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Welcome to my torture chamber.

AdvantagesWell if you're into pain....

DisadvantagesThe pain, the rash, the burning.....

"...the updated pink version, the Phillips Satinelle Super Sensitive costs £33.97 from Amazon. ~~~My final words~~~ When my husband bought me this I was initially pleased, however after having tried to use it on more than one occasion, I was left wondering if he had been upset at me when he got it. I find it too painful to use and can only wonder why someone would invent such an instrument of torture. As you can probably guess I'm only recommending ..." Read review

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Hubba hubba Sexy Mama!!!!

AdvantagesSmoothness that lasts the next day...

DisadvantagesNoisy, painful-but its get better I promise, ingrown hairs

"Being of Meditteranean origin I am a self-confessed gorilla-type specimen when it comes to my legs (ooops perhaps I shouldn't be writing this....) so I have been, as a result, obsessively removing the little blighters ever since they started to spurt out profusively after a regretable decision to try shaving my legs (I'm sure my legs wouldn't be so bad if I hadn't started shaving...). I have waxed, sugared, 'Immac'-ed (or should I say 'Veet'-ed now) ..." Read review

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The Enigma of Epilation

AdvantagesGives good results

DisadvantagesIt can hurt like hell

"You spend half your time trying to get rid of it and the rest of the time trying to style, wash it, iron it and spray so much gunk on it that it can’t move. Hair is truly the bane of the modern woman. There are various options to eliminate the ‘enemy’ depending on the type and locality of the hair. Some methods are simple and pain free others are for the insane and sectionable. Options generally come down to: Shaving Waxing Funky Depilatory Creams Cosmetic ..." Read review

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Community Level 5purpledragon


Ouch, OUCH

AdvantagesUmmmm can't think of any

DisadvantagesOuch, pain, ingrown hair

"After all the nicks and cuts I have had on my legs over the last few years I was just about ready for some miracle way of removing hair quickly and without any cuts. I have tried waxing before and firstly it nearly made me pass out with pain (slight exaggeration, but you get my point!) and secondly it was so messy and time consuming. I’ve never tried sugaring so I can’t really comment, but then I read an article on Epilating…dun dun duuuuunnnnn……..so ..." Read review

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Community Level 4alexandrap...


Finale touch to a fine grooming

Advantagesefficient, nice design, good price, excellent work

Disadvantagesnoisy, a bit painful

"I found the way to get rid of these unwanted growing hairs without having to shave every 3 days…there are few technical details to give you an idea: Satinelle from Philips Easy to use Easy to grip Easy to clean 2 speeds Lightweight to fit in the palm of the hand Compact and ergonomic shape About £30 7years ago I have been using the Philips epilator for over 7 years now and I am absolutely thrilled about it. I was a national ..." Read review

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Community Level 4marsden



AdvantagesHairless for up to 4 weeks

DisadvantagesAbsolutely everything else about it!

"...looked on the box – Phillips Satinelle Sensitive it said. ‘Phillips Satinelle Sensitive? I said. And on the back of the box it said this was so. It also said that this is an epilator. I didn’t know what that was. ‘An epilator?’ I said and the box confirmed this was so. Apparently, or so the box said, hairs are gripped between the fast rotating discs and then quickly removed by the root leaving your skin smooth for up ..." Read review

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Community Level 6sarahpervin


Doesn't hurt that much - honest!

Advantageshair regrows slower, easy to use.

Disadvantageshurts a bit.

"I have been threatening to buy an epilator for ages now as I am sick of shaving and waxing is to expensive and painful and saw this one in tescos for £45.00 and it also had a free nivea skin care pack with it containing body scrub, moisturiser and hand cream. So as I’m not one to miss out on a freebie I thought what the hell and picked up my purchase and trotted to the till! So I get home and open the box to investigate further, I have heard a ..." Read review

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Community Level 6water-witch


No pain no gain

AdvantagesSlow regrowth

DisadvantagesIt hurts until you get used to it!

"...little while ago with the Phillips Satinelle. It works off the mains and has 21 rotating discs. It comes with a little loofah pad to exfoliate before you "shave". Do remember to exfoliate as ingrowing hairs are a nuisance and leave you with spotty looking scabs! Nice.It is also really important to thoroughly moisturise the area afterwards. I got mine from Boots and it cost £42.50. It has a smart carrying case and a cleaning brush. As with all Phillips ..." Read review

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Community Level 2nataliegg


Through the pain barrier

AdvantagesLong-lasting hair removal

DisadvantagesIngrowing hairs

"I was fed up with shaving and the stubble two days later. So I decided on an epilator- the joy!!! I'll never have to buy expensive waxing kits ever again! Well, reality (otherwise known as pain) soon hit me in places I never knew nerves existed! I am not making this up: The first few times you use the epilator on an area you haven't used before, it is agony. ***The Good News *** You get used to it pretty quickly, and the more you use it ..." Read review

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Community Level 5jpass


Painful but worthwhile

AdvantagesFast and effective, hair regrows slowly


"My Philips Epilator finally gave up the ghost last night. I cannot remember when I bought it so that must mean I have had it for a good few years. I was extremely disappointed because I had set aside some time last night to de-hair myself ready for the weekend and my plans were interrupted by this unhappy event. I tried my best to fix it, but one of the cogs inside the head had wore right down, so I have convinced myself that it is time for a new ..." Read review

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Community Level 2rachels101


Ouch, Beauty is pain

Advantagesno stubble

Disadvantagesouch! It hurts :(

"I bought the Phillips satinelle sensitive epilator about a month ago. Id tried the creams, waxing and shavers but never been totally satisfied. When I first looked at the epilator I scared myself to death! This noisy instrument of torture was going to yank out my hairs at the root!! Actually its not as bad as I anticipated. It needs to be plugged into the mains, it was £42.50 in Boots, comes with a little hand held loofah to help prevent ingrown hairs ..." Read review

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Community Level 2Arls0308


Satinelle HP6443 Epilator

AdvantagesCheaper in the long run than waxing, don't have to wait for hairs to grow

DisadvantagesIngrowing Hairs!!!

"I’d been deliberating whether to buy an epilator for a while as I have my legs waxed, but got fed-up with having to wait until my hairs had grown back long enough to go and have them re-waxed, which inevitably meant wearing trousers or thick black tights for 2 weeks. The main thing I baulked at was the price - could I justify spending nearly £50 on something that may not work, may hurt and that would end up gathering dust in the bottom of the wardrobe ..." Read review

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Community Level 2Moneypenny


No pain, no gain

AdvantagesRemoves short hairs, don't need to buy expensive blades or shaving gels

Disadvantagesnoisy (sounds frightening), can be painful the first few times you use it

"If you're tired of trying to find a way to keep your legs hair free then go for the Philips Satinelle epilator. For years, I've shaved, waxed, sugared, shaved again and have still been so frustrated with it all. I bought the Satinelle epilator as it claims to remove hair and keep your legs hair free for up to 4 weeks and I'm still happy with it. I won't lie and tell you that it doesn't hurt because it does. However, it doesn't hurt half as much ..." Read review

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Community Level 3lipgloss


it's worth the getting used to

Advantagessmoother legs, quick, convenient

Disadvantagesvery painful and odd to start with

"...a discount offer on the phillips Satinelle Sensitive, and went for it! I'm glad I did. It's like a lot of new inventions (ie- sonicare toothbrush, see my sister's ("nomad") review on it under electric toothbrushes) it takes some patience to get used to. Now I can epilate with the minimum of discomfort. When i first tried it it was agony, but i was determined to give it time, and make it work for me. I didn't want to take advantage of the money back ..." Read review

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Community Level 2BlueDruid


Good strong epilator - no pain no gain!

Advantagesvery smooth finish, long lasting, nice extras thrown in

Disadvantagesthe usual pain! noise

"This epilator looks nice and gentle, includes an exfoliator pad, and a little brush for helpful cleaning. However, if you ever think you are going to have painless hair removal by ripping the hairs out at the root then you will have to think again! Of course it is very painful and I still cannot epilate my legs without tears coming to my eyes. I suppose it depends on your skin type though, mine is quite sensitive and I do tend to use sensitive skin ..." Read review

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