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A Pregnancy Pill Diamond review

AdvantagesEnsuring you get the right amount of vitamins needed for pregnancy, easy to take

DisadvantagesExpensive compared to standard folic acid

"...growth of a baby. Pregnacare can also be taken when breast feeding. The Department of Health advise that all women who are pregnant or planning to get pregnant should take a 400mg dose per day of folic acid in the first 12 weeks of pregnancy to help ensure normal development in the early development of a baby and to help with the development of a baby’s nervous system and minimise neural tube defects. Pregnacare Pregnacare has been “expertly ..." Read review

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a great vitamin for mums to be

Advantageshas everything you need in the one tablet easy to swallow


"...alcohol intake I started taking Pregnacare tablets. What is it and why take it ********************** These are multi-vitamins and minerals that are specifically designed for women who are planning to conceive, are pregnant or breastfeeding. They don't advise woman in these categories to take regular vitamins due to possible high levels of vitamin A, which can be toxic to an unborn child. Because of this Pregnacare contains beta-carotene in ..." Read review

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Giving Your Baby The Best Possible Start

Advantageslots of vitamins and minerals in the right dose, peace of mind


"...all sorts of variations of Pregnacare – ones specifically for conception, pregnancy and breast feeding but I opted for Pregnacare Original which can be used for all three stages. I bought a box of 30 from Tesco for £3.90. The pills come in a white cardboard box with a picture of a happy pregnant lady on the front. The front of the pack boasts that the supplement contains 19 important vitamins and minerals. Inside the box, the pills ..." Read review

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Ensuring maximum care for your unborn baby

AdvantagesContain Folic Acid but no Vitamin A, easy to swallow

DisadvantagesEnd up costing a lot over time

"...I decided to take Vitabiotics Pregnacare vitamins anyway when we started trying to conceive, mainly for the Folic Acid content but also because I understand that taking a general supplements means that they work together to help absorption of the Folic Acid. It took us about 8 months to conceive the first time around so I ended up taking a long course of these tablets, but I was happy with that as they put me at ease mentally that unborn baby was ..." Read review

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Great Care in Pregnancy

AdvantagesThe best care for your unborn baby

DisadvantagesQuite large tablets, remembering to take the tablet daily

"...may be, though, is because Pregnacare contains a wide range of vitamins within each tablet (I will discuss that further down in this report) to boost dietary requirements. It is also said on the back of the pack that the first 12 weeks of the pregnancy is most beneficial with taking these vitamins, though it is also strongly recommended throughout as it helps with the growth and strength of the baby. ******The Packaging****** These vitamins ..." Read review

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Pregnacare Vitamins

AdvantagesPregnacare Vitamins

DisadvantagesPregnacare Vitamins

"Pregnacare Vitamins After I had got over the initial shock of finding myself pregnant after the very first time of trying (literally one encounter with my boyfriend after I had stopped the pill) I began to try and get all the right things that would aid my pregnancy and developing child inside me. My search of course started at the chemist where there is an array of pregnancy multi vitamins and mineral extracts to choose from. The thought ..." Read review

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Give your unborn baby a good headstart

AdvantagesPeace of mind, good hair and skin


"I started taking pregnacare as soon as I became pregnant, or at least as soon as I became aware I was pregnant. As a couple we were very lucky and didn't have to actively try to begin our family. We made a conscious decision to see what happened after our skiing holiday in Jan 2011. We were pregnant within our first month and our gorgeous little girl was born at the beginning of November 2011.As soon as we discovered we were pregnant I ..." Read review

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Some extra care when you're carrying a little bundle.

AdvantagesEasy to take. Contains 19 extra vits and minerals. 100% folic acid. Reasonable price.


" I only took the Pregnacare from the time I found out I was pregnant (about 6 weeks) until the end of my pregnancy. 3 bottles of Pregnacare tablets, each containing 30 tablets costs £13.29 from Boots - and so you can get a whole Pregnacare course for the whole of your pregnancy for just £39.87 - which seems very reasonable to me. You don't need a prescription to get Pregnacare and you just buy it from your pharmacist directly over the counter. ..." Read review

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Community Level 6emilyo


One less thing to worry about! Review with images

AdvantagesDesigned for pregnant woman, correct balance of vitamins, nutrients

DisadvantagesExpensive, no substitute for eating healthily

"Pregnacare is designed for woman planning to conceive and those who are pregnant or breast feeding. When you are pregnant or breast feeding your baby completely relies on the vitamins and minerals you take in daily - now how scary is that! I wouldn't say I was an unhealthy person, I rarely drink, I don't smoke but I do not eat much fruit and vegetables. I do try and eat them but am a fussy eater. Normally I take multi vitamins daily to ensure ..." Read review

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Community Level 6Maia


Essential for pregnancy and breastfeeding

AdvantagesProvides all the vitamins a pregnant or breastfeeding woman needs

DisadvantagesTastes unpleasant, quite expensive

"...eating. My doctor recommended Pregnacare – a careful balance of 16 essential nutrients to safeguard your extra dietary requirements during pregnancy and breastfeeding. You don’t need to take any extra multivitamins … one pill once a day is enough. USAGE You can start taking Pregnacare at any point during pregnancy, so don’t worry if you only find out you’ve got a bun in the oven in Month 3! Pregnacare is recommended even before conception when ..." Read review

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Community Level 5ricci


Essential for pregnancy

Advantagesgives your baby a good start

Disadvantagesisn't an alternative to trying to eat well

"I’ve read loads about what you should eat during pregnancy, 5 fruit and veg a day, carbohydrates, whole grains, lots of water, calcium, etc. Then there is the information about how these specific nutrients aid the baby’s development, so you end up suspecting that if you don’t get your whole quota of vitamins the baby’s growth is going to be stunted in some way. However, it’s quite hard to eat in such a superbly nutritious way especially in early ..." Read review

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Community Level 2kt



Advantagesas above


"These vitimins are especially designed for before, during and after pregnancy. If you, like me wanted the best for your baby when your trying for a baby, pregnant and whan your breastfeeding these are the tablets for you! They also contain the right ammount of folic acid you need during those early weeks and also contains 15 specific vitamins and minerals which also help contribute to a healthy pregnancy such as vitamin B12 and magnesium. ..." Read review

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Community Level 1shwetag

Quick review of Pregnacare

"I used these mutivitiamins for a few months and really felt a height in my energy level after a month. They have all the required nutrients for the health of the mother!!!!!!!!

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Pregnacare One A Day Capsules 30 Tablets

Pregnacare One A Day Capsules 30 Tablets

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Pregnacare 30 Tablets

Pregnacare 30 Tablets

Worldwide studies have shown that even with a good diet, getting extra nutrients may be ... more

necessary, before and during pregnancy. Pregnacare
is a careful formulation providing 16 nutrients,
vital for both mother and baby. These include
vitamin B12 and th...

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Vitabiotics Pregnacare 30 Tablets . Vitamin And Mineral Supplements

Vitabiotics Pregnacare 30 Tablets . Vitamin And Mineral Supplements

natural matter has great pleasure in introducing vitabiotics pregnacare 30 tablets ... more

pregnacare is the most popular and trusted method
for mothers to be to safeguard their diet from
those who are planning for pregnancy or already
pregnant right through t...

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