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What have you grown a beard? Review with images

AdvantagesShaves well and is a good sturdy unit

DisadvantagesDoes not vacuum and the comb attachment is VERY fiddly to get on

"Philips QT 4045 Vacuum Power No donít get excited I havenít suddenly sprouted a beard however my husband does have one and it seems it is one of my jibs to do the beard and moustache trim every couple of weeks so I am actually the one who manipulates the thing but not on my body so to speak. We had a previous shaver/trimmer but it died from over work so replaced it with this some five years ago now so this one seems to be coping with shaving the ..." Read review

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Community Level 1AmzSingh


Philips Vacum Trimmer

AdvantagesThe Vacum, Great for maintaing stubble, looks good

DisadvantagesLength settings sometimes change, vacum increases noise

"I purchased this trimmer from Argos last year for £30, and it is still going strong. No faults or problems have occured. It has 9 lock in settings. I use it mainly to maintain stubble which it is excellent at however if you have a beard it still works just as effectivley. The best feature which makes it stand out from the rest of the trimmers is the vacum function. It does actually work, which was to my suprise as I thought it would be a bit ..." Read review

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Community Level 1Choppit


Nice one Philips!

AdvantagesCleans up as it goes


"...As I'd been happy with Philips previously I looked around and found that the choice was basically QT4020 or QT4045. At first I was somewhat skeptical about the idea of having a vacuum trimmer, but based on positive reviews I thought I'd give it a try. The idea also appealed to my other half who for some reason isn't a fan of finding the toilet seat covered in beard trimmings so I ordered from Amazon for £27.14. First impression is that unit is noticeably ..." Read review

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Community Level 1mountainman


Now this is a beard trimmer!!

AdvantagesEasy to handle. Excellent length adjustment. Few hairs in the sink.


"This is an excellent piece of kit! I find it very easy to use with a great range of adjustment for length. The cut is selected by means of a ring incorporated in the body of the trimmer which when turned brings the cutting edge nearer or further from the comb. The desired position of which there are nine (1-9) is diplayed on the ring. There is a hair collection chamber which I must admit I thought was a gimmick but I now admit that I am wrong and ..." Read review

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Community Level 1the_didge


Philips QT4045 beard trimmer

AdvantagesDifferent length settings and built in vacuum cleaner.

DisadvantagesDoes not vacuum up all hair clippings.

"...or frequent charging. The Philips QT4045 has been the most reliable beard trimmer that I have tried and I would definitely recommend it to others. ..." Read review

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Community Level 1Jacobowicz

Quick review of Philips QT 4045 Vacuum Power

"Lives up to what it says it does. Just excellence in beard trimmers Having had a beard for over 30 years this must be the best product ever made. I rate this highly and being a fastidious person I cannot find any faults that I can see with this product. Would thoroughly recommend this product to anyone.

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