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Community Level 2Beowulf


Priceless Paramount

AdvantagesGreat British and American Shows

DisadvantagesLack of Sleep

"Paramount have got an absolute gem of a comedy channel here with all your favourites and a steady stream of excellent imports from the States that you may have yet to discover. They have established a well-worked and popular format where they play the same shows, in the same time slot every weekday and then use the weekends for special themes or feature films. With a major studio player such as Paramount I expected them to have access to some ..." Read review

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Community Level 4sarahbethy


Laughter all day long

AdvantagesGreat channel if there is a certain programme you want to watch.

DisadvantagesRepeats, repeats and more repeats.

"...the repeats. I have been watching Paramount since I got sky (about four years ago) and I have to admit that a lot of the programmes I watched back then are still on today. Cheers, Fraiser, Caroline In The City and Married With Children have been gracing the Paramount Comedy screen for quite a while now, but they are still funny. They’ve also taken Moesha away from Nickelodeon, so if you didn’t get to see the old episodes then this is for you but ..." Read review

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Community Level 2JuliaJolie


Lots of Laughs

Advantages(mostly) fresh line-up, funny shows

Disadvantagessome bad choices that flopped (Stacked, Committed), awful shorts, repeating ad breaks

"Email to Paramount Comedy Channel: Hi, I'd like to register my disgust with you personally, since you've followed the Travelodge/Virgin Atlantic customer service method of being too chicken-arsed to have a telephone number staffed by undersexed clubbing teens. If you're reading past that rather disparaging first sentence, congratulations - your attention span has superceded my own rather generous expectations. Why did I think your attention ..." Read review

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Community Level 2ness888


Paramount Paramount

AdvantagesExtended Hours, more programmes

Disadvantagesrepeats too often and too quickly

"As a shift worker, I appreciate the time to "chill out" and relax, when I'm not surfing around, my TV is almost always on Paramount. Last months move to extending the progamme transmissions was an excellent idea from the Channel, but why do they still insist on having a blank screen from 4.00 am until 9.00 am, don't they think folk would like humour at breakfast! It would certainly make a change from GMTV and the Breakfast Show on BBC. As an avid ..." Read review

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Community Level 1saramch


great daytime viewing

Advantagesfunny, good shows

Disadvantagesalmost all american

"I watch this channel more than I should as I love most of the shows, and during the daytime there isn't much else on and not much but watch TV you can do when you're completely exhausted and breastfeeding a baby who eats every book you try to read when she's awake. There are some really good programmes on this channel - some you know and some you've never heard of. I'm really into Dharma and Greg, and King of Queens. There's also classics like ..." Read review

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Community Level 2sheez


For a laugh

AdvantagesA good range of fantastic comedy

DisadvantagesOnly Sky Digital Viewers can view the full schedule

"...mine. The disappointing aspect being that Paramount only airs 7pm until 4am every night on most TV services where as Sky Digital viewers can watch 9am until 4am every night, this is rather annoying as the price of the channel doesn’t vary distinctly between most TV services but that’s digital TV for you. Paramount recently began showing episodes of the hit channel four sitcom Father Ted proving a great move. Frasier is broadcast most ..." Read review

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Paramount for Comedy

AdvantagesGood classic sitcoms

DisadvantagesToo many repeats

"...IT: It's pretty self explanatory really, Paramount is a comedy channel available via digital satellite and cable. It regularly shows many American sitcoms such as Sex and the City, Frasier and Two and a Half Men as well as repeats of British sitcoms and some standup shows. GOOD POINTS: There are 2 Paramount channels so you can almost always find some good comedy to watch at any time during the day. The schedule is quite varied but always features ..." Read review

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Community Level 5minxette


Bring back Mad About You

AdvantagesNever get bored with it

DisadvantagesOnly broadcasts from 7pm til around 4am-ish

"The Paramount Comedy Channel (Channel 127 on Sky digital) is one of the best channel on the system! It has the best in US comedy, "Cheers", "Roseanne", "Ellen", "Frasier", "Mad About You", "Spin City", "Dharma and Greg" and "Newsradio" to name a few, as well as some really good British comedy; "Who's Line...", "Bob and Margaret", "Drop The Dead Donkey" and "Harry Hill". Of course, they are some drawbacks, namely "Mad About You" only being shown at ..." Read review

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