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The Plus Isn't The Question

AdvantagesHelps keep you awake and alert.

DisadvantagesCan be potentially dangerous, addictive, loads of side effects and too readily available.

"Pro Plus is purely caffeine based every pill contains 50mg of caffeine. Two tablets contain caffeine equivalent to one cup of coffee. They make you feel more awake, maintain mental alertness and make you feel less tried. They are supposed to bring you rapid relief from temporary tiredness and in my experience they do this, but the after effects are not worth any relief you may get from the initial rush. Available in all leading chemists priced £2.15, ..." Read review

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From Sleepy To Lively In 5 Minutes!

Advantageswork quickly, easy to take, cheap

Disadvantagescan become addictive

"Pro Plus is part of Bayer Plc. It is a caffeine based tablet which claims to relieve tiredness and give you a stimulating boost. It claims to provide temporary alertness allowing the user to concentrate making it ideal for those who are studiying late at night. Other caffeine products include certain fizzy drinks, coffee and energy drinks such as Red Bull. The caffeine content within 1 of the Pro Plus tablets is 50mg giving an instant boost as ..." Read review

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A Caffeinated Collingwood21

AdvantagesMore alertness and less tiredness...but only if you are not already a hardened coffee drinker

DisadvantagesAll the symptoms of caffeine overdose: insomnia, nausea, shaky hands, restlessness

"...recall my Other Half recommending Pro Plus to me. A few evenings prior to that day, he had come home from work absolutely buzzing, despite having had (by his own admission) four hours sleep the previous night. Having seen how well it had worked for him, I resolved to try it for myself, and called in at the local Somerfield to pick up a packet; Pro Plus is widely available over the counter at any shop selling pharmaceutical products. The box I bought ..." Read review

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Forget About Red Bull.

Advantagesdoes work, rather cheap, can be bought frommany shops

Disadvantagesmay not work for some poeple.

"Pro plus are caffeine pills which are meant to boost your energy and keep you awake. They are manufactured by Pharmapac UK ltd. I have just recently started using pro plus as I thought they would save me money. Previously when I was tired or sleepy I used to drink two cans of red bull, sometimes relentless or other types of energy drinks. This prove to be costly as I spend from £1-£2 a day. But a pack of 24 pro plus caffeine pills only cost me £1.99 ..." Read review

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Pro plus

AdvantagesGives your body a boost

Disadvantagesmade my heart pump initially

"...bought a travel pack of pro plus as an impulse buy when I was stocking up on deodorant, toothpaste and things for a weekend away in London. I had heard of the tablets before but had never tried them and I figured they may give me a bit of a pick me up when I was busy rushing around in the big city! Pro plus is basically tablets which contain caffeine and are designed to give you an energy boost. Apparently two of the pro plus tablets contain 100mg ..." Read review

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AdvantagesCan prevent tireness for a limited period

DisadvantagesContains caffeine which is addictive

"...the bus one day about Pro Plus and I thought that it was a prescription thing and never really bothered much about them until I was in Tesco one morning and there they were on the shelf in a small rectangular box with a white background and the words PRO PLUS written in large red letters with a blue tick through the two words. I picked them up to take a closer look and on reading the box I found out that they contained 50mg caffeine, I asked an assistant ..." Read review

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AdvantagesWill keep you awake

DisadvantagesNot long lasting | Not really that effective

"...get me to sleep and Pro Plus to keep me (kind of) awake. The most basic of things you can do, sleeping requires no effort and staying awake is simple enough, and drugs are needed for them. For those familiar with my opinions I have been taking Nytol on and off for a while now as my bouts of sleepless nights are coming in fits and bursts. Pro Plus is something fairly new to me. I have, of course, heard of it as its popular against the student body ..." Read review

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How to stay more alert! Review with images

AdvantagesIt relieves temporary tiredness

DisadvantagesYou shouldn't become addicted to taking them

"Pro Plus are small white coated tablets that contain Caffeine. They are supposed to wake you up or as the box says "relieve you of temporary tiredness". They can be bought without prescription, but they shouldn't be taken if you have high blood pressure, a history of anxiety or are allergic to Caffeine or Sorbitol (Sorbital is a particular type of sugar). Each Pro Plus tablet contains 50mg of caffeine and to give you some idea of how much that is... ..." Read review

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Community Level 7andycharger


Im awake but where is the energy.


DisadvantagesDont work make you feel sick

"...you about my experience with Pro Plus and its negligible gains that it gives you. In fact, it did absolutely nothing for me. What is Pro Plus? It is a small white tablet a bit like a Smint, only round in shape. It is packed full of Caffeine which acts as a natural stimulant to the body and combats tiredness. Caffeine is quite safe and occurs in nature as a plant extract. Coffee is one source of caffeine from drinks as is Coca Cola. In fact, many ..." Read review

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Is it Pro Plus?

AdvantagesWorks slightly

DisadvantagesMay not work for you!

"...lettering I'm told they are Pro Plus (there is tick over that), Caffeine, 24 Tablets 'Feel more awake'. Other information on the back of the box includes being told what they are for, dosage advice is given, warnings are listed and contact details for Bayer PLC are given (the manufacturer of the product). Open the box and in this case I have 2 strips of foil backed pills and there's a leaflet in there that explains alot about what the product is and ..." Read review

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Lift Me Up!

AdvantagesKeeps You Alert

DisadvantagesLong Term Side Effects And Dangers

"I first tried Pro Plus back in the late 1980's, back then they were new, they gave you a bit of a buzz and they kept you awake all night. There was something about getting a strip of these pills out in a pub that was a little bit risqué. Nowadays Pro Plus have become a familiar site on the shelves of Boots and large supermarkets alike, and today there is a whole culture of students who, without them believe that they could not function and go about ..." Read review

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I'd rather have a cup of strong coffee, thanks

AdvantagesEasy to take, widlely available, work to a degree

DisadvantagesNoe completely effective

"...recommended a short boost of Pro Plus, which are basically caffeine tablets. They are available without prescription, and as I was pretty desperate for a 'cure' at the time, I decided to give them a whirl. I bought these from Asda and I bought the smaller pack of twelve tablets to start with, as I wasn't sure how they were gong to effect me or if they would be any good ata ll. These are also available in a range of other sizes, right up to 48 in ..." Read review

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An occassional little help

AdvantagesDo keep you awake

DisadvantagesNot for long term use

"...awake and that is with pro plus tablets. Pro plus are tablets that contain caffeine 50mg per tablet to be precise about the same amount in a strong cup of coffee. They seem to have been around in the UK for as long as I can remember and while once the preserve of students cramming for exams as life becomes more hectic for all of us more and more people are turning to them to give a helping hand. Personally I really do prefer more herbal remedies ..." Read review

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Professional addition

AdvantagesCaffeine pills, cheap

DisadvantagesSlow to act, not a great taste

"...plenty of hope I bought Pro Plus (easily the most famous brand of the pills in the UK). I managed to get 24 pills for £1.49 (which is a bargain compared to what they can cost at time) so tried some at work when I last felt unsteady and heady on the verge of collapsing into a sleeping heap. The pills are small and white, similar to a small Smartie in size and shape, apparently they are covered in Sorbitol (a type of sugar) so the instructions advice ..." Read review

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Sleep's for the weak!

AdvantagesDo work to a degree, a sharp jolt from a genuine tired spell

DisadvantagesToo many jittery side effects for me!

"...I remembered my sister taking Pro Plus when she was at uni and she swore by them at the time - managing to pass her degree with flying colours while partying up a storm in Northampton and averaging an hours sleep a night. I bought them from a local chemist and paid £2.69 for 48 tablets, which I think is a reasonable price for a product like this considering how much a can of Red Bull costs. Pro Plus are a small white tablet, easily swallowed with ..." Read review

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