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Pepsi Max Cino - Coffee flavoured Pepsi Review with images

AdvantagesCalorie Free

DisadvantagesArtificial, too sweet, iffy taste

"Pepsi Max Cino ================ It was the call of 'free sample' that made me whirl around from my mad dash to the train. Would it be some more Lloyd Grossman cooking sauces or another cr***y Microsoft handout ? No - it was a nicely chilled small can of the new Pepsi Max Cino (complete with logo napkin). The 'latest' coffee flavoured cola drink. Always up for a new experience, I carried my prize away to the waiting train and started to ..." Read review

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Stick Coffee and Cream Where The Sun Don't Shine

AdvantagesUnusual Taste

DisadvantagesBe better with real sweeteners

"Pepsi Max Cino is a sugar free cola with coffee flavoring, available in shops throughout this land for the same price as other simular soft drinks. Cola with coffee sounds disgusting and before I test it on JD then it has to go through rigorous scientific testing Smell, Taste, Refreshment and burposity must be examined. Smell I have to say the smell is a tad off putting as it does not smell of cola or coffee. If I were to describe it I ..." Read review

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Community Level 3blankfrank


Pepsi with an oh-so-subtle coffee twist.

AdvantagesNot unduly fizzy, subtle coffee taste

DisadvantagesA little too sweet

"...prefer (and have always preferred) Pepsi to Coke, even though I do like the Diet Cherry Coke. And my favourite Pepsi has been Pepsi Max for quite some time (gotta watch those carbs) I took it home, stuck it in my fridge and have just (five minutes ago) cracked the bottle open and tried it.... Packaging: Just the usual Pepsi 2 litre bottle, but the label looks a little classier than the usual Pepsi Max one. Colour: Is it just me or does ..." Read review

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