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Community Level 4joannavos


Give your Cat it's own door key

AdvantagesThey can come and go as they please, unless you deem otherwise!

DisadvantagesNot much use if your cat refuses to wear a collar

"I got my first kitten in May 1997. Lovely fluffy black bundle of joy, with white socks, white bib, white cheeks and large voluptuous white whiskers. At the time I lived in a three storey maisonette without a garden. Normally I would not have got a cat without a garden but the plan was to move within six months or so, to a house with a garden. However, as such plans go, it turned into nearly two years by the time we eventually moved. So we now had ..." Read review

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Community Level 5KathrynE


Freedom For Cats With A Key

Advantagessee op

Disadvantagessee op

"...apology this category is for Petmate and mine is Staywell. I haven't had a lot of response lately when I asked for new things to be added and they all work pretty much the same anyway, so I beg your forgiveness. My catflap is operated by a magnetic "key" which the cats wear attached to their collars. Being the sort of person who unplugs things by accident and forgets to change batteries I figured this would be a better option than an electronic or ..." Read review

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Community Level 6Cazz


could have been designed for my cat

Advantageskeeps your cat safe from bullies, and your home from small intruders

Disadvantagesmore expensive, could be more robust

"...who's a bit of a wimp and doesn't really know he's a cat at all - spending his first few years indoors has meant he's very timid and tends to get the stuffing kicked out of him by other more assertive cats. The one thing he's become very good at is the swift getaway, but in the past this has led to pitched battles in the hall as he is pursued well back in to his own territory. In fact our old cat flap actually broke when one hefty local tom ..." Read review

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Community Level 1jimbob036


Fluffy Approves Electromagnetic Catflap!

AdvantagesCompact collar magnet, sensitive detector, fairly robust design, works with rechargable batteries

DisadvantagesCan be opened by other cats with collar magnets

"...I can wholeheartedly recommend the PetMate electromagnetic version (providing there aren't other cats around with magnetic keys!). ..." Read review

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Community Level 1roryj78


Completely useless


DisadvantagesDoesn't work at all!

"First off this a review of the Pet Mate (or Cat Mate - Pet Mate do Dog Mate, Cat Mate etc...) Electromagnetic cat flap. It comes with 2 magnets for the cat's collars, and the flap has the usual 4 way settings. It is actually electromagnetic, it requires a 9V battery in the flap. The strays came in on the first night of use! Why? Well actually the mechanism is quite strong BUT it only prevents cats from entering the house, it does not prevent any ..." Read review

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Community Level 1dutchlady


Magnet almost killed my cat

AdvantagesEasy to install

DisadvantagesMagnet too large - almost killed my cat

"After five days having the Staywell 30, my cat came to me looking as though she were sick. When I picked her up her mouth was wide open. The large magnet that comes with this flap door was lodged inside her mouth, still attached to her collar. Her paw was cut by her teeth while trying to get it out. I even had a hard time trying to remove it. If I had been at work at this time I am sure the cat would have died. I am very concerned someone else's cat ..." Read review

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pet instant access in and out of your home while
helping to keep stray pets out.The electromagnetic
system works by clipping on an electromagnetic tag
on your cat's collar so when your cat approaches
the flap it will react to the magnet and unlock,
letting your cat in while keeping other pets
out.The 4 way locking allows you to have the flap
fully open, allowing your cat free access, exit
only, entrance only and you can completely lock
the flap too.For wooden doors or panels that have
a thickness of 60mm (2.375inch).Colour: WhiteType:
4 Way LockingDogs To Shoulder Height: 360mm
(14inch)Overall Width: 195mm (7.625inch)Overall
Height: 242mm (9.5inch)Cut Out Width: 168mm
(6.625inch)Cut Out Height: 219mm (8.625inch)Comes
with Cat magnets."

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