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Community Level 1BenDalah


Is it really the Thierry Henry of football gaming?

AdvantagesThe silky gameplay and the smoothness of the game itself explains why many people see this series of games as the best ever created.

Disadvantageshowever, the game is not perfect quite yet. The players are not as detailed as they are on FIFA, and the lack of all the correct licenses for player names and team names (though improved on the last game) can get annoying.

"...say things have evolved), and pro evolution soccer from konami has not only stepped up to the plate to compete, but is also seeming to be the winning product. How have they done it? what makes this game so much better than FIFA? and, the question you all want the answer to, is it worth the £35 i've been saving up since I got that one-off job at a strip bar for a night? All these answer, and more i hope, will be answered in good time my friends. Gameplay I ..." Read review

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Community Level 4Groover


Highly Evolved Review with images

AdvantagesIf you have a broken leg or you are old you can still play football !

Disadvantagesmay destroy relationships, deteriorating social life

"...finally splitting into ISS and Pro Evolution in the next generation of consoles until we work our way finally up to the latest and greatest offering which sits in front of us today. Along the way the gameplay has been revamped many times, but the basic principle of the game remains the same, to score some top notch goals, and rub your mates face in when you pound his puny little team into the ground 10-0 !! Introductions aside lets move straight ..." Read review

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Community Level 1coxy2005


It is worth the wait.

AdvantagesSmooth and realistic gameplay, better than previous realeases, x-box live add on.

DisadvantagesCommentary is awful, lacks the presentation of FIFA 2005

"...have always liked is the Pro Evolution Soccer series, and I was particulary looking forward to the X-Box version. I am delighted to say it is worth the wait, it is very smooth and detailed, graphics are a touch more classy than the PS2 release and it has the X-Box live option. Unfortunatley, I was unable to test the live option but I will go into detail as to why this must be the football game to own this Christmas. Konami has added more ..." Read review

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Community Level 4daddyof3



AdvantagesSlick and smooth gameplay

DisadvantagesLack of official licenses and real player names, graphics not as good as FIFA

"Pro Evolution soccer 4 is now commonly found in second hand sections of Game and Cash Converters, at a more than reasonable £10. For this reason, I thought I would write a review to raise awareness! With the release of the 5th Pro Evolution Soccer, the inevitable has happened and its predecessor has dropped radically in price. Most places will no longer sell you it new, especially online. However, this doesn't detract from what a good game it ..." Read review

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From 2 dots to this........

AdvantagesSuperior gameplay, great fun

Disadvantagesyou might get hooked

"...as MARDON ATHLETICO with the Pro Evolution Soccer 4 game, and it is by far and away the best yet. As you can see you can create your own team, my son is called Marc I am called Don hence Mardon Athletico. We have created some players of our own, namely me, him my stepfather and in the player create mode you can get the feature pretty much right, well at least recognisable. I'm a bit younger looking than fifty quite handsome really. Once you ..." Read review

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Community Level 2dartfordha...


The beautiful game, but better.

AdvantagesBest football game ever to be produced, bar none.

DisadvantagesNot completely fully licensed

"Main Review ------------------ Take this game into account. Compare it to the 3 previous PES games. I bet you didn't think it could improve on PES3, right? Wrong. It takes it by the shoulders, shakes it about and throws it out the window. PES4 is quite simply the best football game ever created. It's realism of player movements, of passing, of just about everything is matched by no other game in existence. The only word to describe PES4 is ..." Read review

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Community Level 2LFCdude


And i thought Fifa was good Review with images

AdvantagesGreat fun to play and great graphics.

DisadvantagesSome teams and players have the wrong name.

"Pro evolution soccer 4 is one of the best football games that i have ever played, the game play is great and is the best thing about this game. But the game is not perfect some teams and players don't have the right names but that would be the only flaw in the game. The game is alot of fun to play and the graphics are great, the best thing about this game is not the matches but it's edit you can change anything you want like players names, teams ..." Read review

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Community Level 15evrin


Another year, another footy game...

AdvantagesBest. Football. Game. Ever.

DisadvantagesLack of official licenses.

"...really needed to publish another Pro Evolution Soccer game, as I still couldnít stop playing Pro Evolution Soccer 3. I know, itís only a football game, but it has something that will keep you coming back as soon as you turn off your console. The surprise was to see just how improved Pro Evolution Socer 4 was compared to PES3. Letís start with the graphics. They are now so much smoother than before, and the player likenesses are now even better ..." Read review

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Community Level 3bluezest


Not the best football game ever? Pes off!

AdvantagesFantastic gameplay, best football simulation available

Disadvantagescompulsively addictive, past the stage where it is a good thing. lack of licenses.

"I think that by now the on going which is better pes or fifa argument has reached an overwhelming conclusion and that is, pes is the best. This has been proclaimed with honours after the embarrassing release of fifa streets which has only emphasised just how much fifa has slipped and elevated pes to new heights. So is the next in the series as good as its predecessors? You bet, and this review will analyse in depth as to why and what should influence ..." Read review

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They think it can't get any better, it just did! Review with images

AdvantagesGreatest football game ever

DisadvantagesCommentry, lack of licences

"...year, konami have released another pro evolution soccer game, which is better than all the other football games, and there is no way this game can be improved, but konami have a knack, of creating the best football games ever, and improving on them the next year. Until almost a year ago, when pro evolution soccer 3 came out, I was a huge supporter of the fifa series, now a year on, I have realised that the pro evolution soccer games are the ultimate, ..." Read review

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Community Level 1ashwj


It was worth the wait!!

AdvantagesBrilliant gameplay, Superb master league option

DisadvantagesFuzzy pitch patterns, few licensed names

"...while to warm to the Pro Evo series, I bought the origional because I got it on the cheap and hated it when I started because I was expecting a Fifa style game but now I love Pro evolution and won't even give Fifa a second look. Now for the first time Pro evo has possibly become more popular than Fifa so will Xbox gamers warm to it? Graphics 8 Pro evolution graphics have never been breath taking, however they have always been solid and clear. ..." Read review

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Community Level 1italiacat


The Beautiful Game

AdvantagesQuality footballing fun

DisadvantagesNone for the footballing fan

"If you've played Pro Evolution Soccer before then you'll know exactly what to expect - intuitive gameplay, excellent graphics, superb animation and lots of in-depth managerial features. The gameplay is fantastic - you really get the feeling you are controlling the players and you can't help but get involved and you'll find minutes turn into hours! The friendly and cup competitions are good starting points for new gamers and the penalty shoot ..." Read review

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Community Level 2acdsm7


The greatest football game available!

AdvantagesGreat gameplay makes the game extremely realistic. Individuality of players

DisadvantagesStill no license for everything.

"...so I decided to give pro evo a go. I have never looked back since. Pro Evolution Soccer 4(PES4) is withouth doubt the greatest football game on the market. It is the closest you can come to playing football without having to don boots and shinpads. PES4 excels with its ultra-smooth gameplay which is incredibilly realistic. The gameplay is so good because of many things. One attribute is the way that each individual player has a different playing ..." Read review

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Community Level 1r3d3vil


The God of all football games?

AdvantagesAmazing realism, smooth gameplay, great replay value, good for boasting!

DisadvantagesOfficial licences for players missing, terrible commentary

"...you now get a pseudo pro zone section, showing you how you scored the goals you've just seen replayed seconds before. Similarly, providing a wealth of information about the humidity and temperature of Stamford Bridge seems rather superfluous. Value for money? I bought this game for full price £30 when it first came out as I'm already a keen fan of the series but now you can pick it up for as little as £15 in some places!! An amazing bargain Conclusion How ..." Read review

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Community Level 1Emnmslimsh...


Fifa 2005 or Prov Evo4?

AdvantagesRealism, Easy control system, Master League option

DisadvantagesPlayer names & Teams not officially licensed

"...old question - FIFA or Pro Evolution Soccer? Think about it yourself - you either love one and hate the other or don't care about either of them, am I right? If you don't care about either then read on, and if you love Pro Evo and Hate FIFA then read on also and I will try to help you understand the FIFA revolution. I myself started as the biggest fan of Pro Evo although now enjoying the FIFA genre too, am still a big fan of Pro Evo 4! There ..." Read review

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