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Pig DOESN'T go pop! Review with images

AdvantagesGood fun for little ones, Simple rules, Educational aspect (includes numbers & requires counting)

DisadvantagesNot what we expected and not half as exciting as advertised! A couple of other small issues...

"Pig Goes Pop is a childrens game that my daughter had seen advertised on television last year and put it on her Christmas list. The game is made by Drumond Park, is suitable for 2-6 players and the age recommendation is 4+ years. The game is not suitable for children under 3 years due to small parts. ===Inside The Box=== The game comes inside quite a large sized cardboard box with a bright cartoon picture of the game on the front (and a small ..." Read review

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Pig Goes Pop

AdvantagesFun and quick to play

DisadvantagesDoesn't always work consistently

"...The game continues until the pig goes ‘pop’. You know when this has happened as its arms fly open and the white coat the pig is wearing pops open too (you have to do the coat up at the beginning of the game). The one who makes the pig go pop is the loser. The idea of the game is quite fun, but for me it doesn’t quite come off. We generally play the game with between 2 and 4 players and sometimes my son plays it with friends when they come around. ..." Read review

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Did The Pig Just Pop??? Review with images

AdvantagesI can't think of any advantages for this game

DisadvantagesDidn't pop like it did on the advert, didn't live up to the expectations

"...game is to feed the pig burgers and whoever feeds the pig the burger that causes his stomach to explode, loses the game. The game consists of one large plastic pig, dressed in a chefs outfit, four red, four, yellow, four green and four purple coloured burgers, and one die with coloured sides. There are only four coloured burgers, so on the other two sides of the die are a miss a turn side, and a pick any coloured burger side. To play the game the ..." Read review

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Community Level 6Shortsharp...


Pig more of a letdown than a Pop

AdvantagesColourful, educational, no set up or batteries!

DisadvantagesThe pig doesn't pop!

"...A huge and colourful plastic pig is dressed as a chef with a jacket buckled across his portly midriff. Each player takes turns to roll a coloured dice which decides which colour plastic burger you put in his mouth. Each burger has a number from 1-4 on it which tells the player how many times you press on his head inflating his stomach. The game continues until the belly inflates enough for his jacket to pop open in a similar vein to the buck in _Buckaroo_. ..." Read review

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Pop Goes The Pig Review with images

Advantagesno batteries required

Disadvantagesa few design flaws make it slightly too expensive

"Pig Goes Pop is a game that I wouldn’t have thought of choosing off the shelf in the shop to begin with. We were given the game as a gift, and despite wondering what the purpose of the game was initially, we have realised there is more to this game than you may first think. Inside the box, you have Mr Pig, all dressed up in his chef outfit holding his cooking utensils. There is a set of sixteen coloured plastic burgers that each has a different number ..." Read review

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Drumond Park Pig goes pop, N/A

Drumond Park Pig goes pop, N/A

Drumond Park Pig goes pop. Feed the pig and watch him get bigger until... POP! How many ... more

burgers can you feed him in this tense and
thrilling game? This hilarious and exciting game
features a tubby pig chef, and four colourful sets
of four mini burgers....

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Postage & Packaging£3.00
Availabilityrefer to website
Ideal Pig Goes Pop

Ideal Pig Goes Pop

Manufacturer: John Adams Leisure Ltd

Postage & PackagingFree!
AvailabilityNot yet released
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Pig Goes Pop

Pig Goes Pop

It's tense, it's thrilling, it's hilarious - Pig Goes Pop is an action kids game that's ... more

bursting with fun. Each player takes a turn to
pick a burger and feed the pig as his tummy
steadily grows until he's ready to burst - if his
growing guts pop open h...

Postage & Packaging£3.95
Availabilityrefer to website
Drumond Park Pig Goes Pop

Drumond Park Pig Goes Pop

This greedy chef loves gorging on burgers, but there's only so many he can scoff before ... more

Pig Goes Pop! Players take turns to feed the tubby
pig a burger before pumping his head to make his
tummy grow bigger and bigger. Eventually his belt
will buckle un...

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