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The Problem With Primark? Review with images

AdvantagesGreat prices, some good bargains, good customer service if you're nice, wide selections.

DisadvantagesNot all stores are the same, or as large, questionable tastes, a few surprises…

"...a student living on bargains, Primark was a like a dream come true for me, regardless! ==Fair Trade or Fare Trade?== As usual with any corporate company, there is little more to Primark than meets the eye and in this review I shall be concentrating on my experiences from past and present stores in London as well as the Scottish arm of Primark based in Glasgow and other surrounding areas. A bit like Argos, not one Primark store is the same as ..." Read review

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Community Level 5lulu2004



Advantagesvery cheap clothes

Disadvantagesnot tidy, you have to queue.

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My home from home Review with images

Advantagesextremely cheap clothes

Disadvantagesmessy at times, busy

"... Primark History ============ Originally an Irish store, Primark is owned by ABF (Associated British Foods) Plc and is a large retail group now employing over 10,000 people. Primark operates over 120 stores in the UK and in Ireland (where it is called Penney's) The largest Primark Branch is in Manchester, in Northwest England, having 100,000 square feet of space. The chairman of the store has said that more accessible stores may open soon: "Large ..." Read review

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Community Level 7Lizard_Lover


Shopping with Teenagers

AdvantagesSells every item of clothing possible

DisadvantagesBusy at peak times

"...then my son stopped outside Primark and suggested we had a look inside. Teenagers are renowned for wanting designer labels aren’t they? I propelled him inside quick as a flash, before he could see the error of his ways and change his mind. I’d never been inside a Primark before, nope not ever. It’s not a shop I’d think of visiting really, as it seems to be the butt of many a joke and always has been even when I was younger. Primark has always been ..." Read review

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Community Level 4PlaceboFan


A students heaven...

AdvantagesCheap, good quality clothes

DisadvantagesWhen its gone, its gone...

"Primark has advanced a lot over the years. Two or three years ago I shoped at Primark, but friends from school were givin me the "ohh not there" kinda look when Id wear a primark top. One friend worked there, so she pretty much knew anything from Primark, so there was no hiding the fact that I'd been shopping there. Still I didn't care, it was a cheap shop and I got good value for money, so I went back time and time again. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ TIMES ..." Read review

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Community Level 3friends_co...


Supermarket sweep...ish

AdvantagesSo so cheap

DisadvantagesDisorganisd chaos!!!

"...searching for bargains in a Primark store is less of a hunt and more of a collection! Primark sells every single clothes item imaginable in a wide variety of styles and colours and all at unbeatably low prices! Honestly, I don't know how they are making a profit their prices really are that cheap! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Where to find them: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ There are 115 Primark stores across the UK and Ireland. Stores in the Republic of Ireland are ..." Read review

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Shopping Smells

AdvantagesMy credit card bill liked it there.

DisadvantagesIt's a shop, so I didn't.

"...didn't feel my confidence rising. Primark looked like just the sort of shop I hate even more than I hate most shops: it was packed full of stock piled high on shelves and squashed onto hundreds of racks with hardly any room between them, the entire place was bathed in that vicious, horrible neon glow, and it was absolutely packed full with a heaving mass of people all frantically purchasing. There were queues at the checkouts. I was feeling claustrophobic ..." Read review

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Community Level 6welshwicke...


My local Primark has greatly improved. Review with images

AdvantagesGood selection, Value for money.

DisadvantagesNone since refurbishment.

"Primark. ------------------- History --------------- Primark Stores Limited is a retail chain store with over 148 stores within the United Kingdom, Republic of Ireland and Spain. The company's main headquarters are based in the Republic of Ireland where they trade there shops under the name Penneys. The company is a subsidiary of Associated British Foods (ABF) plc and employs over 14,000 people throughout there branches. The first Penneys store ..." Read review

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Community Level 6michaird


Cheap as Chips

AdvantagesVery cheap, reasonable quality, decent range

DisadvantagesCan get very busy, You will almost certainly have to queue, harsh decor

"...seems to be 14-16, so Primark seems to have a grasp on the ordinary British woman. The range of lingerie is really quite impressive. In my branch half of an entire floor is given over to bras, pants and nightwear. All of a decent quality and most of it very nice too. The smallest size I saw in bras was 32A and the largest 38C, although 38C’s are a little thin on the ground, much to my annoyance. Half a floor is devoted to children’s clothing, ..." Read review

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I love you! I hate you!

AdvantagesCheap stylish clothes

DisadvantagesYou have to fight for it!

"...myself one very similar from Primark a couple of months before, for £4 - full price. The best thing was that when I got home and tried on my new buys, I also mixed in my Primark top and my friend actually commented that he liked that one more! I think what I'm trying to say is that shopping in Primark is almost guilt free, you know that you will get something good for a fraction of the price you would pay elsewhere, and they do keep up with all ..." Read review

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Community Level 5miggmoggspud


Tres Cheap

AdvantagesRidiculously cheap prices

DisadvantagesMessy shop, long queues, unhelpful assistants

"This review is on the Primark store in Manchester City Centre (which is actually quite a posh store compared to some of the others I have been to). The Primark philosophy appears to be pile it high and sell it cheap. They sell their own brand clothing and accessories for women, men and children plus a small amount of household goods, bedding, towels etc (not electricals). ***The Store*** The Manchester store is located on the old Lewis' building ..." Read review

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Community Level 5pauljm


Making their Mark on the High Street

AdvantagesGood quality and prices for everyday items

DisadvantagesFashion lines variable, footwear poor

"Primark are high street clothing retailers offering low prices but is the quality also low? Primark have about 100 stores across the UK and Republic of Ireland (where they operate as Penneys). They claim to be targeting the under 35 ‘fashion conscious’ market but, as we will see the appeal is rather wider than that. Virtually all of their stock is own brand. Primark have quite a wide range of labels and, generally speaking, if you’ve never heard ..." Read review

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Primark hits the Mark

Advantages Cheap, Convenient, Wide Range

Disadvantages Cheap, Poor Quality, Unoriginal

"...is not the case. Primark is now seen as so cheap that it's cool. Apparently this is also the case with the dinner-party attending generations - whose subject of conversation is now less how expensive their cars are, but more how cheaply they bought their dress for in Primark! For someone who has never shopped in Primark, a general overview is that it is a clothes store that caters for men, women and children. The clothes sizes avaliable are similar ..." Read review

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Community Level 6niclemamy


Get Your Undies Here.........

AdvantagesVery Cheap - Good Selection of Clothes For Everyone. Nice and Bright.

DisadvantagesLong queue's for the tills and for the lift - can get very busy at times.

"...be had. On entering my nearest Primark which is in Newcastle upon Tyne’s town centre, I found that all the women’s wear to be situated on the right hand side of a massive store. I had a stroll around and found everything to be very very cheap and most of it is well made, for instance: ~~~~~WOMENS WEAR ~~~~~ Woolen Jumpers – from £4.00 (yes that’s right only 4 quid) Fleece Jackets – from £6.00 ( unbelievable ..." Read review

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Ode to Primark

AdvantagesCheap, cheap, cheap and at the height of fashion!

DisadvantagesEvery shop turns into somewhat of a jumble sale layout...

"...by you is so tough. Oh Primark how I love you! And you know it's really true...' Considering the company started as a small fashion chain called Penney's in Ireland in 1969, Primark has come a hell of a long way. Starting with just a handful of stores in Dublin in it's birth year, it now has almost 200 stores across the world, covering the UK, Spain, the Netherlands, Portugal and Germany - no doubt, it will only get bigger and better too. Their ..." Read review

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