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Community Level 2owen080808


Pure Evoke-1 XT

AdvantagesSmall, compact, good sound and quality

DisadvantagesNo batteries, mildly expensive

"-Pure Digital Evoke-1XT Digital Audio Broadcasting Digital Radio- This is a small, compact DAB only digital radio, It is available in either cherry (slightly darker) or beech (lighter) wooden finishes and has an attractive blue back lit display. Sound of a radio is all important, because what you want to do is listen to it! This little beauty doesn't dissapoint, good things really can come in small packages. It's around half the size of a ..." Read review

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Community Level 2dj_Decopod


As pure as the virgin mary.

AdvantagesMore stations and better sound

DisadvantagesNo sleep timer, not truly portable.

"...HMV and...oh what's this...a new Pure Evoke 1 digital radio! Finally I get to listen to 1xtra, BBC6, Xfm and many more all from my humble abode deep in rural Herefordshire. Reception is...great, depending on where you have your radio. I was under the impression that I wouldn't get much signal where I live, but with the aerial fully extended and the raio placed in a prime position, I could pick up all the BBC stations and many more commercial ones ..." Read review

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Community Level 1storino


A great enhancement to the washing up

Advantagessound quality, ease of use, looks

Disadvantagesblack power cable, not truly portable

"...He bought me a Pure EVOKE 1XT from our local John Lewis, I think he paid around £90, and I’m delighted with it. The radio itself looks great with a pale fascia and cherry wood case (maple is also available), plus the white on blue display is really bright and easy to read. From reading the instructions before switching it on I thought it might be a bit complicated to tune, but I would recommend ignoring the instructions and just switching it on, ..." Read review

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Community Level 5maz76


Its here....The Ultimate Digital Sound

AdvantagesCrisper clearer sound

DisadvantagesNot battery powered

"...I cant wait for the Pure Evoke 2 to come on the market next month as I have heard that this can take batteries. Here are some of the technical details: Headphone input; Audio output (To plug into Hi-Fi`s) Output for Auxilliary speaker 12 volt DC Adaptor (supplied) Last but by no means least on purchasing this DAB radio I now recieve a free DAB radio guide to my favourite programs, as I have only recieved the one at the moment I could ..." Read review

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Community Level 2Neviscat



AdvantagesSound quality, style, ease of use

Disadvantagesextra speaker costs extra

"I have had an EVOKE 1XT for 6 months. STYLING It stood out from other digital radio because of it's original styling. The 'beech effect' case and silver facia gives it a retro look, but it is packed with the latest digital radio technology. EASE OF USE Right from the start, it was easy to use. The blue, back-lit screen is simple, clear and effective. You have a range of display options, from date/time, signal strength, station name etc. One ..." Read review

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Pure and simple.

AdvantagesGreat sound from a small compact unit

DisadvantagesNo battery capability

"...attaching a secondary speaker which Pure have available but at about £36 including postage but it can be attached to a home stereo via the auxillary output on the radio. The firmware is upgradable via the internet and a usb cable. I thoroughly recommend this radio. ..." Read review

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Community Level 2anthonyi


Pure Evoke DAB Radio

AdvantagesEase of use, clarity of sound

DisadvantagesMono, no battery powered facility

"...splash out £99.99 for a Pure DAB radio just before Christmas '03. The promise of static free sound and ease of use in a protable package were the main factors I considered in addition to hoping for a decent overall quality of sound. So how does the reality live up to the DAB hype? Well, first things first, it does do 'exactly what it says on the tin'. It is simplicity itself to use and the sound is certainly static free. It's a pleasant, somewhat ..." Read review

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Community Level 1willliz1975


Pure Digital - Pure Sound!!

AdvantagesListen to the radio without the hiss!

DisadvantagesIt has to be plugged in to a socket

"How did we live without digital radio?????? It is great to listen to the radio without any hiss or the tuning going out slightly. OK, well occasionally we get bad reception with the digital radio, but nothing that the aerial doesn't sort out. The variety of stations available is great - something for everyone. My daughters especially enjoy FUN radio - and it makes a nice change from the television! The design of the radio is lovely - fresh ..." Read review

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Community Level 2mashpuma


Very capable and smart DAB radio

AdvantagesGreat sound and looks

DisadvantagesMains powered only

"...a great deal on the Pure Evoke 1XT at Tesco for £84.99 and it has proved to be an excellent buy. It was very easy to tune to the stations required, and I was amazed at how may other staions were pulled in with the aerial extended - all at about 99% reception level. Quality of reception is excellent on both speech and music, and I have increasingly used the radio for music, being impressed by the full range sound, including very impressive bass for ..." Read review

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Community Level 1ohnotheint...


value for money ?

Advantagesextra stations,clear sound

Disadvantagesvery disappointing sound for price

"...splash out £99.99 on a pure evoke 1 portable radio. Yes there are several extra stations ,it looks good and the sound is clear and crackle free . But If I'm going to spend that much on any radio I want a better sound quality than I got from the Pure Evoke. Of course I do'nt expect hi-fi quality sound from a portable , but , really , it's OK for speech but for any sort of music the bass response is very poor , there's no tone control , and my Roberts ..." Read review

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