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Community Level 4Cici_Ying


Psion Revo

AdvantagesLightweight, easy to use

DisadvantagesNot very good looking and quite big

"...I nicked my husbands abandoned Psion Revo to use as he was given the new Ipaq from work. At first glance, it’s not very attractive and compact compared to the palm series so I was not used to carrying it around at first but it was better than having to pay £100+ for a new one as this one was still in perfect working condition (after my husband had used it for 4 years). He bought this because it was a special staff deal at work, £100 when ..." Read review

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Community Level 3kurowski


So good that it's, ahem, Revo-lutionary.

AdvantagesLinks to common PC apps; excellent communications; userfriendly; ergonomic

DisadvantagesI genuinely can't fault it.

"...touch-screen organiser has. But Psion had to include a touch-screen, didn't they? Returning momentarily to the keyboard, I have to say that the Revo has the best keyboard of its size that I have ever seen; it's probably only bettered at all by that of the Series 5, which is in any case far larger. The keys are about 70% the width of normal PC keys, and one key starts almost where the last ends - Psion have essentially condensed a laptop keyboard into ..." Read review

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Community Level 2ani_muza



AdvantagesVery sexy, small, powerful.

DisadvantagesKeyboard a bit on the small side.

"...at the picture -- this Psion is actually smaller and is, in my opinion, the coolest looking PDA around, bar none. I mean, look at the dark blue casing accented in silver -- a sexier machine you will not find! This product is being marketed by Psion to go directly against Palm Computing Inc's Palm V. In fact, the Psion is actually only slightly bigger than the Palm V, and fits in your pocket quite easily. Blue meanie About the size of a ..." Read review

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Community Level 4MikeWhalley


Neat and cost effective

AdvantagesSmall, docking station, Net & Email, 8 or 16 mb, Quick, Sync with mobile & PC

DisadvantagesA little flimsy, Smaller screen than s5, No backlight, Mono, No dictate

"I bought my Psion Revo just before Christmas, and have found it an extreamly usefull tool in organising my home and work life. I needed to get my (getting more and more) busy life organised, and I had looked at a lot of PDA's before deciding to go with the Revo. Without waffling too much, here are /my/ pro's and con's about the Revo: Pro's - * It's small - Considering it's got a full (usable) keyboard, this is a mirical! With the clever ..." Read review

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Community Level 2Neoxxy


Psion Revo, Fully Uncovered.

AdvantagesLots of Software, Light, Compact, excellent design

DisadvantagesBacklight? and memory prob, besides that its amazing PDA

"Psion Revo I have bought my first Psion Revo on the market, cost me only £80, and that was cheap then. I did not have the Sync Software by Symbian though i have managed to find and download it on the internet instead of paying £39 for it. So, finally, i had a PDA Psion Revo, Docking Station with it, and an Installed Synchronization software. Specs: Size: 6.18" x 3.11" x .43" in Weight: 7.05oz. Processor: ARM 710 core running @ 36MHz Memory: ..." Read review

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Community Level 5pbyron


Psion of the times

AdvantagesA neat little organiser solution, very flexible

DisadvantagesLimited Expandability, no backlight

"...white box with the word Psion printed on it and a picture of a sexy streamlined little organiser. It didn’t so much scream out to me as grab me by the throat and strangle me until I gave in to its tempting offer of organisation and functionality. Psion has always been a name I’ve trusted for quality since the days of those first organisers which, to me, always resembled the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy from the TV series. Their ..." Read review

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Community Level 1Dialogue


Perhaps the best PDA of them all

AdvantagesSmall size, light, type rather than scribble, screen, software, looks

DisadvantagesBigger than Palm V, no backlight

"...than scribble on the screen), Psion has always been a class leader. Windows CE just doesn't match the elegance of Psion's EPOC32 operating system. The Psion Series 5mx has been the one to beat. Psion's Revo is in some ways better (the screen quality is much better). It's a Series 5mx shrunk to a much more convenient form-factor. It's only 200g in weight (not much heavier than my PalmPilot) and yet still manages to include a 'proper' keyboard, i.e. ..." Read review

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Community Level 2Mcsm


Quality as usual from Psion

AdvantagesA lot of lessons learnt from the Sienna are shown here

DisadvantagesLack of a spell checker

"...Palm-style Windows CE imitators. Now Psion is having another stab at the market with its curvaceous new Revo. It's not as small as a Palm Pilot, but it packs a potentially bigger punch and has a very useable keyboard to boot. Psion's recently launched Series 5mx is a powerful beast but critics would argue it's just a tad too heavy and large for a shirt pocket. Until now, Psion's only truly diminutive offering was the Siena. A commercial flop, ..." Read review

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Community Level 2ShaunK


Revo 16MB

AdvantagesSmall, feature packed, convenient

DisadvantagesNeeds a back light

"The Psion Revo 16MB is an amazingly versatile and usable hand held computing device. It runs most of the software that is available for the series 5 Psions, so there is absolutely loads of shareware and freeware, as well as commercial software available. In use, although the key board is small it is very easy to type on. The screen is pretty good given the size of the unit, and is very clear and sharp. Pity it doesn't have a back light like the 5's, ..." Read review

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Community Level 2alexslater


How not to get Palmed off, buy a Revo

AdvantagesExcellent functionality, durability


"...make by going for the Psion is greater weight and size, in return for greater functionality and ability to work on the move. Iíll also admit, I didnít particularly fancy the idea of teaching myself Graffiti in order to use a Palm - lazy I know, especially as I have seen how easy it is (an optional keyboard is available also, but rather negates the Palmís size advantages). The price I paid for the Revo was reasonable - roughly comparable to what ..." Read review

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Community Level 1uknetfreak


Palmtec Hard Case

AdvantagesSturdy outer case.

DisadvantagesDon't put too many cards in else you'll break it!

"Palmtec have always manufactured quality goods and this new hard case for the Revo is no exception. I already have their neoprene case which is bright, sturdy and does the job. The hard plastic of this model does a much better job of protecting your expensive investment. It is available in a range of colours has a couple of sliders on the edge to open and close the case to allow access inside. It is padded inside and has room for a few business cards ..." Read review

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Community Level 1jimjamyaha


Slim, sexy, and under £400

AdvantagesRelatively cheap, sexy, handy

DisadvantagesIffy Keyboard, difficult to upgrade

"Psion Revo I can't honestly claim to have WANTED a Revo, because I got it for Christmas: but now I have one I might as well share it with everyone. The Revo is Psion's latest mobile PC offering, and having such a respected company behind it should definately serve as an encouragement to buy. The Revo is basically a stripped-down and updated version of their Series 5MX system, with emphasis on the "communication centre" aspects. As such, it ..." Read review

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Community Level 6alflavor


An excellent addition to daily life

AdvantagesSmall, light, fast PDA, a fair amount of software available,

DisadvantagesNo backlight.

"I've had my Revo for a couple of weeks (at time of writing), and so far I am really impressed. This is the 1st PDA that I have owned, and it is helping me organise my life a lot! It has many features you would expect, contacts, agenda, word, datasheets, etc. The Revo can be connected via a suitable mobile to the net which is dead useful, if you are away from the office a lot. The revo comes with a docking station, so you can link it and sync ..." Read review

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Community Level 3Sonatine


Great little PDA, does the job required

Advantagescompact, excellent OS, good display, good software

Disadvantagesnone really

"...at work gave me a Psion Revo to play with as part of my project portfolios. Struggling with pieces of paper and bulky laptops just doesn't cut the mustard these days. Psion is perhaps the world leader when it comes to palmtops and have been making them for years. Windows CE, the new kid on the block is okay but isn't a patch on Psions own OS, EPOC32 and it shows too. The Revo is the natural successor to the popular 5mx series, although I can't ..." Read review

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Community Level 6Plymyphil


I used to like my revo ...

AdvantagesSmall, reasonable keyboard, connectivity.

DisadvantagesBattery, screen.

"...end of the price range. Psion 5MX, Psion IIIc, Psion Revo have all featured amongst many other brands. I was quite attached to the Psion 5MX and therefore excited about a lightweight little brother, the Revo. Initially my response was good and colleagues heard me raving in the corridor about pretty much all of the features. "Hey, it starts up instantly." "The touchscreen is great, look!" "I can type reasonably well with this keyboard, great ..." Read review

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Psion Revo 8MB

Psion Revo 8MB

The Psion Revo is a remarkably powerful, feature-rich and lightweight PDA. An interesting ... more

alternative to Palm or Pocket PC organisers, the
Psion is stylish and slim and has a high-speed
processor and built-in long-life batteries.The
Revo is relatively simple to set up. Connect the
AC adapter to the serial cable (the power cord
does not plug into the docking station), hook up
the serial cable to your PC, open the Revo's case
and slide the Revo into the docking station. (The
Revo cannot fit into the docking station unless
the case is open.) A green LED confirms that the
Revo is properly docked and a red LED indicates
that the battery is fast charging. The battery
charges to 85 per cent capacity in just 1.5 hours
and fully charges in four hours. The charged
battery lasts about 12 hours.The Revo is based
along the same lines as earlier Psion models, but
with considerable cosmetic and technical
improvements. You operate this organiser with the
14 touch-sensitive buttons that border its screen
or by using the stylus to tap onscreen buttons and
menus. Psion has made every effort to keep the
operational controls above the keyboard, thus
maximising the space available for keys. Still,
typing on this small keyboard requires much
getting used to, and the keys' tactile feedback is
not very satisfying.Testing for this review, it
was possible to type memos, make appointments, add
addresses and create a sample spreadsheet using
the Psion's built-in applications. Agenda and
contact information automatically synchronises
with your PC. For other files, such as those made
using the Psion's surprisingly advanced word
processor and spreadsheet applications, the PsiWin
software transfers and converts the files to a
PC-compatible format, such as Microsoft Word or
Excel. The Revo's PsiWin software is also
compatible with Lotus SmartSuite, WordPerfect,
dBASE and more.Psion licences its EPOC operating
system from Symbian, so the interface is not as
instantly obvious as with a Microsoft Pocket
PC/Handheld PC based device. However, the steps to
perform tasks are relatively intuitive. The Revo
is accompanied by an extensive handbook that
provides a detailed introduction to the
comprehensive suite of PIM applications and check
out the CD-ROM for additional utilities and
tools.The Revo's built-in applications are Calc,
Time, Word, Data, Sheet and Cascade. Additional
applications include Today View, Agenda, Contacts,
Phone and Jotter. The Revo also supports e-mail,
SMS messaging, Web browsing, PC synchronisation
and connections to compatible mobile phones
through its infrared port and an optional travel
modem. If you are looking for an alternative to
both Pocket PC and Palm OS organisers, consider
the Psion Revo.Also available for the Revo is a
collection of Psion Accessories and Psion Software

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Psion Revo Plus 16MB

Psion Revo Plus 16MB

The Psion Revo Plus, looks remarkably similar to its sister product, the Revo. It also ... more

shares many of its characteristics, being a
powerful, feature-rich, and lightweight PDA. The
most notable differences from the Revo are the
inclusion of an extra 8Mb of memory (making 16Mb
in total) and the addition of some Web browsing
software, for both standard Web pages in the form
of the highly respected Opera Web browser and WAP
(wireless application protocol) pages, more
commonly associated with the new breed of mobile
phones.An interesting alternative to Palm or
Pocket PC organisers, the Revo Plus is stylish and
slim and has a high-speed processor plus built-in
long-life rechargeable batteries.The Revo is
relatively simple to set up. Connect the AC
adapter to the serial cable (the power cord does
not plug into the docking station), hook up the
serial cable to your PC, open the case and slide
the Revo Plus into the docking station. (It cannot
fit into the docking station unless the case is
open.) A green LED confirms that the Revo is
properly docked and a red LED indicates that the
battery is fast charging. The battery charges to
85 percent capacity in just 1.5 hours and fully
charges in four hours, and the battery lasts about
12 hours. The Revo Plus is based along the same
lines as earlier Psion models, but with
considerable cosmetic and technical improvements.
You operate this organiser with the 14
touch-sensitive buttons that border its screen or
by using the stylus to tap onscreen buttons and
menus. Psion has made every effort to keep the
operational controls above the keyboard, thus
maximising the space available for keys. Still,
typing on this small keyboard requires much
getting used to, and the keys' tactile feedback is
not very satisfying.In our tests, we typed memos,
made appointments, added addresses and created a
sample spreadsheet using the Psion's built-in
applications. Agenda and contact information
automatically synchronises with your PC. For other
files, such as those made using the Psion's
surprisingly advanced word processor and
spreadsheet applications, the PsiWin software
transfers and converts the files to a
PC-compatible format, such as Microsoft Word or
Excel. The Revo's PsiWin software is also
compatible with Lotus SmartSuite, WordPerfect,
dBASE and more.Psion licences its EPOC operating
system from Symbian, so the interface is not as
instantly obvious as with a Microsoft Pocket
PC/Handheld PC-based device. However, the steps to
perform tasks are relatively intuitive. The Revo
is accompanied by an extensive Handbook that
provides a detailed introduction to the
comprehensive suite of PIM applications and a
CD-ROM with additional utilities and tools.The
Revo's built-in applications are Calc, Time, Word,
Data, Sheet and Cascade. Additional applications
include Today View, Agenda, Contacts, Phone and
Jotter. The Revo Plus also supports e-mail, SMS
messaging, Web browsing, PC synchronisation and
connections to compatible mobile phones through
its infrared port and an optional travel modem. If
you are looking for an alternative to both Pocket
PC and Palm OS organisers, consider the Psion Revo
Plus. --Jason Weston

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Lexerd - Psion Revo + TrueVue Crystal Clear PDA Screen Protector

Lexerd - Psion Revo + TrueVue Crystal Clear PDA Screen Protector

The Lexerd TrueVue is created from an ultra-clear film that is exclusive to Lexerd for ... more

covering consumer electronics. Transparent and
amazingly thin, the TrueVue is designed to
precisely match the contours of every device,
providing unbeatable scratch protection. Lexerd
TrueVue utilises the latest LCD screen protection
technology that will keep gadgets looking great.-
Keep your device crystal clear with the exclusive
USA made film, only available with Lexerd-
Scratch-proof - you can show off your gadget and
use it without fear of scratching- The ultra-thin
film is only 0.2 mm thick and will not add bulk to
your device. So you can still slip it into
everything from charging docks to pockets and
handbags- Lexerd' s latest technology It allows
the TrueVue to create precise, custom designs that
hug the curves of your electronics and that resist
damage and scratches- TrueVue is guaranteed to
preserve original colour tonesPackage contents:One
each of the following items: screen protector,
instruction manual, lint free cloth, finger cots
(to protect optical surfaces during
handling).Shipping:- Ship directly from our US

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