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Community Level 7karimkha


Pry-mark or Pree-mark? Who cares? ... I love it! Diamond review

Advantageslatest fashion and designs at affordable prices

DisadvantagesLong queues, the mess and some unhelpful, rude staff

"...is easier on the ear! ''' Primark store LTD and their slogan . . . (look good and pay less)''' '''Primark is trading as Penneys in the republic of Ireland.''' Surprisingly it was founded in 1969 in Ireland (I didn't know that). It has in total over 26,000 employees and 181 stores; 139 in the United Kingdom, 34 in the republic of Ireland and 8 in Spain (Yippee!), of which 2 are humongous megastores in Madrid. This chain store has grown ..." Read review

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Community Level 5snowbunni


Cheap Chic, But At A Price... Diamond review Review with images

AdvantagesFull of Fashion Bargains...

DisadvantagesCheaply made, Crowded Stores, Questionable Ethics

"...sighed this glamorous twenty-something, 'when Primark started to get featured in Vogue. It used to be MY secret… Now EVERYONE goes there!' Seen any Primark advertising lately? I certainly haven't. Primark, it seems, don't 'do' advertising, at least, not in the traditional sense. But then again, why should they, when the media (especially the print media) seem to be cheerfully supplying them with an almost constant stream of free publicity anyway… ..." Read review

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Community Level 4cherwaite


Pradamark - Enter At Your Own Risk Review with images

AdvantagesCheap, Cheerful, Latest Trends, Fast Turn-around

DisadvantagesQueues, Messy, Jumble Sale a-like, Stressy.

"...Known as 'Penneys' in Ireland, Primark slowly started to enter the UK in 1995 and now has 140 high street shops dotted around the country. These huge shops are often bombarded with shoppers on a daily basis as word of the Primark phenomenon has spread. Even celebrity Pete Dochety was seen wearing a rather fetching floral dress from the shop in one of his recent concerts - Rock on! Primark sells Clothing, Shoes, Linen and Household ware (although ..." Read review

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Primark: Prepare Yourself Diamond review

AdvantagesGreat prices, fantastic value, good returns policy.

DisadvantagesLong queues, very messy stores, unhelpful staff, uncomfortable conditions.

"...you not in the know, Primark is a department store chain that specialises in clothing for men, women and children/babies. They also include a home section and ladies...ahem...err...yes. Unmentionables, in other words. They have been operating for several years and they are currently buying out the Littlewoods stores, several of the best of which will be turned into Primarks and the rest sold for a tidy sum to other retailers. It's a good move that ..." Read review

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Bargains Galore!

AdvantagesVery cheap, but good quality too.

DisadvantagesSome clothing stops at a certain size, length of the jeans

"=== Primark === When I saw how many reviews for Primark there was on here, I thought does Ciao really need another? Well the answer is- Yes, I don't think there can be enough praise for the bargain store that is Primark! On appearances from the outside, Primark fits into the high street perfectly- the blue illuminated sign is simple yet effective and is easy to spot on a long street of retail heaven! Some of the stores still have the green ..." Read review

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At third world labor prices on a high street near you! Review with images

AdvantagesThe best cheap and cheerfuls

DisadvantagesChild labour rumours

"...and fashion, and places like Primark have the casual stuff I need. Some of the working- class guys I know who have money really do spend on clothes as if that can somehow make them more appealing and prestigious a catch for women, boosting their status in the world, and so vow never to set foot in places like Primark. But I look pretty good in a pair of neat fit jeans and a casual long sleeve shirt and so don't feel the need to put out any signals ..." Read review

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Community Level 1SweetBerry...


Prime Trash (Primark)

AdvantagesCheap, up to date fashion.

DisadvantagesPoor quality, child labour accusations, pandemonium in store!

"Primark (or Primani as many people know it) is a mecca for broke yet fashionable young whippersnappers and penny-pinching old grandma's alike. For those unfamiliar with it, Primark is a high street retailer of clothing and homewares which is aimed solely at the budget market, with few things hitting the over-£20 mark. A standard teeshirt will only cost you four quid. A jumper will be about £8. A pair of knickers under £1. You get the gist. For the ..." Read review

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Community Level 2Polstar242


Cheap as chips

AdvantagesCheap cheap cheap cheap

DisadvantagesQuality, differing service in shops

"...few people have already reviewed Primark but I thought I would stick my nose in and write a review as well (it's a long one so go to the end if you just want the pros and cons, and a bit of advice!). Primark has, on and off, been a presence in my life for at least 15 years now, and indeed probably longer. As a child it was the bane of my life - we didn't have a lot of money when we were growing up, and Primark, in Ipswich, therefore provided a ..." Read review

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Pri-Mark Your Way To Fashion

AdvantagesLow prices, decent ranges

DisadvantagesMessy, queues

"...and investigation in looking into Primark clothes and using child labour which has prompted me to write this review. Firstly I want to say that Primark has apparently pulled certain clothes from the stores as they did not know about this labour. Personally I can not comment on this, only what I have heard from this panorama programme. I do know that on their website, the home page states that it is an ethical company. Panorama do debate this, though ..." Read review

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Community Level 3pollybeanuk


Primark :Definitive guide to intelligent shopping Diamond review

AdvantagesCheap, better styles than previously, great for knickers

Disadvantagessome seriously synthetic stuff, the odd dodgy shape, queues

"...a packet. THE SHOP ITSELF ******************** Branches of Primark tend to be pretty large, they have to be to fit all the clutter in, and all the frenzied shoppers. It has a simple green logo, and stands for cheap and cheerful, which is why if you go at the weekend then you'll have trouble a) getting in b) finding the size you want. THE CLOTHES - what to go for, what to avoid. ***************** UNDERWEAR - I would say this is a good ..." Read review

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Community Level 5leofluffy69


The devil wears PRIMARK!

Advantagescheap and affordable fashion

Disadvantagesuntidy displays, clothes everywhere!

"...to find out what this Primark 'craze' hitting Plymouth was all about and I was then hooked. Unfortunately I got a bit carried away in Primark and missed my lecture. Seeing the cheap prices and amazing top quality clothes I ran to pick up a basket and spent most of my student loan in one go. I didn't care if I would ever wear the clothes or not I just loved it all and at £4 for a jumper, £3 for a handbag and £5 for a pair of trousers I had myself ..." Read review

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Community Level 6sottovoce82


Huge bags in both hands from Primark!

AdvantagesGreat bargains, yet…

Disadvantages…you have to be careful

"Primark (shop) Every time I see people coming out of Primark with huge bags in both hands not being able to walk even, I wish to do exactly like them. I just couldn't do it. I'm not trying to say here that I'm too proud to buy from Primark, but, for me, not everything can be bought from this shop. "Primark is a retail group in the value sector and operates a total of 181 stores in Ireland (where it trades under the Penneys brand), Spain and ..." Read review

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Cheap and cheerful Review with images

AdvantagesCheap and varied

DisadvantagesQueues and can be messy.......

"Quite a few of these shops have been popping up around me in the last few months so i thought i would go inside and investigate. Having heard that they were cheap i fugured this would be a great place to buy some holiday clothes. When you first walk in (to most of the stores anyway) it seems spacious and pretty well set out. Having been in a few of the stores now i noticed that the layout and size are pretty much the same in all of them - As are ..." Read review

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Cheap clothing but not a shop for me!

AdvantagesCheap clothing and accessories

DisadvantagesPoor quality, Always really busy

"~ MY LOCAL PRIMARK ~ My local Primark store is very large and stocks a large range of women's, men's and children's clothing as well as a small section of home ware items. As you walk into the store you will notice mannequins wearing various different outfits for the current season. This includes colours and items which are currently in fashion or in trend. I always find Primark slightly messy and I always have to spend ages in the store to enable ..." Read review

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Budget clothes for the young and the beautiful, not the big .



"...a lower price , and Primark is undoubtedly one of the market leaders in this field. The Primark store in Nottingham is located just of the market square, right in the middle of the city centre . It's a large store, and has all the departments you'd expect - womenswear, menswear, childrens clothes, and some homeware . Stepping into the store is a daunting experience - it's something of a cross between a jumble sale and a rock gig . Clothing is piled ..." Read review

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