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Community Level 1ashwj


It was worth the wait!!

AdvantagesBrilliant gameplay, Superb master league option

DisadvantagesFuzzy pitch patterns, few licensed names

"...while to warm to the Pro Evo series, I bought the origional because I got it on the cheap and hated it when I started because I was expecting a Fifa style game but now I love Pro evolution and won't even give Fifa a second look. Now for the first time Pro evo has possibly become more popular than Fifa so will Xbox gamers warm to it? Graphics 8 Pro evolution graphics have never been breath taking, however they have always been solid and clear. ..." Read review

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Community Level 1italiacat


The Beautiful Game

AdvantagesQuality footballing fun

DisadvantagesNone for the footballing fan

"If you've played Pro Evolution Soccer before then you'll know exactly what to expect - intuitive gameplay, excellent graphics, superb animation and lots of in-depth managerial features. The gameplay is fantastic - you really get the feeling you are controlling the players and you can't help but get involved and you'll find minutes turn into hours! The friendly and cup competitions are good starting points for new gamers and the penalty shoot ..." Read review

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Community Level 2acdsm7


The greatest football game available!

AdvantagesGreat gameplay makes the game extremely realistic. Individuality of players

DisadvantagesStill no license for everything.

"...so I decided to give pro evo a go. I have never looked back since. Pro Evolution Soccer 4(PES4) is withouth doubt the greatest football game on the market. It is the closest you can come to playing football without having to don boots and shinpads. PES4 excels with its ultra-smooth gameplay which is incredibilly realistic. The gameplay is so good because of many things. One attribute is the way that each individual player has a different playing ..." Read review

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Community Level 1r3d3vil


The God of all football games?

AdvantagesAmazing realism, smooth gameplay, great replay value, good for boasting!

DisadvantagesOfficial licences for players missing, terrible commentary

"...you now get a pseudo pro zone section, showing you how you scored the goals you've just seen replayed seconds before. Similarly, providing a wealth of information about the humidity and temperature of Stamford Bridge seems rather superfluous. Value for money? I bought this game for full price £30 when it first came out as I'm already a keen fan of the series but now you can pick it up for as little as £15 in some places!! An amazing bargain Conclusion How ..." Read review

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Community Level 1Emnmslimsh...


Fifa 2005 or Prov Evo4?

AdvantagesRealism, Easy control system, Master League option

DisadvantagesPlayer names & Teams not officially licensed

"...old question - FIFA or Pro Evolution Soccer? Think about it yourself - you either love one and hate the other or don't care about either of them, am I right? If you don't care about either then read on, and if you love Pro Evo and Hate FIFA then read on also and I will try to help you understand the FIFA revolution. I myself started as the biggest fan of Pro Evo although now enjoying the FIFA genre too, am still a big fan of Pro Evo 4! There ..." Read review

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Community Level 2kristian1111


Pro evolution 4 still top class.

AdvantagesStill The Number 1 game in my book.

DisadvantagesNot been updated much since pro evo 3.

"...things for sure that if Pro evo 4 had better graphics and more licencing it would beet fifa 10-0. Pro evo has been around for years, not as long as fifa however. I think personally that every time pro evo is re-released it is catching up on the fifa. The problem this time around is that it has not been updated enough, they need to get licencing everyone that plays this game will know how annoying it is to get the game and have to update it ..." Read review

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Community Level 2zeddkiller


(pro evo 4) 3 - 0 (fifa 2005)

Advantagesmultiplayer is gooooood!

Disadvantagestakes a bit of time to get out of the fifa mode

"...the series. and like previous pro evo games, it is realistic, challenging and addictive. The series itself, i came late into. A fan of fifa, it took me a long time to remember that shoot was square and not circle in pro evo 2. But i got used to it and came around pro evo! GAMEPLAY The thing about fifa is that although, gameplay aside it had not a lot of difference to pro evo, it was too simple. The structure of the goals was, once you were ..." Read review

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Community Level 2ragamuffin...


Better than fifa for defs

AdvantagesGreat gameplay, wide variety of game modes + loads more

Disadvantagespoor commentary and not a lot of liscenses

"...it is an improvement on Pro Evo 3. The commentary on Pro Evo 4 is still well behind the likes of Fifa 2005 but still is much better than that in Fifa Street(see my review) *Graphics* 4/5 The graphics in this game are very good. While they sometimes can be seen as blurred they are still top notch, for PS2 anyways. The graphics in terms of depthness and detail are probably not as good as Fifa 2005 or Fifa Street but are still very good, and ..." Read review

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Community Level 1Sunj7925


Pro Evolution 4

AdvantagesExcellent game play and works well on X box live

DisadvantagesPoor tutorial

"...gamers have always chosen the Pro Evolution series due to it's superb graphics, endless playability and the truly unmatched gameplay. You would probably say that it isn't possible to improve it further, but, somehow, Konami have done it with Pro Evolution Soccer 4. "Pro Evo 4" as the game is often referred to as, is a truly breathtaking translation of the real world of football. The graphics, to begin with, are truly stunning. The players really ..." Read review

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Community Level 2Conks


100 times better than Fifa

AdvantagesGreat Gameplay with realistic features

DisadvantagesHard to master when you start playing

"Although some of the names aren't real this game is totally better than fifa 2005. The new master league helps you make transfers and build your own team from scratch and you have up to 20 skills that rate players. Free kicks are hard to master but are well worth it. PRICE When it was first out you had to pay £30 for a copy but now you can get it for £19.50, what a bargain!!! INFO This game is avaliable on the PS2 XBOX and PC and is amazing ..." Read review

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Community Level 3iateamonkey


Pro Evolution FOOTBALL!!

AdvantagesFootball, easy controls, good gameplay

DisadvantagesSome teams haven't got licences to use player names

"The makers of the best football game series of all time, including their early editions of International Superstar Soccer for the SNES and PS1, send out yet another fantastic re-hashing of the beautiful game. They've ironed out a few of the bugs, such as the constant fouls for handball when doing a slide challenge, that were an annoyance in PES3... however these have been replaced by irritating fouls for having the gall to run past an opponent ..." Read review

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Community Level 2MatthewPic...


Compared to Fifa-WOW!

AdvantagesFar better than Fifa

DisadvantagesLittle things, official team names, annyoying commentators!

"...everytime I was informed that Pro Evo would be the game for me. After looking at the screenshots/other reviews I decided that this time i would try it and get it instead of Fifa. I consider this choice to be one of the best gaming decisions i have made. This is why i have written this review, to try and convince the people that always have played Fifa (like me) that there is another game that can rival it and now in my opinion is better. The ..." Read review

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Community Level 1CSMasson


The best football game currently available.

AdvantagesThe most realistic football game available.

DisadvantagesNot many, apart from fake player and club names!

"...of the previous Fifa and Pro Evolution games, this is by far the most realistic game currently available to buy. The general gameplay is very good, and the passing, running and shooting is more realistic than other games, although I think there is still a lot that can be developed. You can score a lot of very good goals, great passes and though balls and most of the time the gameplay is very good once you get used to the fact that the shoot ..." Read review

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Community Level 1Mattdavy901



AdvantagesGameplay, Graphics, sound BRILLIANT!

DisadvantagesCommentary can get annoying

"Brought this Pro Evolution Soccer 4 Football game for Comet in Norwich for £29.99 and have never been dissapointed since. Something that really attracts you to the game is seeing Thiery Henry's face on the from cover, which means that they're liking the game up to the best football player in the world, maybe? Well the game is supurb. The graphics, sound and gameplay are all brilliant. You can go through lots or leagues and cups, including the ..." Read review

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Community Level 1craig6148


Pro Evo 4- Miles better than Fifa

AdvantagesThe best football game around. Quality gameplay

DisadvantagesLike previous editions. The players anmes arent real, nor are the team names

"Pro Evo 4 continues to impress from earlier versions of the game. The quality graphics or individual players along with the realisitic game play make this the number 1 football game on the market. Its very realistic in the factt hat the referee can make wrong decisions, and random goals, such as deflections can wrong foot the goaliy resulting in defelcted goals! Free Kicks are much harder to score than Pro Evo 3, which is a good thing. The biggest ..." Read review

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