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A soul of silver.

AdvantagesMany that are hard to sum up into words.

DisadvantagesNot easy to start a new game.

"...demand for the remakes of pokemon games. Leaf Green and Fire Red introduced the original legacy of Red, Blue and Green that turned into a worldwide franchise. Pokemon Yellow came out after the success of three games, and then Gold and Silver came into the scene that introduced us to more pokemon. At the time Pokemon still had the slogan, "gotta catch 'em all", but after the generations of games gone by they've eventually dropped the slogan. Many ..." Read review

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Community Level 2davedave135


The best Pokemon game to date

AdvantagesA great re-make of a classic game. Improved graphics, gameplay and longevity. New features.

DisadvantagesStill can't catch them all. Takes weeks to complete.

"...the Gameboy Colour originals of Pokemon Gold and Silver. As soon as the game loads you know you're in for a much smoother, polished and more aesthetically pleasing experience than before. The colours are superb, the touchscreen integration is innovative and time saving, and the general feel of the game is more contemporary from the moment you turn it on. They have achieved all of these improvements, and yet have retained the nostalgic feel of the ..." Read review

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Community Level 2pinkwriter...


Great Successor To An Engaging Series

Advantagesfeels time, great for children, great value for money, endless


"Pokemon Soul Silver, at last a Pokemon game with more than one playable region on the Nintendo DS. Pokemon Soul Silver is a game in the pokemon series, one of the best games for children if about six up. Pokemon is a world where you can catch and befriend creatures called 'pokemon', there are many different ones each with names and they can even make eggs which hatch into the first generation of the pokemon. Yes there can be more than one generation ..." Read review

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Community Level 1Duggie07


A Poké-walk down memory lane!

AdvantagesAs always, the dialogue. Cell-animation graphics. General adventure

DisadvantagesSame fight scene-style (when o when will the pokemon actually perform the move?!?)

"...out a revamped version of Pokemon Silver for the DS, I first asked the question "Why haven't they re-done the older one's first" but then I remembered once I started playing this how much better the storyline was to the previous games. First of all, you get a real classy opening sequence which then shows Lugia in a form which can only be described as like seeing the pokemon on Pokemon Stadium (Yes my friend. THATS how good the graphics are!). Then ..." Read review

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Keeps you VERY Busy

AdvantagesMassive Game World that you Won't Want to Leave

DisadvantagesPerhaps there's too much to do. I can't complete it can you?

"Pokemon Soul Silver makes you remember why you love pokemon and is an excellent start for new players. This is no generic rehash, this is a whole new game with over double the content of the original. This game is absolutely huge! I can probably never hope to finish it but I'll die trying. The main campaign is lengthy due to the inclusion of two regions and 16 gym badges to earn. There are also many side quests throughout the game and nintendo is ..." Read review

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Community Level 1Jayj4


An Amazing Nostalgic Experience!!!

AdvantagesGood Remake, Good music, Excellent Features.

DisadvantagesPokewalker is kind of pointless

"...nostalgic, as I had played Pokemon Silver before. The storyline was of course the same however they had added a few extra features which made this game quite remarkable, and therefore definitely one of the best Pokemon games so far. For example one of the new features are that Pokemon follow you around, now I found this quite amazing and it reminded me of Pokemon Yellow, when Pikachu followed you. I recommend this game to anyone who has played Pokemon ..." Read review

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Community Level 1gsorby


Pokémon SoulSilver: An awesome SIlver ReMake! Review with images

AdvantagesLongevity, Graphics, 3D features, Music, Maps

DisadvantagesExpensive, Too many Battles (in my opinion), Same music used for caves

"When SoulSilver came out in Japan, I gave it a try, and even in Japanese I found it so occupying. I kept saying to myself 'I've gotta stop now, otherwise it'll be boring when I play it in English'. But the problem is, I couldn't stop! I completed it in a week, and thought it was a great game. They made new trainers, new sprites and the gym leaders and elite four were well thought out too! In my opinion, I thought that the Elite Four re-matches were ..." Read review

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Community Level 1Carly21st


Yep, pokemon is still going strong!

AdvantagesYou can trade pokemon from diamond, pearl and platinum

DisadvantagesThe game still looks very 2D

"...been thirteen years, in 1997 pokemon first made it's appearance in the UK and our generation was hooked! At first it was gotta catch'em all with red and blue which at the time was 150 (151 including mew) but as the years went by we got yellow, gold, silver and crystal, ruby and sapphire, diamond and pearl and goodness knows what else and the number of pokemon you had to catch got higher and higher. So here we are with the re-make of gold and silver; ..." Read review

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Community Level 1blackrecon97


Should i catch em all again

Advantagespoke walker, graphics, new pokemon, badges

Disadvantagessame old classic pokemon music

"...soul silver is the best pokemon game so far because you can achieve more badges and there is loads of legendary pokemon which i like hunting down and catching. It is a simple but very good game and is one of my favourites. I like the new pokemon they have added and it reminds me of when i was really young and had pokemon silver playing on my gameboy advance. The poke walker feature is an amazing idea and i love it because i was going to play golf ..." Read review

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Community Level 1Precast


Pokemon - Now and Forever

AdvantagesImmersive, massive, You'll keep coming back long after the endgame

DisadvantagesSlow to build momentum, the grind of Leveling your party

"If you ever played any Pokemon game, you've played this too, and by that I dont mean you've played the orginal silver version. All the pokemon games that have been released on any of the Gameboy systems have been essentially the same game [with the exceptions being Pokemon snap, Pokemon Mystery dungeon and Pokemon pinball; all fantastic games in their own right.] pick a starter Pokemon; choose from fire, water or grass. Your rival for this incarnation ..." Read review

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Community Level 1zelda5300


Fantastic Fun - Classic Pokemon

AdvantagesFun, long, and exciting


"Pokemon is an absolutely classic franchise and this game keeps up what been going on since the very first games for the gamecube. This game is user friendly, with a fun story line and extensive play time, so you will be battling those pesky monsters for hours on end. A specifically unique and enjoyable aspect to this game is that it also includes the Pokewalker, which allows you to bring specific pokemon with you and rewards you with such things as ..." Read review

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