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Help Professor Layton solve the mystery of The Lost Future Review with images

AdvantagesA fantastic game that will keep you intrigued for hours

DisadvantagesWhen it's completed!

"...my favourite has to be Professor Layton, which I find extremely addictive and very competitive! The first game, namely Professor Layton and the Curious Village kept my mind extremely active and I was bitterly disappointed when I completed it within a week or so. Consequently, Christmas 2009 saw me being presented with the second game named Professor Layton and Pandora’s Box, which kept me quiet for the entire Christmas period. I was delighted to then ..." Read review

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Has Professor Layton Lost Its Sparkle?

AdvantagesReasonably entertaining, easy to control

DisadvantagesPuzzles too easy, no replay value.

"...the previous editions of the Professor Layton games on the Nintendo DS I eagerly added Professor Layton and the Lost Future to my Christmas list and I was lucky enough to receive a copy from my family. ===Background Story=== Professor Layton is a world-renowned archaeologist and an enthusiastic solver of all types of puzzles and mysteries. He is ably assisted by his young apprentice Luke who hopes to emulate the Professors puzzle-solving skill. ..." Read review

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Time Travelling Tricks and Treats Review with images

AdvantagesBeautifully presented, A good mix of puzzles, Easy to navigate around the game

DisadvantagesA bit long, frustrating in parts, the occasional confusing puzzle

"...the other games in the Professor Layton series of mysteries for the Nintendo DS I was eager to get my hands on the latest instalment; "The Lost Future" and duly added the game to my Christmas list last year. Christmas Day arrived and amongst my presents from my wife the game was included so eagerly I set upon another journey with the Top-Hatted gentlemanly professor and his trusty side kick Luke and attempted to discover the secrets the game had to ..." Read review

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London, but not as we know it! Review with images


DisadvantagesThose pesky talking animals. Long cutscenes.

"...been glued to this new Professor Layton game and of course, for the purpose of a good review, I wanted to complete the whole game before giving my opinion! I was really excited about the release of this game, as I thoroughly enjoyed the first game in the series, The Curious Village. For those who have not played these games and don't know much about them, the Professor Layton trilogy is a series of games quite unlike any other I have ever played before. ..." Read review

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A Gentleman Leaves No Puzzle Unsolved

Advantagesgood puzzles

Disadvantagesnot as good as first 2 games in series

"The Professor Layton series of DS games have been a huge hit, in 2008 the shops all sold out of the ‘Curious Village’ game and they were selling for silly money on eBay as people were desperate to get their hands on them. This game was truly excellent, a 5* game and I spent hours glued to my screen tapping away on the puzzles. 2009 saw the second game ‘Professor Layton and Pandora's Box’ hit the shelves. This time I wasn’t so keen, the puzzles had ..." Read review

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The longest Professor Layton Game yet

AdvantagesPlenty to do, keeps you busy for hours

DisadvantagesMore talking than in previous games

"...have owned all of The Professor Layton games so far and so when this one was released it was a must for me. For those of you who are not aware of the Professor Layton game sthey are a series of puzzle games which follow Professor Layton and his apprentice Luke as they set out to solve a mystery. In this game the Mystery is the disapperance of scientists and the Prime Minister in London the disappearances are all linked to a time travelling machine ..." Read review

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It'll make you lose track of time!

AdvantagesLong gameplay, good characters and storyline

DisadvantagesThat tinkly music! Not being able to find all the puzzles

"...have been fascinated by the Professor Layton games ever since the 1st one, Professor Layton and the Curious Village, followed up by Professor Layton and Pandora’s Box. For those who enjoy games with lots of puzzles which actually last more than an hour than these are perfect. In this adventure Professor Layton and his trusty sidekick Luke team up again when Layton receives a letter from Luke in the future and requesting his help averting a terrible ..." Read review

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Professor Layton, the third success!

AdvantagesPlenty of puzzled which vary in style and difficulty......see review for more

DisadvantagesLong cut scenes

"This is the third Professor Layton game released for the Nintendo DS in 2010 and after being glued to the first two I couldn't wait to try this one out and it did not disappoint. Outside of Europe and Australia this game is also known as Professor Layton And The Unwound Future so if you are buying online it is the same thing. Price - This came is available on Amazon at the moment from around £7 used and £13 new. I think my mum paid about £45 when ..." Read review

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Professor Layton and my Lost time :)

AdvantagesVery tasking

DisadvantagesCan be addictive.

"I have often seen the Professor Layton games for the Nintendo DS for a few years now (the series has been running since 2008) and thought they look intriguing as I love a good puzzle. However, I never had a DS from this point so kept trying to find alternatives on the Android market but to no avail. My wife wanted a DS and these games for Christmas so I had a go at this particular Professor Layton game myself and I must say it is very addictive. Background ..." Read review

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Where is the Future??

AdvantagesInteresting ~ Great range of puzzles ~ Good storyline.


"...the third game in the Professor Layton series and is just as enjoyable as the last two instalments. I really enjoy these games as I like that you have to solve puzzles in order for the game to progress, the game also has around half an hours worth of video throughout the game showing bit's of what the story is about. The story behind this installment of the game involves Professor Layton and his young apprentice Luke going to witness the unveiling ..." Read review

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Community Level 1Karen6041


my thoughts on this exciting game

AdvantagesMore than 165 new puzzles weave seamlessly into the story line.

DisadvantagesVery time consuming as it has quite a long storyline

"...like your there with the professor helping to solve the puzzles and mysteries and if you get bored of the plot which is very unlikely , there are always the mini-games which are brilliant! This was one of the first Professor Layton games i have played and after playing it i will defiantly consider trying out one of the others.All of the puzzles really made me think and use my brain to solve them.Overall this really was a must play game and i would ..." Read review

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Professor Layton And The Lost Future Nintendo Ds

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