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Community Level 1Inyoka


The developers PDA

AdvantagesJava, Great Battery Life, MS Word, Excel & Outlook Compatible

DisadvantagesInitial memory is limiting, modem not included.

"I have owned a Psion 7 for a little over two years and have yet to see a PDA which comes close. It cost me £150 english pounds second hand and is still impressive. All I got with it was the PC Link cable and a power supply. The keyboard is superb, and this little puter is the perfect hybrid of PC and PDA. I have used it for various tasks from writting dissertations, creating stock control spreadsheets to developing HTML, JavaScript and writting ..." Read review

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Community Level 1Wolfechu


Psion Series 7 PDA

AdvantagesPortability, long battery life, durability

DisadvantagesLimited Internet Connectivity, somewhat dated

"Indirectly, the Psion Series 7 is responsible for me finding ciao.co.uk in the first place; if a colleague from another website hadn't pointed out that someone had copied a review I'd written word for word on here six months ago, I'd have never seen the site. So, let's have a fresh, original review, eh? Released by Psion (now Psion Technologix) in 2000, the Series 7 was the latest in a lineage of unique looking Personal Digital Assistants. Like ..." Read review

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Community Level 4Telute


Seventh heaven

AdvantagesSmall, compact and perfect

DisadvantagesNot microsoft(but is that so bad?)

"...But even just using the Psion yo can get good results, and it is possible to get other packages that might have more fancy functions. The series seven has a decent sized keyboard, its a little smaller than a full iszed one but very useable. The keys are quite shallow so feel lighter than a full sized keyboard, but they still stand up to being pressed hard. The colour screen isn't perfect but its still very nice. At times it can look a little blocky, ..." Read review

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Community Level 1flamby


Great M/c!

AdvantagesSmall size, instant on/off, battery life, keyboard, touch screen

DisadvantagesLimited software - (at the moment)

"Great m/c!! I travel with my work - mainly abroad. Up to recently I carried a so-called laptop. What with all the cables, plugs, powerbrick etc, it had its own bag and weighed a ton! Just to be able to write reports, do the odd spreadsheet and access my email! So I bought a 7 - This m/c does everything I want. It's not a PC replacement - so don't expect the earth from the built-in software, although the word processor looks like a cut down version ..." Read review

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Community Level 7wampyrii





"... There is also the typical Psion keyboard which is far superior to that of its competitors being more like a normal PC keyboard and a battery life which should last a good 12 hours-ish. So is it worth the money? Well what you get here is a scaled down notebook computer but with much of the same functionality. It will probably set you back around $1000 at the moment but expect these prices to fall within a year. If you really need internet and email ..." Read review

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Community Level 4Mikew79


Invaluable Psion series 7

AdvantagesColour screen, big keyboard

DisadvantagesNo modem

"...I were to lose my Psion Series 7, I use it to run my life ! This PDA/notebook has a colour screen which is very useful when looking at maps on the internet and a relatively big keyboard which makes typing very easy unlike other PDAs. I use it to amend my diary, address book and to do lists. I like the fact that it has a long life rechargeable battery. It costs around £700 although you may be able to pick it up cheaper if you look around. It is a pity ..." Read review

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Community Level 2oli2000


Nice but at a price



"The Psion series 7 is one of the best lookers around and it is for that reason why I was so draw to it in the first place. Itís key pad is good and full size but the batteries are not any old AA that can be bought and so it has to be charged up with the use of a plug, handy. These batteries donít last as well, which becomes really frustrating when you cashing out loads of money for it. The screen is very bright but this system does not come anywhere ..." Read review

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