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Chicklit romance masquerading as crime fiction

AdvantagesIf you like to read Jackie Collins this could suit you

Disadvantagespredictable plotting, one dimensional characterisation, poor writing style

"Having selected this novel from a pile of offerings by this author, I wish I had bothered to read the introduction before checking it out of the library. It begins like this: “Okay, if this is the first book of mine you’re going to try, stop now. Return it. Grab another. It’s okay. I’ll wait.” Coben goes on to explain that he wrote the book 20 years ago and has not edited it since. He states that it is flawed and implies that it is rather poorly ..." Read review

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Play Dead, a Dangerous Game!

AdvantagesDespite the author's warning, a great read!

DisadvantagesNot as sharp as following novels from the author

"...readers may like to return Play Dead to the bookshelf and select an alternative novel! He openly admits that this, his very first novel, has it's flaws but says that he loves the book. The author also explains that he has often taken characters and events from 'Play Dead' and incorporated them into other novels, something I did indeed spot as I read, having previously read some of his other books. In my opinion, 'Play Dead' is the best novel I have ..." Read review

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A very raw Coben thriller full of holes

AdvantagesFast and easy to read

DisadvantagesFull of holes and in serious need of editing

"Acclaimed thriller writer Harlan Coben opens this book by stating that this is an earlier work of his and as such is raw. He himself looked at it well after the fact and decided it was considerably substandard when compared to his other works, but that we should bear this in mind when reading it. Just as well he said this, as it was a haphazard thriller that is predictable and full of holes, and in sore need of editing. Coben's thrillers usually ..." Read review

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Playing The Long Game

AdvantagesEasy enough to read, a few twists, easy to visualise scenes

DisadvantagesToo drawn out in parts, elements of cliche, weak ending

"I've read and reviewed a few Coben novels now and consider him to be one of my favourite authors. Unfortunately, because this was one of his far earlier pieces, it doesn't have the same flair as the rest of what I've read and so it's not really one I'd recommend. Upon opening the book I noticed an introduction to the book itself that was written by Coben. He tells us not to read this if it's the first book of his we've ever picked up; It was written ..." Read review

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Community Level 3splendid23


Not the best from Coben

AdvantagesGood summer beach read

DisadvantagesPreposterous plot

"The synopsis of the story is quite simple. Laura Ayars, ex-model now successful business woman, has it all including the perfect basketball playing husband. Until he mysteriously dissappears on their honeymoon. The police believe David Baskin (sport super hero) drowned. Did he commit suicide or is there something more sinister behind David Baskin's disappearance? Laura begins to dig deeper and discovers a past that will destroy her family and tear ..." Read review

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