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Community Level 4Jaxle



AdvantagesGood range of features; Free; Very useful

DisadvantagesLimited Support

"...has at least heard of Post-it Notes (you know – those little yellow sticky things that can be used to jot down anything that you’ll need reminding of later). In fact, the old Post-it note has become as much a part of the modern office as that tacky plastic desk-tidy you keep in the corner and continually forget to remove (maybe that’s just me!) Often people used to stick these all around their monitor, and I guess that’s how the software version came ..." Read review

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Community Level 3Mojoly


Still tying knots in hankies?

AdvantagesAmazingly simple | Free

DisadvantagesDesktop can get messy

"I used to have Post-it notes stuck all around the edges of my screen – both at work and at home – now I have Post-it notes on my desktop. I downloaded Post-it Software Notes –Lite free from the 3m.com website. There are more sophisticated versions available, but you have to pay for them, and the Lite version suits my simple needs which are to stick up little reminders to myself. The download did not take long, but I have Broadband. The .exe ..." Read review

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Community Level 3Tortenmann


The greatest Thing in the world!!!

AdvantagesVery usefull, you cna order by date, hide, and do all sorts with the notes.

DisadvantagesWell, they are free, but thats not bad, ahh, help is not too good either.

"Post it notes are probably the most annoying things in the world, they always fall off and you loose them all the time. I wanted to look for some software that would let me Stick virtual post it notes around the screen, and I found this piece of brilliant software. I decided to go for the lite edition, it was both free and I didn’t want anything too big, this one was very small. This one had minimal features, compared to the standard and other ..." Read review

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Community Level 1VALTHEPAL



AdvantagesGreat for the memory


"I found a really cool download that beats anything that I have had before. I have diaries but I always forget to look in them for appointments. I have had all kinds of notebooks and things but at the end of the day I have a terrible memory, so this find was a real treasure. TO FIND IT You go into Goodle and type 3M Post It Notes Download and look what Google comes up with and very soon you will be half way there. Follow the link and it takes ..." Read review

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