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Community Level 1clotheshor...


An excellent, classic product.

AdvantagesCheap, moisturising, gentle,

DisadvantagesThe general product image, which makes this product seem a bit boring.

"...me for not considering using Ponds earlier on in my life- in my head (and probably in many other people's heads as well), I saw Ponds as an old-fashioned product which probably wouldn't work (because it's so cheap) and assumed it was favoured by older people who are stuck in the same skincare routine as they were 20 years ago. How wrong I was. It's a brilliant cleanser. I have sensitive skin which occasionally produces the odd spot here and there, ..." Read review

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Community Level 5Maddi69


The name's Pond

AdvantagesCleanses really well

DisadvantagesCan be too greasy for some

"...Liz Taylor. My mother used Ponds on her skin and it is a well established and renowned brand affiliated with Elida Faberge. We have never had cause to complain but should you want to those Pondlife (hahaha) can be found at; FREEPOST, Admail 1000, London, SW1A 2XX or telephone them on 0800591720 or write to them at: Consumer Bureau, Freepost, Leeds, LS14 2YT The packaging is simple and distinct in a white plastic jar with the name and emblem ..." Read review

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Community Level 1linds127


Surprisingly good for problematic skin!

AdvantagesGreat for sensitive but spot prone skin, cheap, fairly pleasant to use

DisadvantagesNot the most trendy or aesthetically pleasing product

"...the same application/removal technique with Ponds Cold cream did wonders for the skin. At only around £2.50 for a jar of Ponds and roughly £4.00 for a big pack of muslin squares from Boots, I thought I may as well give it a go before shelling out for the Eve Lom cleanser. Skin Type - I had great skin until about a year ago when I began to get acne type spots in certain areas (red, stayed under the surface for ages, left a little purplish scar). ..." Read review

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Community Level 2thrilleris...


Not a very exciting product (or review).

Advantagesnice size, removes makeup well

Disadvantagessmell,leaves face a tad greasy

"...1918. My first experiences with the Ponds brand were as a little girl watching television commericals. I remember one had big white swinging French doors. They would open, and you would see lots of dark-haired beautiful women walking around in what (to me) looked like a ballroom. In the middle of a ballroom there was a large fountain. An announcer would say something about the "International Ponds Institute", and the commercial would close with ..." Read review

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Ponds Cold Cream so versatile!

Advantagesprice, versatile, gentle yet deep cleansing

Disadvantagesa little too greasy for very oily skin perhaps

"To begin with, my skin is quite oily in nature although I do experience dry patches around my eyebrows as well and can be very difficult to get the right balance of not too greasy but not too stripping and harsh either. In my opinion, this is truly a real gem when it comes to wanting clean, nourished, but not overly oily skin. I first used it to take off stage make up as my mother suggested it would be better than a more lightweight cleanser aimed ..." Read review

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Community Level 1hannaheliz...


The perfect budget cleanser for all skin types!

AdvantagesThoroughly cleanse leaving skin velvet to touch, it's purse friendly, it smells lovely, perfect!

DisadvantagesGlass jar was a bit awkward for a butter fingers like me!

"...few. I had heard of ponds cold cleansing cream before but thought it was a bit old lady for me, and sitting amongst the pretty pots in boots it looked a little bland. But I was short on cash and ran out of cleanser so i though "What's the harm, its not like it could make my skin worse!" So I followed the instructions on the back, you smooth it on with your fingers and then wipe gently with either cooton wool or a warm flannel. I did both gently ..." Read review

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Community Level 1serena89


Truly cleansing, leaves your skin soft and feeling GREAT!

AdvantagesGreat cleanser, smells amazing, nice new packaging, can be used as mask too

DisadvantagesPeople with oily skin MAY not find it as effective

"When it comes to my skin, I'm always worried about what I use because of its ability to dry out SO QUICKLY! So, I wanted a cleanser that wouldn't dry out my skin and would take good care of it. After hearing Kylie Minogue uses 'Pond's Cold Cream' to look after her skin, I thought why not? Her skin looks amazing, especially for her age, and it's reasonably priced- what do I have to lose? Pond's recently changed their packaging, putting the cream ..." Read review

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Saved my skin

AdvantagesTakes off even waterproof make up as well as moisturising and soothing irritable skin.

DisadvantagesThe product is contained within a jar and perhaps would be better in a single dispenser (tube)

"Throughout my life, I have always suffered with terrible skin. I have had acne and eczema since my early teens and everything I tried made it worse. Products advertised gave false promises of clearing acne only irritated my skin more and encouraged the number of spots I had. Other creams and cleansers to help eczema, left my skin feeling heavy and greasy and resulted in difficulties applying make up. This product was recommended to me by Grandmother, ..." Read review

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Community Level 1chekcherry


Ponds Cream Cleanser

AdvantagesGreat cleanser for winter time

DisadvantagesCan get a bit too oily for certain skin types

"...one type. Recently when Ponds introduced their cleanser in the same packaging as their famous creams (that they have been selling since ages), I was tempted to buy the green white jar. Ponds was known to me as a trademark for thick facial and cold creams. They later also came up with the cleansing products like cloths and pore cleansers. This magnificent cream cleanser is a cold cream and a cleanser in one package. The jar is a classic ponds' ..." Read review

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Community Level 1Bexy75


Pond's Cold Cream Cleanser

AdvantagesGreat cleanser, works deep down and leaves skin feeling so smooth

DisadvantagesHas an old fashioned image which may put people off but its great!

"I thought this would be really thick and gloopy but it was the best cleanser I have tried in a long time. My skin hasn't felt really cleansed for ages, since I've been using wipes but after using Pond's cleanser my skin feels so smooth and moisturised and it removes all trace of make up - even tough mascara. I was so pleased with it, I'm converted. My Gran would be so proud that we use the same product! I've trried it with water and cotton wool ..." Read review

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Community Level 1Sula1


A Cream for a Lifetime!

AdvantagesExcellent cleanser which does not irritate the eyes.Very mild and gentle

DisadvantagesMay be slightly greasy for those with oily skin

"I have used Pond's Cold Cream Cleanser for more than twenty years and have found it to be the mildest and gentlest cleanser I have ever used. It does not irritate your eyes as some cleansers do, and it leaves your skin feeling clean and refreshed. For those of us with a drier skin, it leaves the surface of your skin smooth and does not require the application of a night cream. It doesn't have much of a smell, but is quite fresh. It is good value ..." Read review

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Ponds Cold Cream

Ponds Cold Cream

Ponds Cold Cream is a rich and smooth facial cleanser that cleans deep down to the pores ... more

without drying your skin. It's gentle and
effective action leaves your skin soft, smooth and
radiantly clean. The whole range is lanolin-free
and dermatologically ...

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Ponds Cold Cream Cleanser 50ml

Ponds Cold Cream Cleanser 50ml

Ponds Cold Cream Cleanser is a rich facial cleanser that cleans deep down without drying ... more

your skin.

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Ponds Skincare Cold Cream Cleanser 50ml
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Pond's Ponds Cold Cream 50ml

Pond's Ponds Cold Cream 50ml

Ponds Cold Cream. Cleansing softening cream. Cleanses without drying. For all skin types. ... more

A rich facial cleanser that cleanses deep down
without drying your skin. Its gentle yet effective
action leaves your skin soft, smooth and radiantly
clean. The de...

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