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Peggle the way

Advantagessimple, addictive, well designed

Disadvantagesmaybe a tad too expensive for a downloadable version

"...sorting of some kind. '''Game Objective''' In Peggle the object of the game is to shoot a ball into a field of pegs and, using a finite number of balls, remove all the coloured pegs. This simple premise is complicated further by having ‘special balls’ which give you a skill for a few turns. Some skills for instance give you the increased chance of getting more goes, or will make more pegs disappear with each ball. '''Game Origins''' The game Peggle ..." Read review

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Community Level 1jsbc007


How a Unicorn, a Lobster and a Zen Owl can make time fly!!

AdvantagesEasily taken up, simple to play, good for all ages

DisadvantagesSomewhat repetitive/addictive, sometimes seems a little slow

"PEGGLE FOR PC Having had to stop working full-time due to parkinson's I occasionally find that I really am not interested in doing much of anything productive (I get very tired) and because I am keen to keep my mind and fingers nimble I have downloaded a few games for the PC which I have played from time to time. Peggle Deluxe is one of these games… the basic idea is to fire balls out of a moveable cannon and have them ricochet through patterns ..." Read review

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Peggle proves that simple is sometimes better.

AdvantagesHighly addictive, offers value for money, simple but fun gameplay.

DisadvantagesAverage online modes, does lose the addictive-ness after a while.

"...different effects, depending on which Peggle Master (see next paragraph) you are on. The crab adds flippers on the sides in the style of crab pincers and the magic bunny gives you a lucky dip which gives different effects. It may sound boring and that you are not doing much, but it is fun and addictive. There are several 'Peggle Masters' throughout the game. There are five levels for each Peggle Master and each master has a theme. For example, ..." Read review

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Peggle (PC) Also on Xbox Live Arcade.

AdvantagesAmazingly original game. Definitely recommended

DisadvantagesThe Adventure mode is a bit short. If anything its too addictive!

"...are insanely fun to play. Peggle is all three. From the first time you play the game and a Unicorn greets you you know that you aren't going to be bored whilst playing this vibrant and addictive puzzle game. The aim of all the levels is simple. You have a peg board and you have to fire 10 balls at pegs. Each peg that is hit is removed and you are awarded points. The premise is simple but the need for "just one more game" after already playing for ..." Read review

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Peggle (PC)

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