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PC World

AdvantagesWide product range, reliable quality pakages.

DisadvantagesExpensive, technically incompetant.

"== :::::::::::::::::::: [ SHOPPING AT PC WORLD ] :::::::::::::::::::: == === The Store === PC World is a computer store, which has grown over the years. Ten years ago it was only possible finding one store in the local region, now there are three or four stores within just a few miles of each other. They sell pre-made personal computer packages, computer tools, cleaning equipment and spare components. They have a separate section for used components, ..." Read review

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Pcworld.co.uk - as good as the highstreet ?

AdvantagesEasy, convenient, secure, great savings to be made.

DisadvantagesNot always up to date.

"...the high street computer retailer, PC world. I have always used PC world for my computing demands, be it buying a new computer, computing accessories and games, as they are a name I can trust and have never had any problems with them. Recently I have started to use online "Cash back" sites, which pay you to shop through them, i.e. to search for shops and products through their sites so that they can gain commission and pass a small percent onto ..." Read review

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Community Level 5BananaMan111


Reputable on the high street, how about online?

Advantagesgreat range of products and good prices

DisadvantagesSame as the Dixons.co.uk web site - not as efficient as other online

"Pcworld.co.uk is a great web site for buying computer goods! They have a huge range on offer including computers, laptops, upgrades, and printers, networking equipment plus everything you could possibly associate with all things computers! I've used pcworld.co.uk once and I have written about my experience here. I have also looked at the web site itself and how well it works. I have found from using this web site that it uses the same technology ..." Read review

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Community Level 5sparkydog


They're not aware of it but it's a great service

AdvantagesSome great offers, fair choice, fast & careful delivery, you don't have to visit an actual PC World store!

DisadvantagesOrder tracking ineffective

"I tried PC World on-line when I saw an ad last Christmas for a Boxing Day sale at PC World's normal store. They had a laser printer I wanted for half-price, a Samsung ML-4500 for £74.99 instead of £149.99. This was a one-day special offer. The trouble was I knew from past experience that on an offer as good as this, PC World only sends a very limited number of the item to each store, so it's often sold out when you get there- then they try to interest ..." Read review

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Better than the real shop

AdvantagesSome great bargains to be had


"There are a few PC Worlds within 15 miles of my house and I have visited all at various times. They are all laid out in a similar fashion, which for me does not seem a very logical one. Everything just seems to be placed where there is an available space. You could spend a considerable time trying to find the item you require or indeed an assistant to help you. Such is not the case if you choose to visit PC World cyber style, that is their website...................www.pcworld.co.uk. On ..." Read review

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Community Level 1mark24700


PC World online shop - top vote re Dell Inspiron laptop purchase

AdvantagesExcellent price, perfect condition, exactly as described, delivered when promised, free warranty


"I recently bought a refurbished Dell Inspiron 15" laptop for my wife. I first ordered one from Tesco's Ebay site. It had to go straight back as the DVD drive didn't work when it arrived! I ordered another one from Tesco's Ebay site. That one went straight back as it was so slow to do the simplest of things there was clearly a major problem with it. In their defence, Tesco paid the return postage and gave full refunds as soon as they got them back, ..." Read review

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Community Level 2hokers


PC World Online store can have amazing deals

AdvantagesGood value for money, reputable organisation, good customer service

DisadvantagesSite can be slow, PC world stores warranty hard sell

"...good value indeed Opinion I bought my PC from the PC world online store. I have been very happy with it since, and the price I paid was significantly lower than I could find anywhere else. The service from the call centre was good and the machine was delivered on time. Another benefit is that if anything goes wrong with it, I can take it back to the retail store to be looked at. I would advise people to watch out for PC World's hard sell tactics ..." Read review

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Community Level 1Exciteable...


Shoddy customer service from PC World's Tech Guys


DisadvantagesExpensive, dreadful support

"I too will never use PC World again due to their shoddy customer service. My son bought a PC from them on 18 January last year. They didn't have the advertised one which he wanted (sound familiar?) so he bought a more expensive one. On 5 January the thing died. I called their service line and we ran some diagnostics, the upshot of which was that they decided that the motherboard was dead and needed to be replaced. Fair enough - I have since ..." Read review

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Community Level 4sajjadali


The P is for Pleasing....

AdvantagesGreat customer service

DisadvantagesSome prices considerbly high

"PC World, is by far the most known and popular computer 'supermarket' shop. They sell everything to do with ICT - computers, CD-R's, CD drives and printer. Not only that, but if you are having a problem with a computer (not even if you purchased it from PC World) they will have a look at it (for no cost) and then tell you the problem and recommendations and prices for repair. This is a good service, they look after your PC well and charge a reasonable ..." Read review

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Community Level 1ciaobuddy


Do You Know What You Want?

AdvantagesEverything Easy to Find

DisadvantagesPushy Salespeople

"As a businesman I use PC World a lot. All my hardware has come from them and, as long as you don't buy the cheap stuff, I haven't had any problems with them. The good thing about PC World is that they have branches nationwide so, if you do have a problem, you can get answers wherever you are. Their website is easy to navigate and, quite often, you can purchase your goods at a lower price than you would at the store. Delivery is fast and reliable, ..." Read review

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Community Level 1soleserenity

Quick review of PC World

"Customer service is awful. When my laptop developed a fault after only 6 weeks it took me another week (with tech guys having me do system restores and a system recovery) before they picked it up. They have now had laptop for 18 days (after i was told an average of 7 - 10 days) and not once have they contacted me. I had to chase it up myself and depending on whom i speak to I am either told the part needed to fix my laptop is in stock or it isnt in stock - different departments seem to use different computer systems !!!! Would not recommend PC World and will never ever use them again !

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Community Level 1thehedgeho...



AdvantagesFriendly service, very good offers

Disadvantagesnot alot but delivery can be slow, poor order tracking

"I started building a PC as a project last year and decided to take advantage of the offers in the component centre of PC world online over the Christmas period 2003 as I needed a hard disk and some DDR. The choice was excellent and I found the site very easy to use. There were some great offers and I ordered the two items (a HDD and some DDR) on offer which were advertised as being ‘in stock’. I paid mid December but didn’t receive the parts until ..." Read review

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Community Level 1TomSmith



AdvantagesThe warranty is good and the service and support is OK

DisadvantagesNot Many!

"I was looking on pcworld.co.uk, for a external cd-writer. I saw a freecom one for £150.00 (inc VAT), but noticed that it was USB 2.0. But I needed one that was USB 1.1 & 2.0. I saw another, slower speed but 'said' it was USB 1.1 and 2.0. It was £120.00. I ordered it and a few days later it came. When I opened it it was USB 2.0. I was very dissapointed. The one that I originally looked at though, a friend had and it was USB 1.1 and 2.0, but on the ..." Read review

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Community Level 1Aldouk

Quick review of PC World

"They don't support their warrenty, when you ask for after sales help they just try to flog you services that cannot be of any help, they don't read emails properly and generally don't know the meaning of "customer care" AVOID AVOID AVOID!!!

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Head and shoulders the WORST customer service I have ever had!


DisadvantagesHilariously bad customer service and after sales support at all levels

"...bought my Advent laptop from PC World about 5 years ago for £450 and took the cover/repair plan, approx £400 extra over the 4 years. After various serious problems over the years, the laptop finally caught fire yesterday in the room next to my daughter's bedroom!! (literally a flames out the side job!). As I had bought a PC World own-brand product with a PCW cover plan, from a PCW store, I thought it reasonable to take it in and ask if they could ..." Read review

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