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Happy Man Corkscrew

AdvantagesMakes you smile when you use it, also is vey handy

DisadvantagesNone unless he offends you

"...one of which was the Paladone Happy Man Cork Screw, maybe not something which would be to everybody's taste but it did cause a bit of amusement in our house. The cork screw is basically a bright red plastic man with his arms and legs out stretched and what can only be described as a large corkscrew shaped willy. He has a happy cheerful face which consists of 2 eyes which are slightly raised and a smiling mouth which is cut into the plastic, he has ..." Read review

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quirky and fun corkscrew

Advantagesquirky and fun, good quality, reasonably priced

Disadvantagesadult themed

"...set containing both this little Paladone Happy Man Corkscrew, and his matching twin the little Paladone Happy Man Bottle Stopper as one of a number of gifts on my hen weekend. The Happy Man Corkscrew is one of those manual type corkscrews that you need to twist and twist and twist until it has buried right inside the cork and then yank the cork and the corkscrew out with brute force. We didn't use the little man on my hen weekend as I didn't want ..." Read review

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Will your happy man remove a cork with his tackle?

AdvantagesWorks well, cheap, matches over items in the range.


"=== The product === This is a corkscrew to remove corks from wine bottles. It is shiny red plastic and where it's willy should be there is a corkscrew coming out so it almost looks like he has a large twirly erection! === How to use this === All you need to do is line this up with your cork and apply some pressure while twisting. Once the corkscrew has gone in to the cork then you need to hold the bottle steady and pull the corkscrew out. A little ..." Read review

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Stride with pride, happy man,.

AdvantagesRaises a smile everytime you see it .

DisadvantagesSome people may not appreciate the design .

"Last christmas my brother got me a few novelty items, including this 'Happy Man' corkscrew, as well as his friends, the bottle stopper and bottle opener . I was really qiote pleased with these little gifts, as I do like a tipple every now and again, and found them very amusing to look at. Essentially the happy man is a little glossy red plastic figurine, legs and arms spread out wide , and with a big grin on his face . And no wonder he is grinning, ..." Read review

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You'll either love it - or be totally shocked!!

AdvantagesWell built and designed

DisadvantagesKeep away from the kids!!!

"...of a series of 3 Paladone Happy Man wacky ‘adult’ presents that our friends gave to us as a ‘Welcome to Your New Home’ gift a few months back. It is basically a novelty gadget that has a functional purpose – in this case being as a corkscrew, and it retails for around the £5 mark and is fairly widely available on line. The construction is a solid red plastic man figure with a metal cork screw piece sticking out from his lower front in a rather ..." Read review

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A man thats always happy to see you!

AdvantagesEasy to use and clean, standing figuar, funny little man, cheap and would make a great gift.

DisadvantagesNothing from me

"...couple of reviews on the Paladone Mr happy man collection I got as gifts that was a bottle opener and bottle stopper however the only one I did not have was this one the Paladone happy man corkscrew. I had to purchase this one myself and was actually purchased with my very first Amazon Dooyoo voucher. When I first set eyes on the Paladone happy man collection I thought how tasteless they were not now i love them and have the collection on full view ..." Read review

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The Paladone Happy Man Corkscrew

Advantagesfunny, works well, good quality

Disadvantagesa little expensive, not for everyone

"...novelty gifts. I received the Paladone Happy Man Corkscrew and also a match of this the Paladone Happy Man Bottle Opener. The Paladone Happy Man Corkscrew is a hilarious little corkscrew, if you have a cheeky sense of humour, and I love mine. It is basic a little red man, with a corkscrew attached to where his manly bits should be, he also has his little red bum out on the other side. The little man looks really happy and has a great big smile on ..." Read review

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Paladone Happy Man Corkscrew

Advantagesfunny to look at and it does the job

DisadvantagesNot as great as the Paladone Happy Man Bottle Stopper

"== Paladone Happy Man Corckscrew == As a gift from a friend of mine I received the Paladone Happy Man Bottle Stopper which I thought was already very funny. Never seen something so original and every time I see it I still have to smile. It's always a hit on birthday parties and when people are getting over and every body is fascinated by it and you always get people starting to joke about it. Well they can laugh twice because of course that friend ..." Read review

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Community Level 1zombietheo


This is not funny

Advantages....It will bring fertility into your house as it is a fertility god. It will also open the wine


"I was given this. Just totally at random by a friend who thought this is the greatest thing to have graced the face of the earth. I got very drunk. Then I gave it to the charity shop, who tried to sell it for 10p. It's still there. I'll confess this; in terms of rudimentary proto-culture fertility gods it's a pretty powerful symbol - the giant spiraled and pointy phallus of the Zeus-energy riddled god as it penetrates the initially resisting material ..." Read review

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He can make me a very happy women!

AdvantagesCheap, Funny, A Good Little Novelty


"As a joke, a few christmas's ago my kids got me this little man and ever since he has given me ... happiness! They are the perfect gift, thoughtful and funny - and they work! The actual metal bit, which is in the middle of the little man, fits all of the bottles that I have ever used (I can't say every, because I just don't know that). The man has good grip, and makes opening bottles easy! As you can see in the picture, his arms and legs are wide ..." Read review

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