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Community Level 2davomrmac


Prince of Persia it could possibly be my game of the year

AdvantagesGreat graphics, super storyline, very nice controls


"Prince of Persia in its various releases, always struck me as a pretty game, with awkward controls and not much depth. This latest PS3 version took my fancy, mainly due to boredom. The £24.99 price helped, but I am sure with a bit of searching you could pick it up a little cheaper now. The game is rated 12+, it is only a single player game and received a 9.4 rating on IGN. Upon loading the game, it looks really pretty again, but the Prince looks ..." Read review

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Community Level 1Alex-Fanta...


Prince of Persia - Successfully making the leap to PS3

AdvantagesOutstanding graphics. Free-roaming levels. Pick up and play. Fun.

DisadvantagesNo risk factor in leaping. Combat can be frustrating. Slightly repetitive with orb collecting.

"...to master. The new, light hearted Prince isn't alone either. He has a new ally (female, sticking with the tradition of the original trilogy), who guides and follows you through the new free-roaming kingdom. Split into 4 sections, each controlled by a different nemesis to the Prince and Ellika, the idea of the new game is far less linear than its predecessors. Although each zone has a basic level structure to follow, you are free at anytime to ..." Read review

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Community Level 2Jemzoid


Prince of Persia - Pushing next gen gaming

AdvantagesGraphics and sound, new style of gaming

DisadvantagesLack of variety in enemies and weapons

"Prince of Persia, the new era of gaming. This game is unlike any you will have played before. + Huge variety of levels with the ability to explore in a huge depth including some logic puzzles, and some pretty amazing scenery. + Constant wall climbing, jumping and even flying and running up walls…vertically. (A variety of ways to travel) + Graphics are an amazing change which such a vibrant comparison between light and dark colours. + No dieing ..." Read review

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Community Level 1Dominatordj



AdvantagesCheesy but also hard to get into starting off

Disadvantagesbored very easily

"Prince of persia is another video game for the playstation 3 I am going to review. A bit like assains creed only with not as much freedom to roam. The forggotten sands is the next chapter from the sands in time universe. Previously he visted azad but know he finds his brothers kingdom and something bad has happened his brothers palace is under attack and ready to be destroyed by an army. So his brother decideds to use the power of the ancient sands ..." Read review

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Community Level 1parkiboy



AdvantagesPOP game!

DisadvantagesAnother POP game

"Prince of Persia for the ps3 is a game i'd been looking forward for ages. The Goods: Another Great Prince of persia game. sweet combat style and moves. Engrossing story line. The Bads: Cell Character Shading WTH? why didn't they stick to regular graphics like every other company. Stupid light seeds you must collect to get further into the story arghhhh I hate collecting. Very Repetitive Climb this fight this climb this fight this etc. can get ..." Read review

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Community Level 2erenthae


Expected alot more from a great series.

AdvantagesGaphics, Design

Disadvantagesgameplay,story, voiceacting and movement

" The graphics and feel of the game was beautifully stunning the characters were well designed and the character movement was great. Although thats all i can say about the game that is positive. I played for 3 days and sold it on ebay. The story was horrible, the voice acting was awful - an American playing the price of PERSIAS voice - the game play was the worst part. You couldn't die. I know most gamers would be like...AWESOME....but no. It took ..." Read review

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Prince of Persia [Spanish Import] - PlayStation 3

Prince of Persia [Spanish Import] - PlayStation 3

There is no hope without suffering and struggle without sacrifice YOU ARE THE LIGHT Follow ... more

the path of a young warrior caught between the
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