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Perfectionner le déjeuner!

AdvantagesDelicious food, nice staff, pleasent place, clean toilets

DisadvantagesSmall toilets, unhealthy, expensive

"Prêt a Manger appears on almost every high street and in almost every shopping centre around these days. You can’t walk three miles without seeing at least one. They are noticeable by there royal burgundy colour and their infamous red star, which is hung above most, if not all, of their shops. I’d always been a bit reluctant to try a Prêt, as I’d heard so much on the news and in magazines about how unhealthy it is and how much fat is in the products ..." Read review

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Community Level 4ben1001001...


J'ai mange a Pret! C'est delicieux! Tres bon.



"Pret a manger - a massive name when it comes to restaurants, and it deserves to be, as it is a super, healthy alternative to pizza hut and KFC, Mcdonalds (of which I absolutely despise) etc. The French phrase 'Pret a manger' means 'Ready to eat', and you'd better be when you come to this fabulous place people! Prets are located everywhere, London has loads of them, all cities have them as well as some Major towns. You can eat in or take out, and ..." Read review

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A Lunch Set By Pre

Advantagesgood range


"...and Starbucks and of course Pret A Manger. Of them all I probably use Starbucks most but only because there are more nearer me but when central I do find I like to sometimes go into Pret A Manger as it is that bit different from the others. Pret A Manger opened in 1986 in London, so it is fairly recent only being just over twenty years old. The business was started by college friends Sinclair and Julian who made sandwiches using natural preservative ..." Read review

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Community Level 4Skyscraper...


Good For The Stomach And Soul

AdvantagesExcellent food quality, praiseworthy ethics, great value

DisadvantagesDearer than some, especially the fruit juice.

"The two key qualities of Pret A Manger are as follows: the food is extremely good and the companies practices are respectably ethical. I have no major complaints about this excellent fast food outlet. The Pret A Manger food range covers a large range of sandwiches, a variety of soft drinks plus coffees, pastries and savoury snacks. What consistently strikes you about Pret A Manger's food is the quality of it, the use of organic and chemical-free ..." Read review

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Ready To Eat?

AdvantagesHealthier & more ethical food/drink, reputable image, friendly service

DisadvantagesFewer outlets outside of London, a tad pricey

"Pret A Manger, commonly referred to as just Pret, is a highstreet café serving food & drinks, and is known to be a more upmarket, better quality place to enjoy some refreshment. I've been a few times to Pret, though I would go more if there was one in the cities I tend to go. 'Pret A Manger' actually means 'ready to eat' and it was first founded in 1986 in London by two friends. They've created a chain of over 160 stores in the UK, including stores ..." Read review

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Community Level 3volpina


Pret is positively delicious

Advantagesinnovative sandwiches and good atmosphere

Disadvantagesyou cannot eat more than one

"Pret A Manger is a sandwich chain with a difference. You are missing out on a fantastic experience if you haven't been. The store design is funky and bright and the products they sell are outstanding (more on this later). On entering the shop I was greeted by shiny steel floors and the whole place looked as if it had had the once over with 'Sparkle'. Directly in front of me were five large fridge units - 3 with sandwiches, one with cakes and the ..." Read review

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Community Level 5Disillusio...


A healthy fast food restaurant



"If your in town and want fast food that is healthy Prêt a Manger is probably the best place to head for. They sell sandwiches, sushi, cakes and juices. They’re food is of very good quality and everything is freshly made on the day that you buy it. All Prêt a Manger products are also free of nasty GM ingredients. There are lots of Prêt a Mangers in London but there are few elsewhere. The only places outside of London I have seen them have ..." Read review

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Community Level 5Reposter78


As An Employee And A Consumer *EDITED* Review with images

AdvantagesNon-smoking environment.

DisadvantagesPrices are a bit high, but you are paying for quality after all.

"...was offered a job. Working for Pret A Manger was one of the best jobs I have ever had. They treat their staff like royalty. My first day with them was a training day which was quite intimidating at first as this was a new restaurant and all new staff, but they made this training day fun. More than any others I've been to in previous years. We were given mental and strategy games to play against our fellow co-workers, sometimes in teams and ..." Read review

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Community Level 4devilinpin...


Ready to eat

AdvantagesFresh Sandwiches in a range of selections

DisadvantagesCan be expensive

"Pret A Manger is French for "Ready To Eat" It was founded by two businessmen when they left university. They decided to start Pret because the lack of choice in the fast food market at that time. They wanted something fresh and delicious, not all fried stuff like KFC. Now before people start thinking that I am some kind of Pret A Manger Anorac, I used to work in a branch for a year before I moved to Nottingham. You learn a lot of this stuff ..." Read review

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Community Level 6Modena


Pret vs Benjys -PART 1-

AdvantagesHealthy, classy, good atmoshpere

DisadvantagesOdour, relative prices with Benjys, packaging a compromise

"This is part 1 of a series of two opinions on “Prêt A Manger” (PaM) and “Benjys”. You may or may not have heard of either, but basically they are two chains of sandwich/coffee shops in London, I guess PaM is nationwide and Benjys is London only. Basically they are like Starbucks but seem to specialise in food rather than coffee (Benjys more so). I would have included Starbucks too but I do not visit that much, hence my opinion ..." Read review

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Community Level 3father_jack


mmmmm fast food

AdvantagesGood value, wide range, excellent quality

DisadvantagesDecor is uninspired in general- little else...

"...is one thing that makes Pret stand out- it’s reasonable prices. It's perfect for those of you who are fed up of lunch meaning a BigMac, but don't want to pay £10 for a piece of lettuce... Unlike Starbucks, baguettes, drinks, salads etc. are actually affordable. OK, so they’re not dirt cheap- but you feel you are getting a good product for your money. I usually come out of Starbucks etc. with the feeling I’ve been ripped off. The ..." Read review

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Pret a Mager / Ready to Eat

AdvantagesFast Clean Staff, Super Fresh Food, Efficiently Presented, Pleasant Experience, Tasty Food

DisadvantagesA little expensive but no more than competitors, like Costa, Nero, Starbucks etc

"My experience of Pret a Manger, is relating to the one in Nottingham but since it appears to be a franchise and as a franchise, the experience is supposed to be the same throughout all the Pret a Manger, I suppose the opinion should be valuable throughout too. Hygiene: Whenever I look for a cafe to eat I look at certain things that put me at ease and makes it a pleasant and enjoyable experience. So one of the first ones I look for is Hygiene as ..." Read review

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Community Level 1annabidmead


Ready to eat?

AdvantagesFresh food, friendly staff, good coffee

DisadvantagesQuite expensive

"...i finally came across a Pret a Manger, I was overjoyed. Pret is always a favourite of mine for getting lunch on the go and there are loads around central London, with 150 in total around the UK. Since it was established in 1986, Pret a Manger has built up a reputation as a healthy and ethically-minded restaurant chain. Unlike other sandwich and coffee companies such as Subway or Starbucks, all of Pret's food is guaranteed not to be GM and is chemical-free ..." Read review

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Community Level 4Ariel


Pret - usefull but nothing special

Advantagesreliable, reasonable range

Disadvantagesprice, quality slipping

"Pret is a staple of city life, but does seem to be heading downhill - prices are rising, and the choice and standard of their products seem to be slipping. A couple of quid for an avocado wrap as an occasional treat seems fair enough - nearly three for the same thing with less avocado and the addition of some dubious 'Mexican' chilli beans, hmm, I think not. Similarly, your basic egg mayo - uninspiring, but only a pound. Add rye bread; charge nearly ..." Read review

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Community Level 1notthesail...


Pret a Poncey!

AdvantagesGreat if you are overpaid and can afford exhorbitant prices

DisadvantagesPoncy southern style over content chain, full of young professionals, that annoying jazz music. Buy the ingredients at the supermarket and make it yourself alot cheaper

"Let's get one thing straight. Prets do no more than sell fresh sandwiches that you or I could make in the morning and basically package them in an "environmentally" sound cardboard box and flog them for around £3 each. Of course to boost profits they also add in the superflous peripheral items such as the oh so unappetising kettle baked crisps, the pansy sized chocolate cake and the more often than not overpriced battered fruit. Result? Huge ..." Read review

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