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Community Level 1bob3000000


dmc-fx33 by Panasonic Lumix

Advantagessmall light good overall performance. a good buy for family shots and days out.

Disadvantagesa little slow to start up high noise levels on large prints.

"The lumix. I borrowed one of these from a friend for a weekend to see if i liked it. to decide weather to buy one for myself. 1> Looks and feel well it is mainly impressive in this department very sturdy feel to it for such a small camera. the one i had, a two tone finish, was mainly matt with a mirror finish around the top etc. the problem i had here is that i have large hands and the buttons feel a little to small so a little difficult to use. 2> ..." Read review

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Community Level 1natty_883


Amazing camera with loads of hidden features

Advantageslightweight, differernt colours, huge screen, easy to use, extra software

Disadvantagescamera case slightly difficult to fit

"...no need to go through panasonic and pay extortionate prices. It also has intelligent auto mode so you don't need to fiddle around with flash settings etc when you just want a quick picture. Face recognition is amazing and makes sure there's no blurriness, I literally cannot recommend this camera enough, it is amazing! ..." Read review

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Community Level 1reemi


do only looks matter???

Advantagessleek, elegant, sharp, attractive

Disadvantagespicture quality is not that good

"Panasonic has dissappointed us with this product of theirs. It Simply doesnt look to be Panasonic. I have used many 8 mega pixel cameras and this seems to be the worst one. But if you go for the looks and easy handling camera than you could have this as your choice. It has a stylish slim compact body and a wide angle Leica DC lens that can fit a wide image, but you can get this better with a Sony cybershot photography camera, but the cybershot wont ..." Read review

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Community Level 1tangentman


Panasonic DMC FX33

Advantagesnice viewing screen

DisadvantagesDoesn't take good pictures

"...around £50.00 for. whilst panasonic is certainly a leading name in electronics, Lieca is a leading name in optics. A marrige of the two has shown itself to be completely lacking in both. quite frankly, for taking half decent pictures look elesewhere. My money was wsted on this purchase. I have a cheap 6m Kodak DX 7630 which produces far better pictures, under all conditions. Be advised, do not buy this camera, steer well clear of Lumix if you ..." Read review

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Community Level 1xlaura42x


Excellent camera

AdvantagesAppearence, efficiency, battery power

DisadvantagesSmall dial and sometimes not straight forward settings.

"I got this camera for christmas a year ago and as somebody not particularly technilogically competant, I find it extremely easy to use. I have experimented with the different settings available (such as soft skin, party, landscape) and find that some of them produce excellent photos. In fact amongst my friends I'm know for having a very flattering camera! I find that the battery last a long time also, if i go out I tend to take about 30 photos and ..." Read review

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Community Level 2jennyf16


A very impressive, well built, high spec camera

Advantagescompact, great lens, big viewing screen,easy to use, good battery life

Disadvantagesoccasional background noise in pictures

"Slim, sleak design. This camera is very well built with good features including very nice zoom lens. Other positives include large clear bright screen,easy to use interface and a solid feel, everything from the flap that covers the sockets to the zoom control button. In terms of picture quality it's very good. The auto focus is one of the best I've used. It also has a sturdy shot feature/image stabliser which makes it even easier to take good photos. ..." Read review

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Community Level 1Maggsy87


Everything a compact camera should be

AdvantagesLarge and clear LCD screen, Image stabalization and good price

DisadvantagesNoise on large prints

"This is an excellent camera and for the price it s great value for money as well. The first thing you notice about the camera when you pick it up is the size of the LCD screen on the back, it could not be any bigger without making the camera bigger. Straight away when I started using this camera, I could work my way round it. Very easy to take photos and view them. The screen provides a good quality iew of the pictures that you have taken. A good ..." Read review

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Community Level 1garumac


Not as good as the Sony but very good camera

AdvantagesSmall size and great shots on the move

DisadvantagesNone really

"Love this product and cannot go on about it enough - have used it almost everyday. The build quality is superb and it really feels that it has been put together well. Battery life is great and you will get the whole day out of it easily, I always buy a spare just in case. Memory size is ok, so you will need to buy another memory card to go with it but that is just normal with these cameras. It also features a very simple autofocus function so you ..." Read review

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Community Level 1Trigger41


marmite camera from Panasonic - FX33

Advantagesits small neat and its got a Leica lense

Disadvantagesnone that come to mind, other than it is a Compact Digital, not a DSLR

"It seems this is a bit of a marmite camera- either you love it or you hate it. Well I LOVE IT. bought for me as a 40th birthday present by my wife. having worked in the camera industry for over 16 years, I knew of Panasonics marriage with Leica, and always found them to be perfect partners. And I was not dissapointed this time either. Once again they have not let the side down. My FX33 goes everywhere with me, and alongside my trusty OM1n and my ..." Read review

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Community Level 1isaac1311


excellent camera for the price

Advantagessimple, effective, great quality, cheap,

Disadvantagesupdated by newer versions,

"...future models and versions from panasonic and other competitors. the pictures and fast to upload and take up little memory so it isnt intensive on the memory card unlike other cameras. the zoom is up to 3x which i find is plenty enough for holidays or days out, however if you require a more extensive zoom then i would opt for a different panasonic. the lumix brand from panasonic are a very stylish, yet high quality offering and i find much easier ..." Read review

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