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Community Level 5wilsam00


Dont Bull im armed with Parkers.

AdvantagesCan find you a real bargain

DisadvantagesPricey, only published monthly.

"When I was buying a used car I was almost %100 relying on this magazine to steer me into finding a good deal, “ more car for your money”. As I was using older cars I was going by the older cars Parkers Guide that my opinion is going to be based on today. Advertisements. These are kept to a minimum there are exactly 3 pages of advertisements which is far from many. Some of the advertisements can be help as they are based on motoring ..." Read review

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Community Level 1McMil321


Calling all nosey parkers

AdvantagesPacked with loads of infor


"For anyone who is intending to purchase a new or used car I would wholeheartedly recommend buying Parkers Used & New Car Chooser. This magazine is produced every couple of months and costs Ģ3.30. A bit steep you might be thinking, but you get a lot for you money, believe me. This magazine is an essential guide to finding the right car and reviews every popular model. It contains a used car buyer's checklist, giving you a detailed list of what you ..." Read review

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Community Level 4zef


Chin Check

Advantageseverything you need in one concise book


"Parkers guide contains listings about all cars ranging from engine size to insurance group to trim level. It is quite essential if you are wanting to buy a new car but don't have your heart set on a particular model you want to choose and check out all aspects. Costing about Ģ3 it seems quite expensive but you only need one around the time you ready to buy. It contains all the relevant informationan on all the cars available and has a lowdown on some ..." Read review

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Community Level 2synchro


Compact and packed with detail

AdvantagesFull of detail for a vast range of cars

DisadvantagesNo pictures

"This is a fantastic pack of car price details that is a boom to the private purchaser. It covers a vast range of cars, and delves into the details of different models, giving fuel consumption, sizes, insurance groups and more. The prices are given for cars in different conditions, and includes a trade estimate. All in all, the best way to get to know what should be paid for a vehicle. It lacks much in the way of pictures, but that really does not ..." Read review

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