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Who Sold You This, Then

AdvantagesBig savings in gas consumption

DisadvantagesOnly costs in if you have reason to change boiler. Cost of spares demands a maintenance contract!

"...I duly did. WHAT WE BOUGHT The Potterton Envoy has a neat wall-cupboard sized casing, and can have a side- or rear-exit flue which is fan assisted. To look at this diminutive boiler and think it heats a 4-bedroom house would not have been credible a few years ago. The hole for the flue can be cut in one shot, by the installer, without the need for messy chiselling and with minimal dust. INSTALLATION Then the fitters turned up. “Who told ..." Read review

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It is good, for a while at least

Advantagessmall, economic

Disadvantagesif it goes wrong, it really goes wrong!

"From an engineers point of view, this is a boiler to be feared! It's fine when it's going, apart from the slight unusual whining noise from the combustion fan, and it's size allows it to be hidden by a kitchen cupboard. When I worked for British Gas, we had two of them on a three star contract. I new both the owners quite well, I was there so often! One guy gave me bottles of lager every time I went there! The other split it's heat exchanger, ..." Read review

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pottertons nightmare

AdvantagesAdvantages? I can't think of any! I suppose they work ok when they're new

DisadvantagesIt's a condensing boiler,there is not a good condensing boiler boiler on the market and because of the way they work,there won't be one

"...boiler design was bought by Potterton from Germany I'm led to believe and it's the worst thing the Germans have done to us since beating us on penalties! Whoever designed this had no thought for the engineers who would work on them or the poor consumer who got to know their service engineer very well. This is a terrible design,is always leaking and frequently failing.Condensing boilers will not last as long as a conventional non-condensing boiler. ..." Read review

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