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Community Level 8daisyleex


Paul's Boutique Padlock Bag

AdvantagesBig! Stands out from the crowd

DisadvantagesPrice, can't wear over shoulder

"I'd honestly never heard of Pauls Boutique bags until i read an article that mentioned Cher lloyd had one of them, aswell as there bein a picture of her with it. I thought the name was interesting and the bag looked gorgeous and really unique so i had a look online and saw that they were mega expensive! I was skint at the time and although would of loved to buy one, food and bills are more important than a handbag! I'd totally forgotten about the ..." Read review

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Community Level 5beautybabiex


Blend Into The Crowd



"...most girls have heard of Pauls Boutique. Pretty much everyone I know owns one of these bags, whether it be the padlock one I am reviewing (most popular) or the various other styles that they sell. Each bag is very unique, but also very expensive. This particular range is called 'Padlock Polly' and has so many designs to choose from. My personal bag is from the 'Barbie' collection that was limited edition in late 2010. It cost a whopping £80, but ..." Read review

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Community Level 1missdiorable


Why i'll never buy Pauls Boutique again!


Disadvantagespoor value poor quality poor customer service

"...to be holding a funky Pauls Boutique bag - but this is why i'll never buy again!! I ordered myself a lovely bright pink Jackie bag, cute i love PB vest top and a leopard print hoody online at Pauls Boutique.com i couldn't wait for everything to come, How dissappointed i was when they did! The bag that arrived looked awful compared to the lovely pics online the i love PB quilting had all loose threads hanging off everywhere - my customised charm ..." Read review

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Community Level 1krystallos...


Cute bags but not really worth the money

Advantagescute, nice colours, different

Disadvantagespoor quality, zips break, charms fall off

"I have had 3 paul's boutiques handbags so far and not had much luck. i think they are the cutest bags around and come in some fantastic styles and colours but on all 3 bags i have had, the zips have broken, and the charms and little accesories fall off. If this happens, you can send the bag back to them and they will replace it, but when your spending best part of £100 on a bag you would think the quality would be alot better. I have spent ..." Read review

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Community Level 1LozzadyBum


Paul's Boutique Bags, Really High Quality?

AdvantagesLargely sized, Ok quality.


"Although there are wide range of different styles avaliable i still personally feel that to buy one of these bags you need to have a certain taste. In my opinion i see the bags as being funky and different and o i would say they are stylish, however it is important to remember that different people have different tastes and so what i see as being stylish you may see as looking cheap and tacky. However i feel that the bags are deffinately overpriced ..." Read review

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Community Level 1Hattiie10


Pauls Boutique Fabbatyy Fab

AdvantagesDoesnt Ruin Easily


"Pauls Boutique bags are amazing , there nearly designer and even though somepeople think there taky theres a large variatey of bags to choose from so you will be happy, my pauls boutique bag is the blue flowery one. Its lasted me 2 months now and i use it every day for school it hasent ruiened yet, the fabric hasent even torn. The matirial is very good qualitie so i'd say if you have the money and are thinking about buying one its well worth it as ..." Read review

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