combining them ..." Read review

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Because all owls think a lot....

AdvantagesLovely rhythm to the prose and quality artwork


"...again. The story is about three owl babies Sarah, Percy and Bill who wake up to find their mother gone! The beautiful stunning artwork and wonderful rhythmatic prose ensure that this book soon becomes a firm favourite. Supplied in hardback or glossy covered paperback our versions are both the latter. The book is probably an American quart size, it is squarer and slightly chunkier but not much smaller than A4. The prose flows with a happy rhythm ..." Read review

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Community Level 6ciaomeister1


Twit Twoo

AdvantagesA beautiful story. Well illustrated

DisadvantagesNone that I can think of

"...this is one such example. Owl babies is a picture book aimed at 2 - 8 year olds, but I have also used it with older children to encourage them to express their feelings about sadness, loss, feeling afraid and love. * The Front Cover * On the front cover of the book are three owls, two larger owls and a smaller one in the middle, they are perched on a branch and the one in the middle looks a little worried. I only mention this because I have ..." Read review

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Community Level 4loopymum65



AdvantagesGentle and simple story.


"...update as i find any. *STORY* Three owl babies live in a hole in the trunk of a tree with their mother. Their home is lined with twigs and leaves and feathers, and the owls feel very secure and loved. They are called Sarah and Percy and Bill, and range in size, and i presume age, with Sarah as the largest and Bill as smallest. One night they awaken to find that their mother is not in the hole with them, and they are alarmed to various degrees ..." Read review

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A happy ending for the owl babies!

AdvantagesA lovely story book that helps children to talk about their fears


"Owl Babies' is a gorgeous picture book written by Martin Waddell and illustrated by Patrick Benson. Quite simply, it tells the story of three little owl babies - Sarah, Percy and Bill and what happened one night when their mummy disappeared. When they discover she has gone, they wonder where she is. Sarah, the eldest baby suggests that she might have gone hunting, and Bill agrees that that she has gone to get them some food. Poor little Bill, the ..." Read review

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Community Level 3gsparkle


A lovely story book for your child

AdvantagesA lovely story book for your child.

DisadvantagesThere aren't any

"...and wish that mother owl would return then at that moment Mother owl silently flies in through the trees. The baby owls are so excited to see Mother Owl. She wonders what all the fuss has been about they should know that she would come back. I think the book is really good as it shows the different character of the three baby owls all through the book. Sarah sounds like the smartest baby reassuring the two other baby owls that there mother will ..." Read review

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The return of the mummy!

Advantagessee review

Disadvantagessee review

"...favourite children's books is the owl babies by Martin Waddell.It is a charming book with a simple, touching story and beautiful illustrations. As this is a children's book I am going to tell you the story so please don't accuse me of spoiling the plot! I like to know how a story is going to end so I can judge whether it is suitable for my children. The story. ******** This is the story of 3 baby owls, Sarah, Percy and Bill. The owls live ..." Read review

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I want my mummy!

Advantageslovely read for the family


"The owl babies, by Martin Waddell This is the story, of Sarah, Percy and bill. They are three little owl babies, who sit on their branch as they wait for their mummy to come home. They continue to wait, and wait and still she does not come. They look after each other, and Sarah and Percy come up with several sensible ideas as to where she might be. And at the end of each page, tiny bill always says simply "I want my mummy!" Wonderfully illustrated ..." Read review

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Advantagesbeautiful illustrations, simple plot, easy to read

Disadvantagescould be upsetting to particularly sensitive children

"...story focuses on the three owl babies; Sarah, Percy and Bill who are waiting for their mother to come home from a hunting trip. The story tells their thoughts and feelings while they wait for her to return. The story addresses feelings of loneliness and attachment, which can be used to lead into discussions of how the children might have felt similar feelings to the characters and would therefore, be ideal for use at circle time in schools. The ..." Read review

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Community Level 3Joe_D_L


Owl Babies

AdvantagesGood story/illustrations


"...tells the story of 3 owl babies, who wake up and realised their mother isn't there. So the 3 babies imagine what their mother could be doin or what dangers she could be in. ~Story~ Percy, Sarah and Bill live with their mother inside a hole in a tree, with feathers and leaves in it. However one night when they woke up she was gone. Sarah suggests she could have gone hunting, which Percy agrees with, but all what Bill, says is 'I want my Mummy,' ..." Read review

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