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Sounds To Go Review with images

AdvantagesGreat little MP3 Player, Radio, Microphone, 4Gb of Storage

DisadvantagesVolume locked at low level every time you turn the device on

"...her. == What is it? == The Philips GoGear Mix is part of Philips MP3 player range, which has lots of MP3 players at various degrees of storage size, some play videos etc too. The version I am reviewing plays MP3, Wav and WMA files. This product has an inbuilt battery, which means that you just have to plug it into a USB port on a PC/Laptop to charge it, I prefer inbuilt batteries, as it saves having to change batteries all the time. It also has ..." Read review

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AdvantagesSmall, light and portable with good amount of space and reasonable battery power

DisadvantagesCrashes a lot, slow on starting, not great functionality

"Iíve had this mp3 player for around a year now, having saved up some Argos vouchers, basically wanting a player that would store more songs. 4GB was actually a compromise for me, because I wanted to be able to put everything on (I donít have a lot of music, so 8 would have done) but I realised that right now thatís not where my spending priorities lie. As it was, I paid only £3 in actual cash for this little device, which would otherwise have set ..." Read review

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An MP3 player for surviving a perpetual klutz

AdvantagesDurable, reliable, small and easy to use with a great number of ways to play music

DisadvantagesDreadful radio function

"...perfect MP3 player in the Philips GoGear Mix 4GB MP3 Player. The Aesthetics ______________ The Philips GoGear Mix 4GB MP3 Player is a stylish and sleek looking piece of equipment. It is extremely small and light, just marginally bigger than a USB stick and is a nice shiny black colour to suit your inner Goth needs. The main controls along the top of the player (volume and lock/on/off switch) are barely raised above the surface which makes it very ..." Read review

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One of Philips better devices which is music to your ears

AdvantagesClear LCD with easy to use scrolling system and sleak looking

Disadvantagesbad radio reception and a little on the pricey side for my liking

"A while ago my eldest daughter wanted a new MP3 player and began her usual sweet talking towards me in order for me to get her one. But, as I am trying to get her to try and understand money doesnít grow on trees and she has to start using her own money to buy what she wants, I offered to pay half towards it if she saved up the first half. So, a few week later she came back to me with her handful of money and a picture of the MP3 player she wanted. ..." Read review

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Philips GOGEAR = Go get one!

AdvantagesEasy to use; looks stylish; great features; trusted Manufacturer

DisadvantagesNo clip on the back to attached to yourself; No warranty available

"...just over 0.5cm thick Contents: 1 Philips GO GEAR MP3 player; one set of Philips black earphones Charging type: USB (No cable required) Sound Quality: Good with a range of settings Features: Equaliser; Volume control; Backlight display; Shuffle; Album listing Battery Life: Aprox 13hrs Verdict - Fantastic value for money; a brilliant MP3 This is a fantastic value Mp3 player which is so simple to use. Itís small and stylish, perfect for the gym or ..." Read review

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A great little MP3 player for a fraction of the price of an Ipod

AdvantagesEasy to use, quick and simple operation.

DisadvantagesSome people may want more features.

"I was given the 'Philips GoGear Mix SA1MXX04K 4 GB' for my birthday. I used to have an ipod Nano but it broke and was given this as a replacement. To me the quality of the audio output is the most important feature of any mp3 player. I don't care for the games that the ipod's have to offer and never use the video feature. As the 'Philips GoGear Mix SA1MXX04K 4 GB' is available from Amazon at around £40, significantly cheaper than that of the Ipod ..." Read review

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terrible functionality

Advantagessound if you can actually hear it

Disadvantageseverthing else

"No idea why there are good reviews for this product. It has virtually no functionality no ability to skip forward tracks or browse at folder levels and the sound appears to be permanently stuck at a very low level. It is unusable you might aswell listen to the Radio as you have no control over what you listen to.. Oh it hasn't got that either very poor. This has obviously been designed this poor so you pay the extra for the more expensive models, ..." Read review

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"Try It!"

AdvantagesEasy To Use, Great Memory, Great Quality. Good Price

DisadvantagesMostly Just Plays Music, Lacks Other Features

"I've always been a fan of the GoGear series, as they never seem to disappoint. This is no exception. Though I was a bit reluctant to get the upgrade of the VIBE, seeing as I was so satisfied with that, but I was quite satisfied with this purchase. Its simple to use and easy to learn, and makes cycling and organizing your music as easy as one could want. Its also small and compact, and easily able to fit in anyone's pocket and just be carried around, ..." Read review

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A good MP3 player

Advantagesgood battery,good sound

Disadvantagesno Full Sound technology

"...But we all know that Philips is famous for its sounds technology. And it is not a disappointed one . In my feeling,its sound is clearly when you hear vocal musics,and the FM functions is good when I want to hear some radio.After you recharged, you can use more than 20 hours.All softwares are include in it,so that there is no CDs in the pack bag and it is environmental. However,the colorful screen is no use because the menus are in white.The ear ..." Read review

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