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For correcting those mitsakes

AdvantagesCan be written over straight away

Disadvantagescan be difficult to use

"Nowadays most of us will use a word processor for a lot of our writing, mistakes are therefore easy to correct. However that has not always been the case. In the days before the word processor became common. The typewriter along with the pen and paper where kings of the written word. Typed and hand written documents are still used and because of that, the need to correct errors still exists. Since I started writing I have made mistakes, so for ..." Read review

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Don't Tipp-Ex it, Pritt Correct It!

AdvantagesEasy to use, dries fast, dry formula, hardly any scent, safe for all to use.

DisadvantagesSometimes tape can get twisted; can't accept all types of pen to write on.

"...the same company responsible for Pritt glue sticks. I was amazed that this company offer so many different types of correction tape not just one small diameter 4.2mm tape size which is what I have here. ~~ Variations ~~ Indeed Henkel make several types of correction pens and mechanical tape feeders which in reality this is all that the Correct-It really is. For example you can buy 4.2 mm tape or 8.4 mm tape; the differences are really ..." Read review

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Correct those mistakes!

AdvantagesNo waiting for it to dry

DisadvantagesMost rollers are not refillable

"...stationary, I came across the Pritt Correct-It Correction Tape Roller which cost £2.49. I have always bought Tipp-ex in the past but I really hate waiting for it to dry and it is never completely smooth to the page. After reading what this product is, I thought that it sounded so much better than liquid Tipp-ex. The product comes in a white plastic casing which is made to look slightly like a mouse. The plastic is transparent so that you can see the ..." Read review

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~What Mistake?~

Advantagesworks well


"...have at work is this Pritt Correction Tape which is none of the things I have previously mentioned that a bottle of Tippex was. This tape is easy to use, mess and hassle free and there is always plenty of the stuff in the store room when we need it. I do believe we buy the stuff in bulk which is why we have so many of them and I suspect you get a cheaper rate the more you buy. For me to buy one I am pretty sure I could pick a single tape up for ..." Read review

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Roll on corrections? Yes please!

AdvantagesEasy to use, efficient and tidy

DisadvantagesFlimsy so be careful when going over it; can get twisted and ridged

"...tape. From the makers of Pritt Stick, it essentially does the same job as Tipp-Ex would, but without the majority of the mess or drying time that you'd expect. Dispensation is easy: what you need to do is use the small flat dispenser nozzle and place this at the beginning of where you need to correct. Run the device along the paper, and the mechanism will dispense the tape according to your motions as you move it along the paper. Inside, what happens ..." Read review

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I never make mistakes.....



"...office and home life. *Description* The Pritt Correction Tape is housed in a plastic case that is easy to hold. It looks very similar in design to the Tip Ex mouse, however the advantage of these, is that they can be refilled. At the nose of the device, is a little red flick down cover which, when pulled down reveals the top of the correction tape. The correction tape has two parts to it, the bottom waste sheet and the top correction tape. ..." Read review

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AdvantagesCompact design, 8.5metres of tape! Clean finish - no mess!

DisadvantagesNot as accurate as fluid, not as versatile.

"I have owned Pritt Correct-It comfort rollers for a very long time now - since their release almost! As an alternative to using Tippex, the Pritt Correct-It allows you to correct your mistakes easily and with no mess using the 8.5 metres of correction film that the roller contains. The Correct-It is quite a small gadget, and is to be held in the hand like a pen would be. Correcting mistakes is something this product is excellent at, and there are ..." Read review

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Pritt Stick It

AdvantagesSmooth and quick drying

DisadvantagesDon't roll to fast

"Pritt compact correction tape ***Overview*** Correction tape that can be written over straight away, the tape is 4.2mm wide and there is 8.5m of tape supplied. Can be use on any paper including cardboard. ***Price*** £1.99 each from staples. Between £1.50 and £2.50. ***Packaging*** Clear shell shape packaging, light and tough. Approx 7cm x 4cm or 3inches x 1 ½ inches Comes in a cardboard package similar to those that pens and fluid ..." Read review

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If only all mistakes were this easy to erase

AdvantagesEasy to use, accurate, inexpensive


"Pritt Dry Correction tape is such a neat idea. It’s so simple an idea and yet a marvelous invention and so easy to use. Previous to my discovering Pritt Dry Tape, I, like other people, I suppose, used to use the more conventional Tippex. However, since using Pritt Dry Tape I don’t think I’d ever go back to Tippex again as this is far easier and much more convenient way to erase biro and pen marks. I use this a lot, mainly as I make so many mistakes, ..." Read review

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Corrects Correctly

Advantagesquick and easy to use

Disadvantagescannot refill

"Pritt Correct-It Correction tape cost me just £1.99 from Staples and it comes in a cardborad box in which is housed a clear little plastic container with the correction tape inside. We have had this now for ages. We do not use it very often, but we bought it because it is so much easier and less messy than using ordfinary correction fluid. Unlike correction fluid, there is no smell, no mess and you do not have to wait for it to dry beforr you ..." Read review

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