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Gina Ford Gets It Right

AdvantagesWell laid out and easy to understand routine

Disadvantages7 days doesnt take into account possible preparation stage

"Potty training is one of those inevitable events when you have children, sooner or later you have to do it. Christopher was my first child and I had no idea how to start potty training him. My mum was very old school in her approach and believed he should have started training at a year old, however he was a slow developer and wasn't even walking at that point, he certainly wasn't able to string together a sentence or tell me he needed to wee. So ..." Read review

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Community Level 2lollyparker


Potty Prison - Length of Service - 1 week!

AdvantagesYou can read it in an afternoon

DisadvantagesIt might not work first time round!

"Potty Training in One Week This little gem of a book was written by author Gina Ford, who also wrote "The Contented Little Baby Book". Gina Ford has over 20 years experience working as a maternity nurse all over the world for all kinds of people, from lawyers and bankers to newspaper editors and pop stars. She now runs a maternity consultancy service for parents. I have never felt the need to buy any of these self-help books before, as being ..." Read review

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Community Level 1Aughrafilly


buy this, it works.

AdvantagesIt works

Disadvantagesa small book, but could be smaller

"...help when it comes to potty training. I have potty trained my first two children using this method. it did take slightly over a week in both cases (9 and 11 days) but that was probably due to my lack of commitment and the presence of a 4month old baby rather than a fault of the method. Gina Ford gives practical advice which obviously comes from a wealth of experience on the run up to potty training, when to start, rewards and above all the reassurance ..." Read review

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Community Level 1u761826


Potty Training in One Week

AdvantagesQuick to read, and it does seem to work .

DisadvantagesHard to follow the advice rigidly if you have a busy lifestyle, or older children.

"A very readable and enjoyable book. The book contains a list of signs that a toddler is ready to be trained; a stage-by-stage process to follow; a number of case-studies; a section on how to deal with special cases like twins, or particularly stubborn children; and finally a comprehensive series of question and answers. The advice seems very sensible. If followed to the letter, I'm sure the suggested process may well work with most children within ..." Read review

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Community Level 1bowbow


gina ford potty trained in one week

Advantagessmall quick and easy to read it really works

Disadvantagesit is so practical you fell stupid for not doing thee things befor

"...when you should introduce the potty an explains clearly what signs you should be looking out for and stresses that when mother in laws say that there little darling was trained by the time they were one it was really them that was trained to put them on the potty every so often . she continues to explain stage by stage what prep you should be doing it realy is very simple and she does it without being condesending and making ..." Read review

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