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Promises Promises



"One simple promise was all it took. Overhearing the kids talking about the drinking, and the driving home afterwards, Myron Bolitar remembered Debbie Frankl. Debbie was the bright young thing he'd been at school with who didn't get away with it. She was one of the unlucky ones that piled into a car after a party… and never made it home. He wanted to tell Erin and Aimee that story, but he knew they wouldn't listen. Instead he made them promise. ..." Read review

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Promise Me You'll Give Coben A Try

AdvantagesUniquely well-written with scenes and characters that are easy to visualise, gripping plot

DisadvantagesLacks some of the grittiness of other Coben novels perhaps

"... There's some extra praise for Promise Me on the cover, including : 'Brilliant... Coben proves why he's one of the top crime writers in the world' - Daily Mirror and '...Modern master of the hook and twist - luring you in on the first page, only to shock you on the last' -Dan Brown. 452 pages over 57 chapters RRP £6.99 but selling on Amazon for £4.17. Overall ...Definitely a worth-while read :o) (Also written by me, Cazkins, on DooYoo) ..." Read review

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