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Community Level 5wendybull


Cheaper to Talk - Not write letters!

AdvantagesGood Deals

DisadvantagesNo Monthly DD

"...telephone provider from BT to Post Office Homephone. I have to be honest and say the initial reason for the swap was purely for financial gain, as there was some cash back involved from a well know cash back site, however I have now been with Post Office for four months and I have to say, I am very happy. The swapping process was extremely easy and I actually completed the transfer on line, simply entering my details and phone number and requesting ..." Read review

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Terrible company

Advantagesno advantages

Disadvantagesterrible customer service,they are rude and ignorant

"...found the advisors at the Post office home phone very rude and ignorant from start to finish, also I found them very uncoperative and unhelpful and if they say a manager is going to ring you back, don't expect anything because they do NOT ring back, I am so pleased I am leaving them because it's been one dreadful disaster. My advice stay way clear because of the dreadful service which I need to add is they hang up on you for no apparent reason and ..." Read review

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Community Level 1deviant1000

Quick review of Post Office HomePhone

"Was with Post Office Home Phone for approximately 12 months and can't fault them for price. Price is one thing but in my experience their customer service really left a lot to be desired, I received two bills during my time with them, they failed to take monthly installments and even forgot to close my account after I left, still not closed after 12 months with another provider. Now I'm left with Red Letter demands for a service I no longer have and customer service have still not finalised the account after being asked to. Don't expect a speedy response from emails either, they took three months just to say that they had been having issues downloading mail from their customer service inbox. All in all its poor show! Not Recommended.

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Community Level 2Bojack


Cheap, with no minimum tie-in contract period.

AdvantagesNo contract!


"...set us up with The Post Office for our landline, because we had enough of our 12 month marriage to Virgin Media, with their high prices and poor customer service. The Post Office seemed a good option, simply because there was no contract and their prices seemed reasonable (although a BT contract is cheaper, with free 0870 etc. numbers). In conjunction, we got our broadband with Be*, who offer a tiny three month contract and we were pretty pleased ..." Read review

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Community Level 1DRAGEE


Cheaper, but terrible when they won't process payments!

AdvantagesCheap, but you get what you pay for.

DisadvantagesDon't want to let me pay my bills!

"I went with the post office home phone as they were the cheapest line rental on a price comparison website. However they seem totally unable to process any payments I made, whether I sent a cheque, phoned and gave my card details, or set up a standing order! they also seem to have no customer service software as every time I called they had no record of my previous call. Despite trying to pay my bills promptly, often I would try and give them my money ..." Read review

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Community Level 1sarahr138

Quick review of Post Office HomePhone

"I changed to Post Office Home Phone & out of 4 bills 3 have been incorrect. I have at the moment had my service suspended due to a previous bill not being paid, which actually was paid and i contacted them to tell them this which they agreed and said i should not have received the letter but 6 days later i still cant make any calls out and my service is suspended. When i phoned them they said i would have to wait 3 months until the next bill was raised to get my service back.

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Community Level 1Aussiegurl

Quick review of Post Office HomePhone

"Sales rep seemed helpful...but this was just a mask to his total incompetence to even put my order through the system properly! Waited the advised two weeks for the engineer to arrive to be told that he wasnt booked and it would be a further two weeks!!! And that's provided they get it right the second time round. What USELESS IDIOTS!! Was also advised there was no way of knowing of the stuff up until the customer called them. How helpfull!! Couldnt be more frustrated. Staff spoken to after this discovery were uninterested and basically couldnt care less.

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Community Level 1farquar


Post Office Homephone and Broadband and the Ombudsman OTELO

AdvantagesCheap sign up offers make it attractive

DisadvantagesZero customer service, long waiting times, no response to letters, fail to set up DD's

"...negative comments here about the Post Office Homephone and Broadband, it has taken me three years to sort out the mess they created. I wont go into a long story, but the crux was that they had messed up everything and especially the direct debit time and time again, the discounts were not applied (friends & family and for paying by direct debit), so ultimately I owed them money but they never took the payments and never sent a bill for 6 months, ..." Read review

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Community Level 1joanallen40


Post Office landline

Advantagescheap and free calls

Disadvantagesnone that i have found

"I joined post office last year (2007) I was previously with talktalk and found that they was charging me alot and i only wanted the line for my broadband. Someone suggested the post office to me as they was quite cheap and had a good customer service. When I had been with them for 3 months I was informed by talktalk that my account was going back to them, even though I hadnt requested it, I phoned the post office customer services and they was really ..." Read review

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Community Level 1Dasborg


Home Phone.

AdvantagesSorry, Can't think of one.

DisadvantagesPoor Product Description. Bad Advice. Poor Customer Services

"I signed up to the post office less than one month ago (July 2008). I have trawled through the Internet looking for Home Phone only (Evening and Weekends). There were several on offer at the time and based on "Heard Of Them" I went with thghe Post Office. On the site there was an Offer of 9.99 if you take the Direct Debt option. I did and I proceeded through the sign up giving them all my details including the direct debt. In August (2008) I received ..." Read review

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Community Level 1Anyar


Post Office Home Phone


DisadvantagesMake promises which they do not keep. Incompetent. Inefficient

"...the incompetence and inefficiency of Post Office Home Phones. I left them on 16th June but on 9 July I was sent a bill which included line rental to 9 October. I have made many phone calls and every time I am told my final bill is processed and a refund should be with me within 2 weeks - that was way back in August. As I write I am waiting for Customer Complaints department to ring me back - the person who was supposed to be ringing me was on a break ..." Read review

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Disadvantagespayiny for other peoples calls

"...the teck team at the post office who were not helpful also when asking about r bill they wouldnt tell us and also they have tried to fiddle r bill saying when we had people using r phone line and hacking into it they were going to charge us for changing r number even tho we had range the TELEPHONE PREFRENCE SERVICE who told us some one eles was using r line but the post office wouldnt listen we r now going to get rid of r phone line and broadband ..." Read review

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