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AdvantagesSeems cheap upfront, but not once you have claimed


"****** They ask for sooo many pieces of documentation to prove the phone is yours, they want it all on headed paper and they want it emailed to them via pdf?! I Did all that and now it turns out that my claim is denied anyway. Also, the insurance company want the entire years payment, plus a £50 excess if your claim is actually accepted?! ABSOULUTE JOKE! Please do not buy insurance from this company, they will do EVERYTHING they can, to not accept ..." Read review

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Community Level 1lostwithou...


Stay away from protect your bubble - waste of money


Disadvantagesterrible customer service, don't honour claims, high charges for phone calls to them

"I'm reposting this from the travel insurance review as I accidently submitted my review on the wrong page This is a terrible insurance company, stay away from them. You have been warned! I got insurance with them for my iphone 4 for peace of mind. I even paid extra for loss insurance. I had my iphone stolen last week and I am devastated - it's my whole life on there. I use it all the time for work and personal use. I didn't realise it was ..." Read review

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Community Level 1llydlct


Insurance Nightmare

Advantagescheap, no guesses why

Disadvantagescustomer service, 'exclusions'

"I took out phone insurance policy and dutifully paid for a whole year of it. In a worst case scenario for travellers and parents alike, when on holiday I was mugged in the street for my phone. I contacted the insurers to ask for everything I needed to do, got a police report, cancelled my contract back home, the works. 3 months of poor contact, different answers, customer service morons that seemed to all share one brain cell and pass it around, ..." Read review

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Community Level 1shanew79


Good iPhone Insurance company

Advantagesslick website, good design, competitive rates, offered loss cover for iPhone

Disadvantagesdocuments were a little slow arriving

"I found protect your bubble on google. I also had a friend who got covered with them and he said they were very good when he lost his phone. The other websites on google looked really bad and i did not trust them at all. The protect bubble site was very friendly and as a graphic designer myself i was impressed with the layout. I covered my iPhone with them and it cost £6.99 a month cos i took out the extra loss cover. I made the decision to pay via ..." Read review

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Community Level 1debbie_0110


Fab, great service

Advantagescustomer service, value for money, easy process

Disadvantagesloosing the ipod in the first place

"...was a little wary about protect your bubble but I just felt that I needed to cover my ipod otherwise I may have regretted it. Wary? No need to be! After recently loosing my Ipod I was gutted. I was just so happy that in the end I protected it and so when something did happen to my ipod I had something to rely on and so it could be sorted. I got in contact with protect your bubble and spoke to a very nice customer service advisor who spoke to me about ..." Read review

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Community Level 1JohnT1980


Insurance that just works.

Advantagesquick set up, easy insurance, provides great cover, cheaper than network offer to insure

DisadvantagesNone come to mind.

"I luckily haven't ever needed to claim on my phone but had to on a laptop with them after it was stolen from me, they were very understanding and helpful. They replaced my laptop quickly and I was really happy with the service I received. I've had negative experiences with insurance companies in the past so was really surprised and happy with how great they were.The phone insurance is some of the easiest I've ever set up and ..." Read review

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Terrible Serivce & Communication- Protect Your Bubble = Rip Off


DisadvantagesConstant Delays, Inept Employees, Non-existant Communication,

"I filed my claim on February 9th and had to call back one week later to see why I had heard nothing. They said I had to send in my receipt, so I did. Another week went by and after hearing nothing I called back again and they said I had to send in my tracking number to prove I received the phone, so I did. Another week went by I called back and asked what was going on, and they honest to god said "I don't know why your claim is being held up, I'll ..." Read review

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Community Level 1ABRO


Dealt with claim really quickly


Disadvantageskeep receipt

"I was really sceptical of how good this policy would be but for the cheap price thought id give it a go as new iphones are very expensive to replace. I'd only had it 4 weeks when some scroat stole it from my handbag, but the insurers were really good on the phone and processed my claim within 48hrs. I now have a nice new shiny Iphone which hopefully will last me a little longer than the last one. The only thing I would point out is that you do need ..." Read review

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Community Level 1Plastering...


Please read all this and see both sides of the story

AdvantagesMostly friendly staff, easy to register your gadget, easy to register a claim

DisadvantagesLong time on hold, some rude staff, the left hand doesn't know what the right hand is doing

"...I was when I found Protect Your Bubble, "£4.99 a month and the phone would be replaced in days!". BOOM! Current insurance cancelled and on the phone to PYB straight away. Really easy to sign up, lady was very friendly and I had my insurance almost cut in half. About month later I changed banks to take advantage of a very tasty introductory offer with Barclays so Lloyds account was closed. As you would do when you change banks you would change your ..." Read review

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Community Level 1jones2011


Fast replacement of my iPhone

AdvantagesFast claims process, Good price, helpful staff

DisadvantagesNone really.

"...to the folks over at Protect your bubble. I think they are based in Ireland as the person I spoke to was Irish. I had my phone swiped while I was shopping in Covent Garden. I was talking on it at the time. Called police and they were pretty clear I was unlikely to see it again! So I started a claim through the insurance I bought with protect your bubble. Called them up and they were very nice and understood the situation. They made me go through quite ..." Read review

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Community Level 1joanna1973


look elsewhere.i wish i did.


Disadvantagesnot willing to process your claim, which is the whole point of paying a premium.slow,rude,liars.

"...they had to sell. But protect my bubble say its my fault!! Because it wasn’t secure,concealed or under my control!! Even though it was a blatant theft which i reported straight away,somehow im responsible! The irony is that i called posing as a potential customer and used this possible theft scenario as an example,asking if i would be covered and the salesman said yes!! When i told him who i was and why my same claim was rejected,he went strangely ..." Read review

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Community Level 1BorisBecker


iPhone Insurance that came good when I needed it.

AdvantagesGood prices, paid out when needed, professional

DisadvantagesNone - was very pleased.

"I bought some iPhone Insurance last year - I really hoped I would not have to use it. But you never know. I came accross Protectyourbubble.com on Google. Very professional and good prices so I went for it. Last week someone stole my iPhone from my pocket on the London Underground. To be honest I was really upset as I use it everyday and it is a big part of my life. Called the police and they gave me a crime reference number but not really much hope ..." Read review

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Community Level 1kelly20112


Bubble - fast and friendly

Advantagesfast and friendly

Disadvantagesnone i can think of

"Bubble - thanks very much. Lost my 4s and you replaced it so fast I hardly had time to mourn the old one. If anyone is reading this review you should definitely insure your phone cos it is hard to imagine life without it after you lose it. I was without mine for 2 days and it was not good. Don't usually write reviews but the lady I spoke to was so nice at Bubble Insurance. If Bubble are reading this she was an Irish lady so please thank her or give ..." Read review

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DisadvantagesCost me more to make a claim than buying a new i phone. I still havent recieved a phone no advanta

"...to the complaints department at protect your bubble Hello, After our conversation last week still no phone call as promised. Still no no phone...........as promised.......Rubbish. I am posting the below on every Insurance review website that I can find I have now paid the third month instalment of £35 without a phone this has now cost me £105. I am giving up any hope of recieving a new phone as you have delayed processing my claim or providing me ..." Read review

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Community Level 1JH10


Really Impressed

AdvantagesWell priced, friendly staff, quick claims process, does what it says on the tin.


"I bought some insurance for my blackberry at Christmas after I saw an advert for www.protectyourbubble.com on the TV. Buying the policy on their website was very easy. As a customer the navigation was dead simple and i got through the whole process in only a couple of minutes. The premium was so much less than I was paying with Vodafone so I was really pleased. The premium was £3.99 which I think is very fair price. 2 weeks ago I dropped the blackberry ..." Read review

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